Fermentation Tank Care And Maintenance – Fermentation Tank, Maintenance And Maintenance – Food

1. Maintenance and Maintenance 1.1 precision filter, generally use a period of six months. If the filter is too big or lose their filtering ability of resistance to affect the normal production, you need to clean or replace (recommended direct replacement, no cleaning, washing is done because the filter can not be a reliable guarantee for the performance).

1.2 when the fermentation tank cleaning, scrub with a soft brush, do not scratch with a hard device, so as not to damage the surface of the fermentation tank.

1.3 supporting devices shall be an annual check, to ensure a normal use.
1.4 electrical, instrumentation, Sensor , Etc. Electric Equipment is strictly prohibited direct and water vapor exposure, to prevent moisture.

1.5 devices stop the use, should be promptly cleaned and drained fermentation tank and the pipeline over the water; release cask fermentation and hand-hole screw cap to prevent permanent deformation ring.

1.6 operating platform, constant temperature water tank and other steel equipment should regularly (once a year) paint to prevent corrosion.

1.7 always check the oil level reducer, such as inadequate lubrication, increase in time required.

1.8 reducer oil changed regularly to extend its service life.
1.9 Fermentation temporarily if not, you need to carry out the fermentation tank air consumption, side by side to make the tank and the remaining water inside the tubes. 2. Notes

2.1 must ensure that all single pieces of equipment can use the system during normal operation.

2.2 in sterilized filter, air filter flows through the vapor pressure of not more than 0.17MPa, otherwise the filter cartridges will be damaged, lost filter capacity.

2.3 in the fermentation process, should ensure that the tank pressure of less than 0.17MPa.

2.4 in real consumption process, the jacket through the steam preheating, the need to control steam pressure in the device into the working pressure range (not more than 0.2MPa), otherwise it will cause damage to the fermentation tank.

2.5 Cancellation and real consumption in the air when the tank must be drained folder comprising the remainder of the fermentation water. Doing so may lead to the fermentation tank shell crushed, causing equipment damage; in real consumption, the resulting condensate will result in medium diluted too much, making it impossible to process requirements.

2.6 in air consumption, real consumption after the cooling process, the non-fermentation tank produced pressure to avoid pollution, and even damage to equipment.

2.7 in the fermentation process, the tank pressure should be maintained at between 0.03 ~ 0.05MPa in order to avoid contamination.

2.8 in the operation, the need to maintain the pressure of the air pipe of the tank pressure is greater than the fermentation tank, otherwise it will cause fermentation in the liquid back into the filter, plugging the filter cartridge or to filter failure.

2.9 If you experience their own can not solve the problem directly with the company’s after-sales service, please contact. Do not force the demolition or repair.

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