Notebook Battery Maintenance

When you are constantly on the move, and you are a constant user of your notebook, you need to sure that the notebook battery is good and long lasting. Notebooks come in different brand and models, and notebook batteries are designed to suit them.

If you are planing to buy a notebook battery for your note, there are two things you have to keep in mind. One, it is better to go for a 9 cell battery pack, then the normal 6 cell battery pack, because it has better battery back-up. And, two, remember that a smaller screen notebook has a larger battery back-up than a larger screen notebook. And also buy batteries or other accessories which are certified by the notebook manufacturer.

Some notebooks have removable batteries. This is useful if you have a spare battery handy, especially in some locations like aircraft or conference rooms where power outlets might not be available, and the battery you are using loses its life. In such situations removable batteries such as IBM 08K8195 Battery, IBM 08K8193 Battery and IBM 92P1075 Battery are very handy.

There are many ways by which you can improve the life of your notebook battery. If you are using Bluetooth or WiFi device, turn it off immediately because it reduces your battery life; Lower the screen back light; Avoid watching movies or playing games as it can reduce about 30% of your notebook battery life; Close all applications which you are not using; Remove USB or PC cards from your notebook if you are not using them, because it consumes a lot of power; Also avoid graphic intensive applications as it reduces battery life.

Before using a new battery make sure that you charge the battery fully, and before you recharge, make sure that it is fully discharged. Calibrate your battery every few months, as this will help to restore your battery’s performance. If your battery is not in use, store it in dry, cool place.

There are many brands of notebook batteries. Some of the more popular brands are Acer, Apple, Compaq IBM, Toshiba, HP and Sony. There are many models of Acer notebook batteries, which are designed for whichever brand or notebook you are using. Apple uses Lithium-Polymer, resulting in compact and dense unit with longer life. The Compaq IBM batteries are 9 cell batteries, which increases the productivity of the batteries. Toshiba batteries are 6 cell batteries and they use lithium-lon technology. Sony Company also has a wide range of notebook batteries and rechargeable batteries. HP long life notebook battery lasts for three years. You can enjoy productivity for a longer period and save money because you don’t have to change your batteries often.

Don’t work your notebook too hard and follow these tips to take care of your battery and you can make your notebook battery last longer and enjoy a longer period of entertainment.

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