What is Solar Obstruction Light?

Solar powered obstruction lights are gaining popularity day by day in the aviation industry. These long lasting and low-maintenance lighting solutions are simply perfect to be used on tall buildings or structures like TV tower, telecom tower, wind mill etc. to direct the aircraft to the correct path. This wireless lighting solution is very cost-effective and is reliable even in extreme weather conditions like darkness, humidity, fog, rain etc. The best part with these solar powered aviation lights is that they neither create any electromagnetic interference nor any radio frequency interference for the aircraft.

Wider Reach & Wider Use


As the solar aviation lights or LED aviation lights are installed over tall structures to direct the aircraft to the correct path in the air, there are various other solutions that cater to the same need on the earth. In simpler words, solar obstruction light manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide range of lights that are used on the ground. These are:


Taxiway & Runway Lighting

Such pathways are usually crowded. To avoid the collision of any vehicle with the aircraft, you may come across a number of lighting tools in the market that are designed especially for taxiways and runways. These lights are very helpful during the night hours. This particular lighting module is very beneficial especially when there is a repairing or maintenance task going on over the runway.


Helipad Lighting

Safe landing is as important as safe take-off. To serve the purpose, even in night hours or bad weather conditions, solar light manufacturers have recently come up with helipad lighting that helps in increasing visibility and navigability of the helipad.

Several other types of such solar obstruction lights are ‘Airfield Safety and Way Finding Lights’ and ‘Tower & Crane Marking Lights’. These lights are very useful in directing the aircraft to the correct path and also help in safe landing of the same.

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