The Hawker 700 Medium Jet Is Great For Charter

As a mid size jet, the Hawker 700 typically gets used for company travel, it carries it’s passengers safely and efficiently to the destination of their choice. It carries eight and the charter company may arrange for separate people going to the same destination be on the same plane. On the inside space is a little tight so it’s good for it to be utilized efficiently. Holding a infomal business meeting is possible but something more than that wouldn’t be possible as that’s not the jets main purpose.

With a cruising speed of four hundred and eighty three miles per hour, the Hawker 700 travels at or around the speeds for an average jet airliner. Coupled with the advance arrangements of chartering such a flight, those who are on a strict time schedule could benefit from significant improvements in time management.

There are many different people who charter a Hawker 700 but most of the charter companies say the average client will be high level sales executives and business executives needed quickly for contracts they are closing. A slightly reduced prep time is an advantage of this jet as compared to some other small or medium jet size choices.

Able to travel non stop for two thousand miles plus, the Hawker 700 can also do that at altitudes up to forty one thousand feet. The cabin does allow walking around depending on how the seating is arranged, so it’s great for taking to several locations to help improve relationships with clients. These trips can be taken over scenic routes in exotic locations offering views not many people get to see.

In some instances, individuals have been known to charter Hawker 700 jets to deliver time sensitive and valuable parcels. This type of express parcel delivery is usually only reserved for items that require the most precise handling and security measures. The jet has also found use in evacuations of casualties when adapted to flying in warzones. Since the jet is in the range of small to medium size, it is considered much less expensive to charter versus the bigger and more utilitarian jumbo jets that are also available for these purposes. So the next time you are running on a busy schedule, please consider chartering a Hawker 700 jet as your choice of transport.

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