Super Strange! The Key With Your Fingers To Do?

What you can do with your fingers? Stick butter? Pointing grip on power? When taking pictures can put a victory sign? Bored when you can play with a few fingers, a toy? Hungry when it comes to children was used as the nipples? Probably from 2000 years, humans have an additional function of the fingers, that is, when the key to.

Medicine on the already proven that every person is different for each finger of the fingerprint, is unique, and each person’s fingerprint characteristics have a permanent, legally often use fingerprints as proof of identity signed by a person. Lock in fact the only use of a fingerprint and permanent, fingerprint recognition lock identity as the only evidence.

 Fingerprint working principle is very simple fingerprint lock installed inside the system, photoelectric conversion by special equipment and computer image processing technology, the live fingerprint acquisition, analysis and comparison, automatically, quickly and accurately identify personal identity. Fingerprint recognition system can generally be divided into “off-line part” and “online part of the” two parts. Some of them off with a fingerprint scanner, including fingerprints, to extract details of the point, will save to the database minutiae fingerprint template library and so the formation of the main steps. Online parts including the use of fingerprint scanner fingerprints, minutiae are extracted and then these details point and stored in a database to match the template minutiae to determine the details of input and template minutiae points are from the same fingerprint, and then issued order to decide whether open the door. Therefore, we just put a person’s fingerprint stored in the lock and set his user, then this person can directly open the lock with a fingerprint.

 Lock in the country also belongs to new products, many people know it is not enough, nor particularly worried about its security. In fact, compared with the traditional mechanical locks up, fingerprint lock for better security. Rely on traditional mechanical key to open the lock, but lock the precision is always enough, so some of the keys to a number of universal opportunity, coupled with the recent burst of foreign television has been developed a procedure, even far Photos from the shoot to the key, the program also can this key to copy them no less, so a number of mechanical keys out Reinaldo revealed what will be in danger. In contrast, the fingerprint is the only constant, is copied almost not possible, security can imagine even higher.

 The scale of the world’s first fingerprint lock market in 2000, China’s first fingerprint lock mass market in 2001, the fingerprint lock is not a long history of development, but because of its convenience, safety, smart, stylish by more and more attention. But may be due to the traditional concept of locks, together with current technology a lot of mixed enterprise production Lock, prices are usually more expensive, so to some extent restricted the rapid development of fingerprint lock.

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