The importance of shipping industry cannot be sidelined by the progress of aviation industry

Over centuries, shipping was the most popular medium of transport. The world trade got flourished and the global economy progressed along with sea borne trade from ancient period. Being the cheapest means of transport, it progress in being a backbone of economy of all nation’s earn a respective place in recorded history. The cost for maintenance of shipping being null zooms its importance irrespective of the natural calamities. By the booming of aviation industry passengers traveling through sea route had reduced reasonably but cargo transportation still prefers the waterways.

Its importance rested on several factors, which relay mainly on economy growth.

The better means of transportation for bulk goods, heavy machinery and heavy load of raw materials etc. are cheaply transported from countries to countries easily through sea route. The economic activity of countries with proper seaports and waterways enhances efficient trade between foreign countries and thus counting on its economic progress. Nations blessed with enormous waterways and surrounded by oceans achieve greater progress even from centuries behind. As the trade through waterways flourished, it indeed favored foreign exchange by importing and exporting goods, underling benefits for its trade partners. Since the transportation cost is low compared with other means of transport like by road or through air, the goods become cheap which certainly improve international trade between different countries.

When foreign trade increases, it not only benefits general public, but it also becomes a great source of revenue for the government by means of customs duties.

With the increase in foreign trade, the government can collect custom duties for the shipping goods, which increases its revenue. Thus along with the public, the government is also getting a lot of benefits. With the increase in frequency of trade between countries pointed the need for starting foreign countries shipping offices and setting up of proper infrastructure facilities to promote trading by increasing the foreign investment of the nation.

Obviously, the job opportunities increase with the flourishing of shipping industry. There are lots of jobs available in different sections of shipping industry from manual laborers to skilled technicians. Lots of skilled workers are involved in maintenance and repair of ships like Welding workers, mechanics, painters etc. Job seekers who are proficient in the highly skilled areas are getting attractive remuneration to these skilled jobs. The technological progression in electronic, mechanical, communication and radiology areas enhances a steady growth at rapid intervals. Along with the progress of shipping industry, the manufactures are taking necessary safety measures for workers doing risky jobs such as Welding, renovating, repairing etc. Even a person coming from an average family can dream of a luxury livelihood by earning through a skilled job like Welding technology, communication technology etc.

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Fermentation Tank Care And Maintenance – Fermentation Tank, Maintenance And Maintenance – Food

1. Maintenance and Maintenance 1.1 precision filter, generally use a period of six months. If the filter is too big or lose their filtering ability of resistance to affect the normal production, you need to clean or replace (recommended direct replacement, no cleaning, washing is done because the filter can not be a reliable guarantee for the performance).

1.2 when the fermentation tank cleaning, scrub with a soft brush, do not scratch with a hard device, so as not to damage the surface of the fermentation tank.

1.3 supporting devices shall be an annual check, to ensure a normal use.
1.4 electrical, instrumentation, Sensor , Etc. Electric Equipment is strictly prohibited direct and water vapor exposure, to prevent moisture.

1.5 devices stop the use, should be promptly cleaned and drained fermentation tank and the pipeline over the water; release cask fermentation and hand-hole screw cap to prevent permanent deformation ring.

1.6 operating platform, constant temperature water tank and other steel equipment should regularly (once a year) paint to prevent corrosion.

1.7 always check the oil level reducer, such as inadequate lubrication, increase in time required.

1.8 reducer oil changed regularly to extend its service life.
1.9 Fermentation temporarily if not, you need to carry out the fermentation tank air consumption, side by side to make the tank and the remaining water inside the tubes. 2. Notes

2.1 must ensure that all single pieces of equipment can use the system during normal operation.

2.2 in sterilized filter, air filter flows through the vapor pressure of not more than 0.17MPa, otherwise the filter cartridges will be damaged, lost filter capacity.

2.3 in the fermentation process, should ensure that the tank pressure of less than 0.17MPa.

2.4 in real consumption process, the jacket through the steam preheating, the need to control steam pressure in the device into the working pressure range (not more than 0.2MPa), otherwise it will cause damage to the fermentation tank.

2.5 Cancellation and real consumption in the air when the tank must be drained folder comprising the remainder of the fermentation water. Doing so may lead to the fermentation tank shell crushed, causing equipment damage; in real consumption, the resulting condensate will result in medium diluted too much, making it impossible to process requirements.

2.6 in air consumption, real consumption after the cooling process, the non-fermentation tank produced pressure to avoid pollution, and even damage to equipment.

2.7 in the fermentation process, the tank pressure should be maintained at between 0.03 ~ 0.05MPa in order to avoid contamination.

2.8 in the operation, the need to maintain the pressure of the air pipe of the tank pressure is greater than the fermentation tank, otherwise it will cause fermentation in the liquid back into the filter, plugging the filter cartridge or to filter failure.

2.9 If you experience their own can not solve the problem directly with the company’s after-sales service, please contact. Do not force the demolition or repair.

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Ipod Best Seller Models

As music is becoming a part of everyday life, it is not surprising that so many of us are beginning to purchase iPods. This innovation in listening to music was created by Apple and since their release they have become a hot favorite on the shelves, creating many different, unique models of iPod. Not only do they provide music for on the go and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they also provide a storage system where you can keep movies, home videos and photos to show people when you’re out and about. These devices are becoming more and more popular hence Apple is not bringing out new breeds of iPod.

Since the release of the Apple iPod, many different versions have been released. There is so much choice within this area of purchase and so when buying an iPod; often the decision is crucial and researched.

One of the most popular choices of iPod is the Shuffle. This is one of the smallest music players ever created making it the perfect choice for city workers who want to clip it onto their belt or people who take part in sports due to its clip on feature. The controls for the shuffle are easy to navigate as it comes with an earphone piece control for easy access; also, the shuffle provides a voice over feature telling you the name of the song and artist who sang it making it handy for those who don’t require a screen on their iPod. The shuffle can store up to 1,000 songs and comes in a choice of five colors, perfect for the fashion conscious.

Another popular choice of iPod is the Nano. Some would say that this iPod is the most attractive as it comes in a choice of nine colors and boasts a 2.2inch screen making viewing of videos and pictures a pleasant experience. The nano can hold up to 4,000 songs and can also shoot videos for those once in a lifetime moments you want to share with everyone. This iPod also has a feature which is favorable with everyone, it can create play lists for you that go together and will shuffle through your music for you and create mixes that sound good or similar. This is an extremely clever piece of equipment.

An old favorite of Apple is the iPod Classic. This is the iPod that brought on the revolution of another way of listening to music and by far has one of the largest capacities making it perfect for people who need to store a lot of music. The classic can hold up to 40,000 songs giving it exceptional storage space, and it also boasts 200 hours of film, meaning you never lose that perfect moment. The iPod lives up to its title of ‘Classic’ as it comes in classic black or classic white making it a choice for those who like their music more than the appearance of the music player. Yet, the classic is still a symbol of style thanks to its reputation of being the best.

Buying an Apple iPod is all down to personal preference, you may not want a video recorder on your iPod. Apple has created something for everyone so you’ll always find something you like. The list of the iPods available goes on, including the features included in them. The iPod really is a fine innovation in music allowing anybody, young or old to purchase one and feel comfortable and happy with their purchase and the features that are now available to them. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Apple and their iPods.

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How to Avoid Jet Lag Effectively Before You Fly

How to avoid jet lag seems like a question with no answer if you are going to long distance flight. We are fortunate that nowadays several ways to avoid jet lag has been discovered.

If you are a person who likes making schedule, this method will fit you well. Adjust your sleeping time several days before your departure, but do not over adjust it. Since it will interfere with your daily habit, over adjustment of your seeping habit to avoid jet lag will only be something unproductive. Unfortunately, this sleeping time adjustment is not considered as the best strategy to travel abroad as you are compromising your motor performance during that period of change.

When you already know your departing day, you can develop a new sleeping habit to avoid jet lag. If you fly during daytime, you have to stay awake and keep your mental active. Perhaps watching TV program or talk to your friends online.

Get some sleep first if your travel time is at night. Carefully plan the sleeping time ahead to avoid jet lag. Self time adjustment is very important when comes to global time zone. Do not forget to consider the transit time too. Set your watch to the local time of the place where you are landing. You need to get in tune mentally with the local time and adjust your behavior accordingly.

There is a great chance that you are dehydrated during the flight. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. Both will only make you lose more water, arouse you, and make you cannot sleep. Instead, consider fruit juices. However, the best choice will still be water.

Before you sleep, consume meals which high in carbohydrate but low in protein. This will stimulate drowsiness.Carbohydrate will stimulate serotonin, that later make you sleepy. Meals containing caffeine, high protein and low carbohydrate will only make you excited and eliminate your drowsiness.

If you feel stiff because you feel you cannot move, try to walk around the cabin several times during the flight. You can also do several stretching for your arms, leg and trunk. Find a place to do it at the back of the plane. This will help to avoid jet lag.

If you feel that you really need to sleep and you are still awake, you can try to consume sleeping pills. There are several drugs that are effective to make people fall asleep. Of course there is no guarantee that your sleeping period is prolonged but sleeping aid have no side effect on your physical performance.

In contrast, these sleeping aids to overcome jetlag can also give a bad effect if you consume it in the wrong time. If you feel sleepy during the day, try not to take a nap. Taking a nap following your natural sleeping rhythm will only worsen the condition, thus make you cannot adapt your habit to the new time zone. Therefore, those pills are not considered as the best way to avoid jet lag.

Jackson is a frequent traveler since 5 years ago and has discovered how to avoid jet lag naturally without sleeping pills. It is always the better choice to select natural remedy rather than prescription drugs.

Flying On A Private Charter Jet Might Be Safer

For both the big commercial airlines to the privately owned jet charter services, safety is their biggest business concern. Both types of businesses, commercial airlines and private jets, fall under the same government agencies and standards, so how do you know which is the most safe for your trip?

Well, honestly while the regulations may be the same the implementation of these rules is not. Private jet charters need to boost business and impress their customers so very often these individual companies have higher standards when it comes to the number or in flight hours that a pilot and co-pilot must have. In addition they usually have pilots flying the same few planes over and over again which helps increase their familiarity with the vessels that they are operating. You can compare this with how comfortable you are driving your own car as opposed to someone elses. There is just simply a different feel to each vehicle that you operate.

Another point is that the private jet flights have reduced security issues because they do the security on their own. This means the people who are checking you in will be on the plane with you so they want to make sure you are safe for them to fly with. This is very different from the commercial flights as the people who are doing the check in will not be flying with you. So this means the private flights look at this issue very differently.

On a private jet you are also less likely to have someone who poses a threat on board very simply because you are usually flying with people you know and only a few other passengers which helps to significantly cut down the risk. And since most private jets tend to be smaller aircraft they are not usually sought out by those wishing to go on a suicide mission.

The commercial airline industry is a pretty safe way to travel but private jet service is truly safer, posing less risk to the people on the flight. It is a great way to travel to and from your destination for business or pleasure, in addition to the better safety aspects there are other benefits for private jet charters. You will recieve fantastic customer service, foods in flight that you want, and a superb highly trained staff to expedite your travels. Once you experience this you will be so impressed it will be hard to ever go on a commercial flight again.

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IATA Slams Aviation Parastatals For Massive Increase Of Airport & ATNS fee

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has expressed great concern that the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) has proposed a “ridiculous 129% increase in its charges for the period 2010-2015.

But what is of even more concern to Giovanni Bisignani, IATAs Director General and CEO, is the fact the South African regulator has done nothing to stop this, and has tacitly condoned the increase. Referring to the regulator as a “phantom regulator”, Bisignani urged a review of South Africa’s economic regulation of air transport infrastructure.

This emerged during a press conference held in Johannesburg last month which was addressed by Bisignani during what will probably be his last visit to the country prior to his retirement from the position in the near future.

During his critism of ACSA and its fee structure, Bisignani said the cost of the country’s airport infrastructure was of major concern.”The South African economic regulatory process is not effective. When you operate monopoly, you have no competition, so you need a regulator. That regulator needs to be respected. But the regulator is not effective,” he added: “There’s no comparable situation in the world like this. ACSA will be adding $ 1, 2-billion to airlines costs. Its big burden for the airlines.”

ACSA was not the only parastatal to be lashed by Bisignanis tongue; he also slammed the Air Traffic and Air Navigation Services (ATNS) for its 71% hike in charges during the same period.

“South Africa has developed a good infrastructure, but it is part of a value chain that needs to be cost efficient to be competitive. Allowing increases of 129% and 71% completely misses the mark .Johannesburg, the country’s main gateway, now ranks among the most expensive airports of its size in the world .Airlines are being made to foot the bill for poor performance and an airport in Durban that we did not need. This is no way to build a more successful tourism industry. We need some joined-up policy thinking,” said Bisignani.

IATA fired a broadside at the proposed inclusion of aviation in South Africa’s carbon tax scheme. “Aviation is committed to the most aggressive climate change targets of any global industry: to improve fuel efficiency by 1, 5% annually to 2020, to cap net emissions from 2020 with carbon-neutral growth, and to cut emissions in half,” he said.

“Air transport is also the only global sector where governments have an agreement on emissions management .This was achieved in 2010 through ICAO in line with the Kyoto protocol.

“South Africa is absolutely correct in strongly opposing Europe’s plans to include aviation in its emissions trading scheme from next year. It is illegal and it will introduce strong market distortions, particularly for long-haul destinations. So it is difficult to understand why South Africa is now considering inclusion of aviation in its own unilateral carbon tax scheme. This must be stopped.


“As host of COP 17 later this year, South Africa must show leadership to achieve a global approach on mitigating climate change. Taxing aviation is a step in the wrong direction for an industry that was commended by United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, as a role model,” said Bisignani.

On another issue, IATAs CEO praised South Africa for its strategic focus on tourism as akey driver in the nation’s new growth plan. He urged the government to use joined-up policy thinking and take key measures to bolster its air transport sector to achieve the 235 000 new tourism jobs that the government was targeting by 2020.

Great Tourism Nation”

“South Africa has all the building blocks to be a great tourism nation. But this will not happen by chance. Joined-up policy thinking is needed to support it with competitive and a safety record across Africa that is world standard. These are tough challenges, but with joined-up policy thinking, great results are possible,” said Bisignani.

Bisignani noted that IATAs simplifying the business programme was playing a key role. A world economic forum index on competitiveness had said that the complexity of South Africa’s import/export procedures could be a bottleneck to trade. The introduction of electronic shipping and customs documentation through IATA e-freight would help speed the process.

Johannesburg went live with e-freight from November 2010 and Cape Town began e-freight shipments in March this year. In total, the programme is designed to save $ 4,9-billion annually across the global air cargo supply chain.

In closing, Bisignani pointed out that African air safety remained an issue with a 2010 accident rate that was 12-times the global average.”Aviation must be safe everywhere. Africa cannot be the exception.

“The IATA operational safety audit (IOSA) is a condition of IATA membership and is making a difference .The 22 sub-Saharan African carriers on the registry outperformed the rest of the industry .I urge South Africa to take a leadership role in the region and promote IOSA as a tool for government to use to supplement their safety oversight and improve the regions performance .For aviation to deliver its enormous economic benefits, the first priority is safety,” said Bisignani.

Bisignani was visiting South Africa as part of the recent World Economic Forum Africa.


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What Are Some Flying Ant Treatments

Flying ant treatments are an easy and effective way in getting rid of your ant problem. This is especially true if this problem has become a real issue for you and your family. Here, are some ideasthat can be used to help get rid of your ant problem.

If your able to catch one of the ants and when they are flying around, try and use an aerosol spray as an option to kill the ants in your home. They wont get rid of them completely, but they will stop at least one or two.

Try and find a colony of the ants if they are living near by. This will allow you to use your flying ant treatments more effectively. If your home has a swarm of these ants, then you may unfortunately have some sort of infestation in your home. Look for any type of evidence to suggest that you have any nest in your home, by finding shed wings that are near a window sill or floor panels. Tapping on your walls, will allow you to listen for a hollow sound, these are signs that you may have in fact have an infestation in your home. Using flying ant treatments will kill these ants instantly, so if you are able to locate one it will be a real advantage to you.

Once you have worked out, that you do have an infestation, spray your home near the area of the nest. Set up a bait system in the ground of the foundation surrounding your home. These bait set ups need to be checked every couple of days, to see if there are any ants that have been killed. If you are using a bait system, you a sticky substance to try and kill the flying ants. Using home remedies for flying ant treatments, such as a sugary substance will work well with this idea.

When you are using spray substance in your home for flying ant treatments, make sure that it is a safe one for you and your family. Avoiding using chemicals in your home, as they may harm the environment and your family. Using your own flying ant treatments recipe, will help in making it a safe substance for your home. Using a recipe that includes either alcohol, sugar, and boric acid, can be an effective treatment on these ants. Use the spray on areas, of the home where the ants enter

Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed cost effective methods of managing flying ants and searched for organic flying ant treatments to include in his report. He discovered readily available household remedies to manage the pest control issue.

Executive protection and bodyguard training

Risks Inc’s diverse experience enables us to refine our operational and training techniques to be the most practical and effective commercial system available. We run our executive protection and bodyguard training courses differently than other schools, for one thing we don’t teach the high profile US Secret Service type techniques.

The Secret Service has a huge budget, resources, legal authority and full cooperation of the local law enforcement agencies where ever they operate. This is not the case in the commercial world where you have no legal authority, limited resources and looked at with suspicion by local law enforcement. Our tactics are low profile and everything we teach is simple.

We put an emphasis on pre planning and the avoidance of any problems. Our executive protection and bodyguard training courses teach people to work to a threat level that would be encountered in today’s emerging markets where organized crime and terrorist incidents are part of everyday life. We place high emphasis on no nonsense personal skills that are relevant in the real world. We teach a maximum of five students per course. This is not a 9 to 5 course, you will be training for 10 hours plus a day and breaks for food etc. will be minimal.

Our intensive executive protection and bodyguard training courses can be used as an introduction into the world of close protection and specialist security or as a refresher course for the more experienced personnel. The program is compact and gives the student an insight into subjects such as counter surveillance, electronic surveillance counter measures, kidnapping, counter terrorism and weapons which are specialties in their own right and can justify a training course of their own, if they are to be learned competently.

The idea behind our executive protection and bodyguard training courses is that the student would be able to go away with enough knowledge to enable him or her to participate competently in close protection details at a basic level (you can not become an expert in a few days or weeks) and, for the more experienced students, to be able to recognize threats that they would not have before and avoid or react to them with unconventional and devastating techniques.

We can adapt our executive protection and bodyguard training courses in Florida & Georgia to not include firearms training if the student wishes this. In reality when traveling internationally there are very few countries where you can legally have access to and carry firearms. It often comes as a shock to people that most international protective details are unarmed. Due to our wealth of operational experience the techniques and tactics taught on our courses are applicable to both armed and unarmed protective services.

IPM Model – Part 2

In the first article, I brought up the fact that our current version of IPM, does not contain a prevention provision, as it is commonly defined. I also stated that we need to develop a new model for IPM, and suggested the use of the mosquito as a basis for working out the details of this model. The simpler the better, I say. Logical extensions of our concepts can be made for other types of pest problems and some will be noted as we go along.

We need a frame work for what we will consider, so let’s start with an ancient concept, let’s start with the 4 elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. I am not looking at this in some mystical way. We will look at them as:

1. Soil.

2. Water.

3. Temperature/Light

4. Air.

How and where each of these elements are incorporated will determine your place on the IPM map.

Stage 1:

If you build a new home in a wet area (Water), with no provision for drainage (Soil), with very little wind (Air), and very little sunshine (Temperature/Light), then you are building in an area ripe for a mosquito invasion. You have options. You can choose a new place to build. You can make adjustments to your current location, by changing a few things.

1. Since the water is a constant, the soil would be the next place to start. You can provide for surface drainage by sloping the area, or you can improve sub surface drainage, or both.

2. If the lack of sunlight is a result of buildings around you, or you live in Seattle, there will not be much you can do about the sunlight, but if your limited solar penetration is a result of a grove of trees that you own, you might be able to allow some light in by selective thinning of the canopy (pruning) or thinning the grove by removing some, particularly on the Southern side.

3. Air circulation will be a problem for the same reason as light penetration, and has pretty much the same options.

If you have an existing home in an area like the one described, you have the same options.

Now, let’s put this on a smaller more manageable scale. You want to build a new outbuilding to house your garden tools and mowing equipment. You should ask yourself 2 questions for each of the four elements. How will this be affected by each element? How will this effect each element?


1. Will the irrigation water cause problems with my structure?

2. Will this structure cause a problem with drainage and irrigation? If you are building a wooden building, or an open building, will the irrigation cause problems with the wood, or spray directly on the equipment if it is an open shed?

Will this block irrigation, blocking out water to part of my lawn? Will it cause water to build up somewhere else in the yard causing a potential mosquito problem?


1. Will the direct sunlight make the building uninhabitable during the day while you are sharpening your mower blades?

2. Will the reflective heat from the building cause nearby shrubs to roast, or weaken them, making them insect and disease susceptible? Will the shade the building provides, “shade out” some of your prized plants or lawn?


1. Will this new structure block the natural air flow through the area, causing potential evaporation problems,and leading to fungus and insect problems?

2. Does the airflow cause a potential problem with the structure? Will the building be able to get adequate breeze?

Then we ask, how we can re-engineer the project to avoid potential problems.

Using the same two question process for all of the elements, should lead to a nearly problem free project. This will not guarantee a pest free existence, but it will lessen the probability of a serious infestation. We are not trying to have an insect free world, that would be an ecological disaster, only trying to keep them at a distance. We will take this a few steps further in the next installment.

James Burns is a licensed pest control professional, has been a Certified Professional Turfgrass Manager for more than 16 years, has a lifetime of experience in horticulture and agriculture, and is the owner of Rational Environmental Solutions, an IPM based pest control company in East Texas.

He also has many helpful gardening tips at

When a European fighter airplane along with a US jet fighter get far too close

The Russian Safety Ministry has asked Poultry for help in finding all trash with the Sukhoi-25 jet downed in Syria previous weekend break. “The Russian Protection Ministry has dispatched a get to Poultry for assistance in receiving all particles of your European jet Sukhoi-25, lower by terrorists on February 3 with a guy-lightweight missile in fresh air space in excess of Syria’s Idlib province,” the ministry’s document runs. “The Protection Ministry’s specialists are particularly interested in examining the debris of the episode plane’s motors, which might have remnants of the missile’s affect, so that you can precisely recognize any type of missile the terrorists used, to determine where it was actually created also to open the ways of the supply to Syria,” the Defense Ministry mentioned. According to before reviews, Russia’s Sukhoi-25 jet was downed across the de-escalation area Idlib on Feb . 3. The initial, Major Roman Filipov, ejected him self simply to be in the middle of terrorists. First, he utilised his handgun against attackers and after that blew up him or her self which has a hands grenade. He was nominated for that Hero of Russia name posthumously. This affair comes after the tensions which are happening in Syria involving Russian federation along with the Us. A European Su-27 fighter jet intercepted a US Navy EP-3 Aries signals reconnaissance airplane over the Black Water on Monday, plus it seems like the occurrence was especially ruthless. The atmosphere superiority fighter flew as near as all 5 feet coming from the US plane. Video clips introduced via the Navy implies that the jet was stuffed for endure, and was soaring “in shut proximity and also in differing opportunities.” Though the Navy verified that some of the much more competitive maneuvers were actually not caught on digicam. “Although not shown in the released imagery, through the intercept, the Russian Su-27 executed a hard appropriate-to-left behind transform from the US EP-3’s correct section by having an excessive closing price and arrived inside of 5 various toes of the EP-3’s correct wingtip,” the Navy claimed. “The Russian Su-27 then proceeded to penetrate the airline flight course of your US Navy EP-3, traversing within just 10 ft and performing a sharp dive below, which led to violent turbulence for that US EP-3 and its crewmembers.” This may not be the initial tim a European jet has done intense maneuvers. Very last October, a Russian Su-30 mma fighter flew as near as 50 feet well before switching on its afterburners although intercepting a US Navy P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine combat plane on the identical spot. The maneuver forced the airplane to get into its jet rinse and created it to undergo a 15-diploma roll, Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza, a Pentagon spokeswoman, explained back then. America Navy has been conducting reconnaissance objectives above the Dark-colored Ocean for a great rate because the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.