Book Review: Bullets of ?71 ? A Freedom Fighter?s Story by Dr. Nuran Nabi

Bullets of ’71-A Freedom Fighter’s Story, written by Dr. Nuran Nabi and coauthored by Mush Nabi, is a true account of Dr. Nabi’s life, particularly detailing his role in the struggle for freedom during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. Bullets of ’71 is certainly avant-garde in that it is a rare first-person account of the genocide and human rights violations that occurred throughout the liberation movement.

The book begins with Dr. Nabi’s childhood as a fragile boy and proceeds in chronological order, to his college days as a political activist, and finally to the Bangladesh liberation movement. On a grand scale, Dr. Nabi’s Bullets of ’71 sheds light on South East Asian history and the atrocities of the Pakistani government. In fact, the book exposes the heinous crimes committed by the Pakistani government, including the slaughtering of 3 million people, the rape of two hundred thousand women, and the confinement of over ten million people in refugee camps with severely inhumane conditions. Dr. Nabi vehemently protests these criminal acts and seeks justice for them through his literature.

Though Bullets of ’71 is distinctly an historical text, it flows as a novel and unveils the events of the Bangladesh liberation movement in a clear, very credible first-person account. As a participant in the war, Dr. Nuran Nabi is compelling in his argument against Pakistan’s actions and how worldwide political factors, nations, and figures such as President Nixon and Henry Kissinger could influence the outcome of a war.

The overarching theme of the book is to show how Pakistan lost East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and how a nation paid in blood for its freedom, resulting in an independent Bangladesh. At the front and center of the text are Pakistan’s General Yahiya Khan’s military strategies and brutality against humanity as a whole. Dr. Nuran Nabi succeeds in emphasizing the universality of the problem and the universal struggle for and achievement of freedom.

Ultimately, Bullets of ’71-A Freedom Fighter’s Story is a bold piece of literature written by a man who was not only a part of that generation, but was labeled as the brain of the Freedom Fighter forces, a true warrior. This is a must read for history and war buffs, or for anyone who appreciates the truth being told many years after the events have taken place.

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