The Company That Engineer Innovative Aviation Solutions

Excellence within the aviation services industry means meeting the client’s specific requirements with precision targeted, state-of-the-art solutions that enhance their operational capacities. Leaders in innovation, Cascade Aerospace have developed a reputation for surpassing industry standards by collaborating with some of the most recognized companies in the aerospace and aviation field to help clients maintain superior levels of operational functionality.

Headquartered in Abbotsford, BC, Cascade Aviation partners with pioneering military, OEM and commercial customers in the process of managing complex long-term integrated aircraft service support programs. With over 500 employees, Cascade offers the certified expertise to engineer aviation solutions that reflect the company’s exceptional dedication to operational excellence.

That commitment also carries over into the management team, who lead their field with over 100 years of combined experience within the aviation and aerospace industries.

The company acts as the customer interface hub for all operational planning within the field of project management. Their project management office works directly with their clients to apply best-in-class solutions to help increase their operational availability. These solutions are custom designed to meet the client’s pricing, scheduling and quality requirements.

As the recognized leader in strategic fleet management, Cascade’s expert services help companies to assess the performance of their aircrafts. Through detailed performance monitoring and co-ordination, the company can ensure their clients get the best out of their resources. They also conduct in-depth annual and long-term planning in regards to the optimal operating, engineering, use of materials and maintenance scheduling for the clients’ fleet in order to increase their operational availability.

Cascade’s aviation experts provide a plethora of services to help clients meet their operational requirements, including custom product design, manufacturing and certification. With a 30-year history of developing and obtaining airworthiness approvals for major aircraft modifications, the expert team of aviation engineers at Cascade is widely experienced in all areas aerospace maintenance. This extensive maintenance background includes years of experience repairing aircraft structures, systems, avionics, interiors, in addition to electrical and flight analysis instruments.

Through their premium integrated logistics services, Cascade helps clients identify and resolve support resource inadequacies within their systems performance during the in-use phase of aviation equipment. Their aviation engineers work to spot systems weaknesses prior to symptoms or supply chain failures materializing, so that structural integrity and optimal operating capacity are meticulously maintained.

Additionally, each aviation engineer within the Cascade Aerospace team is an expert at forecasting critical systems needs. This means that the company can develop targeted inspection programs for the various parts of the plane, such as the airframe, major systems and components. This intensive inspection process helps to optimize spare part location as well as material costs and ensures that operations are streamlined by applying a scientific discipline to work scheduling and spare parts delivery for a more effective means of achieving long term planning cycle and annual operating requirements.

Cascade Aerospace Inc. is a dynamic, privately-held Canadian specialty aerospace and defence contractor focused on providing long-term integrated aircraft support programs for Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEMs], military, government and commercial customers.

Training For A Career As A Certified Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Aircraft maintenance school, while a greater challenge to complete than other routine maintenance occupations, can be done without resorting to the costs and length of a four-year university program when interested students enroll in a junior or career college.

Role of an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Aircraft maintenance school focuses on teaching the repair and inspection of aircraft components and the systems they are built upon. As such, the work is regulated by the FAA in the US and requires someone authorized by the national airworthiness authority to sign off on all completed work on the job. This can be a FAA certified aircraft maintenance technician themselves, or a certified maintenance engineer that they work for.

Aircraft Maintenance Educational Programs

Certification is specific to the area of a technicians duties, and can be in either power plant or airframe maintenance, or both. Specialty programs at an airplane maintenance school can also include study in the fields of metallurgy, physics, computer programming, avionics etc.

Airplane maintenance school programs exist in over 30 US states, and run at over 170 institutions today. The programs have a maximum length of 24 months, and can often be completed in half the time. The FAA requires mechanics to complete a minimum of 1,900 class hours before being certified.

Uncertified mechanics can still work on aircraft however, if they are under the direct supervision of one that is certified. Though the FAA requires mechanics to have at least 18 months of work experience before applying for either an airframe or power plant certificate, 30 months of experience are required to get a combined A&P certification.

Completion of the educational program at a FAA licensed aircraft maintenance school is acceptable as a substitute for this work experience requirement.

Occupational Outlook for Certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

Job growth for the field is expected to be average as compared to all occupations per the 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook, with the most openings appearing at small, regional airports. The best pay and benefits for technicians exist at national airlines, about 40% of the total.

As of 2008, the median wage for an aircraft technician was $ 24.71 per hour. Graduates of an airplane maintenance school earn more on average than those who received their education on the job, or through training in the Armed Forces. About 87% of aircraft technicians are mechanics, with the rest being trained as avionics technicians. Almost 3 out of 10 have the benefit of being part of a union.

Aircraft maintenance school is the best place to look for if you need to get into challenging careers. As mentioned in the article, the Airplane maintenance school programs exist in over 30 US states.

Flights At Low Price

Lots of people today travel by flights, unlike previously. Many different airlines offer low airfares, which make it easy for people to purchase airplane tickets and travel.


With the introduction of low budget airlines, travellers can now get really cheap airfare and choose flights over other means of travel. The can save on their time and travel in comfort without worrying about the budget, as low airfares take care of that. At the same time, it is now convenient for people to buy airplane tickets on their own, without being dependent on travel agent.


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Choosing To Charter A Gulfstream G200 Super Medium Jet

If you are headed to a family get together or corporate meeting and need some quick transportation you should think about the Gulfstream G200 Super medium jet. It’s a mid sized jet with plent of luxury to make your trip comfortable, big seats and a nicely appointed interior that can provide meeting space. This aircraft provides seating for up to 9 passengers and can go 4077 nautical miles, a good choice for long cross country travels or short overseas jumps for a bigger group. There are twin turbo fan engines to propel you safely on your trip, and a cruising speed of 488 miles per hour.

If you charter a Gulfstream G200 you no longer have any of the worries of commercial flights. You don’t have to wait for security, have a tiny seat or struggle to find space for your luggage. It has a full bathroom and galley, and 150 cubic feet of space for your things so you don’t have to worry about that. There is also six feet two inches overhead so the taller folks don’t have to duck down to walk throught the plane. You are in charge of the catering on the trip so you can provide a much better choice for a lot less money, and the seats are big so you are able to relax and spread out in contrast to being cramped on the commercial jet.

The benefits of chartering the Gulfstream G200 do not stop with comfort. These planes can take off and land at thousands of airports nationwide, meaning you can get as close to your destination as possible without worries about car travel once you arrive. Your charter can be ready for you with a few hours’ notice, and will meet you on the runway without the hassles of security checks or waits in the airport lounge, and without long layovers at middle points. You arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to tackle your business or enjoy your personal time.

For business travelers, the comfortable cabin of the Gulfstream G200 is perfect for meetings and conferences en route, which makes transporting your group even more cost-effective. Business travelers will particularly appreciate the cabin conference area with facing seats and room to spread out and conduct business in comfort. Private or family groups will also enjoy the luxury of the Gulfstream G200. Special needs are easily accomodated, and the cabin is designed for a relaxing trip to your destination. The Gulfstream G200 has the facilities for meal and snack preparation on your time, making it easy to accomodate everyone in your family party.

No matter what your needs are for traveling, near or far, the Gulfstream G200 Super medium jet will be a pleasure for your group to fly on. Choosing to charter this jet can solve any travel difficulties a group may experience, taking you in comfort and style to your destination.

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How Models And Modeling Agencies Work

A modeling agency is a company that earns profits from contracts between advertising agencies or designers and the models they hire to market their products or services. A modeling agency is the middle-men in this case which earns from commissions from both the contracting agency and the model. Average percentage for a good modeling agency is between 10% ~ 40% of the contract. It is interesting to note that this earning is both ways, from the model being hired and from the agency hiring him.

A modeling agency seeks to maximize its profits by bidding for the highest price of the contract. This means the availability of top notch quality models. In turn, this translates into investment in the model being pitched for hiring. A modeling agency invests in the models to increase their talent and modeling skills.

Modeling agencies basically represent the models to the hiring contractor and are responsible for keeping track of the models bookings, billings and such things. By taking care of the nitty gritty details, the modeling agencies allow the models to focus on modeling instead of on the financial perspective. Finally, they are the ones who pay the models for their work time. Interestingly, the contract is between the modeling agency and the hiring agency and the payments are made to the hiring agency, not to the models directly. The modeling agencies payout the models from the payment received minus their own commission from the contract.

Scams are widespread in the modeling industry with many agencies preferring dishonest business practices. A dishonest modeling agency mostly demands of models to commit high commission percentages or pressurizes them to give up some of their rights or they might pretend that they are doing business when in actuality, they probably only offer modeling courses to aspiring models. In the US, the Better Business Bureaus deal with complaints lodged against fraudulent modeling agencies practicing unfair business practices.

Legitimate modeling agencies should have proper knowledge of the market and should honestly evaluate its models for hiring.

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Aircraft Management Software – A Life Saver For Busy Pilots

Nowadays, private aircraft owners can save a lot of time, trouble and money by using inexpensive software to manage their aircrafts. Complete and comprehensive aircraft management software packages are now made especially for private aircraft owners to help you manage your records.

Good aircraft management software should integrate multiple utilities into one single application. The most important features are log book entries, operation alerts, cost tracking and partnership management.

Log book entries cover a multitude of important flight information detail such as arrival and departure times, aircraft, flight time, the pilot’s name, and many other important items of detail that must be kept track of. Thanks to aircraft management software, handling a log book is easier than it ever had been in the past.

Operation alerts involve notifying the pilot of expirations related to inspections, medical issues, flight currencies, special inspections for night flights, etc. Really, no matter what type of inspection you may need performed for your flight, quality aircraft management software will alert you when an expiration date is approaching.

As the name implies, cost tracking deals with maintaining logs on the expenses associated with operating an aircraft. And, yes, there can be a lot of costs associated with the operation of an aircraft. It is easy to lose track of expenses and that is why it is helpful to use aircraft management software.

If you are a part owner, the partnership management component is very helpful. Partnership management allows pilots to share expenses with others that are involved in the operations of the aircraft. By letting software keeping track of the partnership, each pilot’s share of the expenses is automatically calculated. This eliminates confusion and avoids many potential conflicts.

Today’s quality aircraft management software is easy to use. This is no minor benefit since complex and complicated software programs defeat the primary use of aviation software. Specifically, the software should make operating the aircraft as simple and effective as possible. It should also take the pilot’s mind off those aspects of flying that could be automated through the use of the software program.

Best of all, quality aircraft management software will work in a completely integrated manner. This means the operation of all facets to the software is right at your fingertips. Pilots can easily navigate the various components of the software and this adds to the ease of use.

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Imitation of printing ink in the ink jet printer applications – ink jet printer – printing special

Heating device came more than two years, because of his auxiliary heating function + pigment Ink , Greatly expanding the media processing power, so that a broader range of graphic production, many people use this (with the modified heating printer) to specifically create business cards (I myself, my 4 printers all installed several Indian to the heater), and some are used as color printing. So I think that the heater in the graphic production played an important role. But in the real experiment there have been some issues, such as etching of the problem not easy to control the printer, not easy to dry and easy to fade, speed slow, not strong adhesion of the ink, some paper, ink and other printing scattered. So now there is no better way to solve these problems? The answer is yes.

Imitation printing ink is ink light weak solution, then many people are worried that the ink is corrosive, so he discouraged. Yes, since it is soluble ink, then corrosion is inevitable, but the ink is not very high PH value, partial weak base, and some taste. In fact, we do not rule out using ordinary ink nozzles on the machine damage, if not the quality of ink is good, as there will be damage to the nozzle, I had to use a company’s pigment ink the nozzle to the whole bad. The question then is how to see the problem, if we get good returns in time to sacrifice some things are still possible.

Then the ink in the end how to use it? Here I recommend to use the old machine with the ink of a friend, Why? Because the old machine even worse, our loss will not be great, but our performance and use of ink is not very familiar with.

Use the ink tube and before the need to clean the ink nozzle, which is necessary because the ink does not dissolve in water, and water will reflect the effect, resulting in precipitation, it sure is to plug in and met the other ink also the same, but soluble in alcohol (ethanol purity: 95%).

Prepare things: empty cartridges, syringes, anhydrous alcohol, even for (preferably dedicated). Installation steps: install over the ink cartridges, ink cartridge with a syringe to inject alcohol, and then use the syringe into the waste ink tube to collect waste ink tube, repeatedly, until flow out until the alcohol is white. Reload for a new link, to inject new ink on it.

Use: in the course of the summer high temperature, the ink likely to be volatile, so do not have the time, can cover. When used to open.

Print: So based on their experience to use for a long time, the ink used properly, return to us is great, such as talking to coated paper, dries quickly, and scratch, do not need high temperature (30 degrees so, just do not open the case of temperature effects are or can be printed), the solution of the pigment + heating problems encountered. There is some special printing media, such as cardboard, gold and silver paper, synthetic paper, printing is very good!

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Cheap Flights To Istanbul

Istanbul, one of the greatest cities in the world, is a reunion point connecting the West and the East. Also, this city is the only one that is located in two continents – Asia and Europe. Being the largest and most captivating city in Turkey, Istanbul keeps attracting thousands of tourists anually. Cheap flights to Istanbul have become available for this.


Airfare for Istanbul is really quite expensive. This gives budget travelers a hard time in looking for alternative ways to reach Istanbul. With EasyJet and Condor, these budget airlines now offer Cheap Flights to Istanbul.


Away from the tour buses and crowds you’ll discover a completely different Istanbul that few ever take the time or effort to explore. You’ll be glad you did.


The Blue Mosque (AKA Sultan Ahmed Mosque) – Named for Ahmed I Bakhti – Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1603-1617, the Blue Mosque is a beautiful place to visit. It is called The Blue Mosque not because the mosque itself is blue, but because the tiles inside are. It was built approximately 400 years ago, when the Ottoman Empire was under the reign of Ahmed Bakhti. In 2006, Pope Benedict made a visit to the mosque, marking only the second time in history that a papal visit has been made to a Muslim place of worship. Although it has become a major tourist destination, the Blue Mosque is still used as a place of reverence.


Cheap Flights to Istanbul is obtainable through EasyJet. It services two times a week flights to Fuenteventura. This is while its competitor, Ryanair, offers the latest flights to Spain and Norway. Another option is through Blue air which offers flights to Greece and Romania then; Turkish Airlines will travel to Istanbul.


Using an itinerary for travel to foreign destinations will ensure that you do not miss sights and experiences. It is true that time seems to fly by when on you’re holiday, and if your stay in Turkey is limited, consider using our basic itinerary to ensure your Turkey visit is filled with the top highlights of Turkey travel.


When in Istanbul how can shopping be left far behind. The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul one of the oldest bazaars was built of wood and today is one of the most visited bazaars of this city. Traditional goods, jewelery, clothes can all be collected here and taken back home as a token. Istanbul is a shopoholics paradise. After shopping for souvenirs and taking in the sights of Istanbul, consider a relaxing and refreshing Turkish bath, Eliminate travel stress and invigorate your body by spending a few hours at a Turkish bath.


The night scene of Istanbul is noted as animated and unparalleled. There are thousands of options for both locals and tourists. Some of the most sought after venues for nightclubs and bars are along the neighborhoods of Kurucesme and Ortakoy. You can even send romantic moments here as you watch spectacular fireworks shows or the views of the Bosphorous Strait. There are also Turku bars that offer Turkish folk music while bars along Istiklal Avenue provide with a wide array of music from jazz to punk. Before retiring to one of the comfortable Istanbul hotels near these venues, try their “garlicky” bowl of tripe soup at Iskembeci which is actually a habit of most Istanbul residents after a night of partying and clubbing.


Men’s Military Boots

Original SWAT Boots are comfortable, lightweight and very durable. These incredible boots have been the most comfortable and long-lasting boots I have worn. They are comparable to a good running shoe.

We have had many testimonials from people who love these boots. One man recently told me that he had severely broken both of his legs, and almost had to amputate one of them. SWAT boots enable him to walk much further than he can even in a good brand of tennis shoes. “And they are the best bike riding boots, bar none!”

-Original SWAT Tactical Footwear just passed 10-years in business, 1999-2009. It was their goal to build a “better boot”. By “better boot” they meant more comfortable. They did considerable research and got feedback from top S.W.A.T. Teams and Special Forces Units, then tested, perfected and produced their Classic Range. Now 10 years later, it is being called the “best boot”!
-Many different styles and colors: Black, Brown, 2 shades of Tan, & Sage Green. They come in Low top ankle boots, or High top, side zip for easy on and off, lace up if preferred–even a Dress Oxford. Waterproof, slip resistant, steel toe, airport friendly, insulated.
-Lightweight. Being obsessive about weight, generally leads to a reduction of durability, but SWAT boots have achieved the balance between being very light-weight, as well as being very durable.
-Boots for men, women and now Mini SWAT Boots for kids.

Boot Features include:
-Tough and durable moisture-wicking lining
-Heel and Forefoot Gel Inserts
-Padded Ankle Collar
-Stay-Tied Tactical Laces
-Rust-proof Hardware
-“Hot Melt” Heel and Toe Counters
-Carbon Rubber Tactical Outsole
-Steel Shank, or non-metallic shank for Airport Friendly styles
-Removable Molded Orthotic Footbed
-All-leather styles
-1000 Denier Nylon Upper styles with breathability
-Polishable boots, full-grain leather toes, or Rubber Toe Caps
-Side YKK Zipper with Velcro Tab
-Side Air Vents-Drainage Holes
-Steel Toe
-Composite Toe–airport friendly, and light-weight
-Air Cushion-Injection, Molded EVA Midsole
-Arch Ladder Tread for extra grip on rope rappels
-Insulated styles
-Quality Guaranteed

Brian Lassen is the co-founder of Firehouse Footwear, LLC. Brian and his family have traveled around the country to promote the most comfortable, lightweight and durable boots on the market–Original SWAT Tactical Footwear. Being a fire fighter for over 17 years, Brian is on his feet constantly, and knows how important it is to have comfortable boots. He was amazed when he tried out a pair, and wants to tell the world!
These are great tactical, firefighter, construction, hunting, fishing, police, first responder, military, and motorcycle riding boots. Original SWAT also has styles of steel toe, or composite toe boots for jobs where they are required, like working at the copper mines.

Executive Summary Of Touch Screen

This white paper provides an overview of the supply chain touch screen. He described the supply chain and the touch screen on the market a major component of the module.

A supply chain to learn more about capacitive touch screen is very important, the final touch-screen products to customers. Mode of cooperation and resources to the internal design, component supplier of value added, while the choice of module design and supply.

Controller IC Suppliers
Capacitive touch screen controller is a semiconductor device capable of sensing finger position on the touch sensor. Silicon structures and different detection methods by a number of suppliers, which is beyond the scope of this article. Capacitive controller can be divided into two categories.

Projected Capacitive
To detect the location of the finger in the electric field sensor through the substrate design. It is usually with one or more patterned ITO layer implementation for one or more transparent substrates. Projected capacitive is very durable, because the user to touch the glass or plastic substrate, and the following ITO layer protection. Ito from the OFF position coordinates with a deterministic pattern measurement signal calculation. This is designed to detect more accurate than other capacitive sensing method and good reproducibility. Projected capacitive controllers usually require a larger screen detected more input pins. Specifically, but only about a 10 “screen diagonal single-chip solution. Workarounds using multiple or single controller IC standardized Ito is also possible.

Surface Capacitive
The method uses a single sensor for transparent conductive substrate, usually glass, plastic or ITO conductive film. The method is cost-effective, with many well-known technique is suitable for mass production. Since the position of the fingers or by the edge sensor to determine the four corners of panels, touch screen can also be extended to thirty centimeters or more, without increasing the pin count IC control. There are significant drawbacks, especially the small screen. First of all, testing the implementation of ITO substrate, the top of the touch screen. Even if the OIC can be protected thin, hard, are susceptible to finger rings, keys and other risks. In addition, the capacitance sensor to the surface the inherent nonlinear field must be corrected, and standardized tip, software, hardware, or methods. This linear effect becomes more apparent with the small screen. Other implementation details, such as proximity effect and the shadow of the fingers, must also be addressed.

Flex supplier
Flexible printed circuit board (flexible) The General Assembly is used to touch the sensor is connected to the controller card system. Flex and sometimes with a touch-sensitive controls installed to provide a “flexible module. Besides, there is no single flex circuit can be provided to the sensor controller manufacturer, in this case, an IC controller integrated into the Council’s customer system control device implementation.

Sensor suppliers
Often referred to as “glass” or “movie” of suppliers, the supply chain members have the ability to create an internal transparent conductive substrate material model. The most common driver is indium tin oxide (ITO) as the relatively low strength and high optical resolution to use. Other transparent conductors used or under development, but not yet mainstream. Sensor substrate glass, polycarbonate and plastic products, a typical film. Some manufacturers of vertical integration more sensors, such as touch screen controller chip ASIC products, electrical engineering control card, LCD monitor power supply, power connector or bend the complete module integration.

LCD suppliers
General use of the touch screen video monitor together, then it is logical to LCD manufacturers in the supply chain is essential. Have been involved in their design of the glass core deposits and flexible circuit manufacture of liquid crystal display Ito. Therefore, they are more likely to vertically integrate the supply chain of these key elements of the touch screen. LCD manufacturers have chosen simply to a third party touch screen module, integration, or integrated controller, sensor, lens, or in your flex circuit assembly.

Logistics Supply Chain
Touch-screen manufacturing logistics supply chain depends on the sale of preferred suppliers and customers to the customer’s business model, each supplier of vertical integration of several variations. Customers can initially considered a control touch screen, sensors, flexible and LCD direct purchase from each vendor to make their own design and integration. While this may have been aware of the advantages of cost, it put all the design, performance and quality issues directly to the client. Each project is unique touch screen, so that the controller must be configured to use the sensor, LCD noise, environmental factors and industrial design and features, correct. This capability is often out of the customer first item. Used method is to let customers buy a supply chain design, and in good condition, “module” custom touch screen test.

Touch Screen Module
The three main varieties of the touch screen module to the final customer specific sales:

Flex Module
This is a controller IC and the flexible printed circuit combination. Flex module, mainly to purchase the ITO conductive sensor suppliers to reduce design cycle and increase the yield of touch screen touch screen. Flex module includes a flexible circuit, touch screen control IC fixed in good condition as a unit test. Flex Modules are usually provided to the Ito distribution design the controller IC through distributors or end customers. For the Asian market, is a typical “stocking sales representative”, it functions as a manufacturer and value of the binding sites to increase supply chain management.

Touch Screen Module
This product combines the sensor and the flexural modulus of the ITO. Flex modules using the time to market, improved product reliability, while maintaining flexibility in the design of the sensor. Touch screen module are usually those from the sensor or film ITO conductive glass supplier end customers or large OEM ODM design. Some vendors also offer a complete integrated circuit module, touch screen controller, easy to project design, although this offer is usually limited to large customers directly. Most large industrial customers and product design is very specific marketing needs of the “look and feel.” Subsequently, a number of companies using a touch screen module of the finished product. The most direct design and component suppliers.

Touch Screen LCD Module
This is the highest level of integration. It combines the LCD touch screen to create a complete touch-sensitive video equipment modules. Design of high-end customers to see this black box device, touch display images and send coordinates to the main system capacity. This is a high degree of reliability of the manufacturing desirable, because each unit to provide a good display and touch interface known. Some manufacturers offer the market the product as a general type of LCD modules. For large volume OEM customers, manufacturers of LCD touch sensor has a mission, and produce a module touch screen LCD display glass, Flex and controller IC components.

Understanding of the touch-screen technology will help make the right technology and touch screen capabilities of the equipment supplier for more information.