Model constructing has been an amazing pastime that many fathers and sons have shared together for years. And the pattern continues to grow as does the various different options in mannequin building.

Years in the past, the mannequin choice at a store might have consisted of some totally different car models to choose from. In this day of age, the probabilities are just about limitless. Mannequin building has blossomed into a various mixture of traditional models and new modern designs.

You could find boat fashions, figure models, and even distant management car models where you build the mannequin from the bottom up and proudly race it across the neighborhood for the world to see. Realizing that your arduous work went into constructing it makes the car that rather more fun.

If architecture is one thing you have an interest in, you can find scale building fashions to keep you busy and even educate you slightly one thing in regards to the industry. These is usually a perfect choice for a teenager thinking about pursuing a career in building or engineering.

After all it gained train you how one can build an actual building however it can be numerous enjoyable and offer some sound examples of how architects truly go about creating model buildings and turning them right into a reality.

Model constructing may also be a fun strategy to create miniature rockets that basically work, or plane fashions that basically fly. Youngsters often need to explore this as part of their curiosity in science in school.

Mannequin constructing together as a household creates a bond and gives an effective way to spend high quality time. In case you are not into model constructing on the subject of creating automobiles, trucks, or airplanes, you would possibly want to try something a little less directed like building with plastic blocks.

Though not the traditional form of mannequin building, this stuff do provide a specific amount of building capability that is fun and not time consuming. These are additionally nice methods to get younger youngsters concerned within the sport of mannequin building.

All in all, model constructing has been often called a man sport per say, however more and more girls are getting concerned with it. After all it can be very satisfying to construct something from scratch and name it your own, one thing nobody else in the world has one of the same even when it comes from a mannequin constructing kit.

Everyone puts their own special contact on their tasks and normally find yourself altering the design in one type or one other due to concepts that may spring up throughout construction. This is simply another reason model building is so well-liked, because no matter what challenge you tackle, you realize it will likely be a one-of-a-type creation.

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History of Locksmith services

Locksmiths are people who will assemble and designs locks and their respective keys. They are licensed to make access, repair and install keys and locks. By getting educated in the respective trade school that offers certificates in this trade, enables any locksmith to get licence. The history of locksmith from the ancient times and the way how it gained more significance in today’s security industry are explained in brief:

Lock and keys had its existence before the birth of the Christ as they are mentioned frequently in the Old Testament and in mythology. Ancient Egyptian culture has an interesting history of locksmith. The first lock and key which were made of wood involves lot of pains taking accuracy to make it to use. Therefore first locksmiths were really artisans who had great skills in performing the tasks with their hands and a patient demeanor.  The oldest example of a mechanically lock was found in the palace of Khorasabad in Niveveh which also popularly known as an Egyptian door lock.

During the medieval times blacksmith made locks, keys, battle items and other things from iron. As there was more demand for lock and keys in the medieval period there arise the need for an expert who made nothing but keys and locks. By the end of Middle Ages the blacksmith took the lead in producing these items. The locksmith sets about designing locks so that the cost and strength of locks linked to the value of what they are protecting.

In the 14th century an association of locksmith were created and one has to create and submit a working lock and key to the guild. So everyone to become a master locksmith some beautiful lock and keys came into the market without any technological or security advances. By 17th and 18th century lock smith business had gained more popular in Europe and the American colonies which results in more elaborate key and lock systems that provided more security which includes the first dead bolt locking system and the first combination locks.

During Second World War locksmith focus primarily on the war and they had become the most priceless commodity. As the cities and towns are advancing with latest technologies, by the 19th and 20th centuries the demand for keys and locks grew faster and the locksmith were able to open their own shops. It leads to more and more inventions in locking system which had been still used today in order to meet the security requirements in the society. Today they sell, maintain and repair locks and also create copies of locks, replace lost keys and open locks when needed by applying their skills in metal work, woodwork, mechanics and electronics.

The present locksmiths are also proving their expertise in providing various security systems apart from locksmith services which may includes inter-com, home safes, and gates windows and secure door with latest reader like finger print readers. This had made the locksmith an important part of security as security and safety are the essential parts of our life as we are living in a more violent and insecure world.

The author is an SEO copy writer and internet marketing specialist. To know more about locksmith services  Locksmith in Toronto and Toronto locksmith



Avionics Jobs May Be The Most Clever Job Selection In Aviation

Now you might be quite possibly looking at heading down a journey in the avionics jobs field? Well, I can inform you immediately that a profession in avionics can be an exceptionally sensible option for several reasons, which I will certainly cover in a second.

But to begin with I need you to take into account this:

Increasing unemployment. Worldwide forclosure crisis. Banking failures. Higher taxes.

Four crises in the global economy and while I write this article not one of these issues appears to get any better at any time soon.

Now I really don’t want to seem too negative here but I would like to be practical. Job opportunities are difficult enough to come by today, and by the looks of things, it is really only going to get even worse. It is going to be important for folks who are hunting for job opportunities and/or a profession to locate employment which is not only in demand, but will in addition pay well, have excellent benefits and have job staying power.

After all, what good is it to bust your tail getting a good job merely to have that job disappear completely in a year, or perhaps even sooner than that?

Exactly Why A Profession Within The Avionics Jobs Field Is A Really Great Move

Firstly, what exactly is Avionics? Just for the sake of not becoming too complex, a simple definition would be:

‘Avionics, a term derived by combining aviation and electronics, describes all of the electronic navigational, communications, and flight management aids with which airplanes are equipped today.’

An individual inside the Avionics field is accountable with regard to everything electronic inside an aircraft. Some associated disciplines in the avionics jobs market would be:

Avionics (or Aviation) Technician: They are responsible for examining and checking aircraft computer as well as electronic programs and also the maintenance of these systems.

Aerospace Engineer: They will test aircraft components as it is geared to flight. They will manage navigational programs, research of those and correlated systems and work extensively on commercial airplane research.

Electrical Engineer: They analyze and produce motors, propulsion and like power systems.

Certification and pay in this field begin where an beginner Avionics Technician will typically begin earning roughly $ 18 an hour and may raise their pay (with experience in the work field) up to $ 30 an hour.

Avionics engineers may make up to $ 100,000 a year for top technicians in their field.

Academic requirements start at 3-4 years for a technican, and a 4-year bachelor’s degree (and quite often a Masters degree) for an engineer.

Yet another quite important facet within the Avionics Jobs market is job safety measures. Obviously, there are layoffs in aviation, and many of us read about them on a regular basis. On the other hand, the aviation business is a very fluid one with rehires occurring basically constantly.

Add in the fact that the avionics and airline business is one that has to always function even in difficult times, even if that requires that the government must step in to provide financial aid to keep it going.

One more vital factor to consider aviation jobs is the military aspect. Aviation is actually one of the most important facets in the armed forces and they have to have a enormous fleet of airplanes that must be serviced to the uppermost of standards. The military employs new aviation employees constantly.

Are you considering a job in the Avionics Jobs field? Check out our resources at and understand a lot more
about aviation related jobs and learning.

Water Jet Cutter


In the 1950s, forestry engineer Norman Franz experimented with an early form of water jet cutter to cut lumber. However, the technology did not advance notably until the 1970s when Mohamed Hashish created a technique to add abrasives to the water jet cutter. Today the water jet is unparalleled in many aspects of cutting and has changed the way many products are manufactured. Many types of water jets exist today, including plain water jets, abrasive water jets, percussive water jets, cavitation jets and hybrid jets.


The cutter is commonly connected to a high-pressure water pump where the water is then ejected from the nozzle, cutting through the material by spraying it with the jet of high-speed water. Additives in the form of suspended grit or other abrasives, such as garnet and aluminum oxide, can assist in this process.


An important benefit of the water jet cutter is the ability to cut material without interfering with the material’s inherent structure as there is no “heat-affected zone” or HAZ. Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.

Water jet cutters are also capable of producing rather intricate cuts in material. The kerf, or width, of the cut can be changed by changing parts in the nozzle, as well as the type and size of abrasive. Typical abrasive cuts are made with a kerf in the range of 0.04″ to 0.05″ (1.016 to 1.27 mm), but can be as narrow as 0.02″ (0.508 mm). Non-abrasive cuts are normally 0.007″ to 0.013″ (0.178 to 0.33 mm), but can be as small as 0.003″ (0.076 mm), which is approximately the size of a human hair. These small cutters can make very small detail possible in a wide range of applications.

Water jet is considered a “green” technology. Water jets produce no hazardous waste, reducing waste disposal costs. They can cut off large pieces of reusable scrap material that might have been lost using traditional cutting methods. Parts can be closely nested to maximize material use, and the water jet saves material by creating very little kerf. Water jets use very little water (a half gallon to approximately one gallon per minute depending on cutting head orifice size), and the water that is used can be recycled using a closed-looped system. Waste water usually is clean enough to filter and dispose of down a drain. The garnet abrasive is a non-toxic natural substance that can be recycled for repeated use. Garnet usually can be disposed of in a landfill. Water jets also eliminate airborne dust particles, smoke, fumes, and contaminates from cutting materials such as asbestos and fiberglass. This greatly improves the work environment and reduces problems arising from operator exposure.


A water jet cutter creating a specialist tool

Because the nature of the cutting stream can be easily modified the water jet can be used in nearly every industry; there are many different materials that the water jet can cut. Some of them have unique characteristics that require special attention when cutting. Each material cut will have some unique characteristics that have to be taken into account.

Materials commonly cut with a water jet include rubber, foam, plastics, composites, stone, tile, metals, food, paper and much more. Materials that cannot be cut with a water jet are tempered glass, diamonds and certain ceramics.

Water jet cuts are not typically limited by the thickness of the material, and are capable of cutting materials over eighteen inches (45 cm) thick. The penetrating power of these tools has led to the exploration of their use as anti-tank weapons but, due to their short range and the advent of composite armour, research was discontinued.


Commercial water jet cutting systems are available from manufacturers all over the world, in a range of sizes, and with water pumps capable of a range of pressures. Typical water jet cutting machines have a working envelope as small as a few square feet, or up to hundreds of square feet. Ultra-high pressure water pumps are available from as low as 40,000 psi (276 MPa) up to 90,000 psi (621 MPa).


There are six main process characteristics to water jet cutting:

Uses a high velocity stream of abrasive particles suspended in a stream of Ultra High Pressure Water (30,000 – 90,000 psi) which is produced by a water jet intensifier pump.

Is used for machining a large array of materials, including heat-sensitive, delicate or very hard materials.

Produces no heat damage to workpiece surface or edges.

Nozzles are typically made of sintered boride.

Produces a taper of less than 1 degree on most cuts, which can be reduced or eliminated entirely by slowing down the cut process.

Distance of nozzle from workpiece affects the size of the kerf and the removal rate of material. Typical distance is .125″.

Temperature is not as much of a factor.

Edge quality

Edge quality for water jet cut parts is defined with the numbers 1 through 5. Lower numbers indicate rougher edge finish; higher numbers are smoother. For thin materials, the difference in cutting speed for Quality 1 could be as much as 3 times faster than the speed for Quality 5. For thicker materials, Quality 1 could be 6 times faster than Quality 5. For example, 4 thick Aluminum Q5 would be 0.72 ipm (18 mm/min) and Q1 would be 4.2 ipm (107 mm/min), 5.8 times faster.

Multi-axis cutting

Main article: Multiaxis machining

A 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Head

A 5-Axis Waterjet Part

With recent advances in control and motion technology, 5-axis water jet cutting (abrasive and pure) has become a reality. Where the normal axes on a water jet are named X (back/forth), Y(left/right) and Z (up/down), a 5-axis system will typically add an A axis (angle from perpendicular) and C axes (rotation around the Z-axis). Depending on the cutting head, the maximum cutting angle for the A axis can be anywhere from 55, 60, or in some cases even 90 degrees from vertical. As such, 5-axis cutting opens up a wide range of applications that can be machined on a water jet cutting machine.

A 5-axis cutting head can be used to cut 4-axis parts, where the bottom surface geometries are shifted a certain amount to produce the appropriate angle and the Z-axis remains at one height. This can be useful for applications like weld preparation where a bevel angle needs to be cut on all sides of a part that will later be welded, or for taper compensation purposes where the kerf angle is transferred to the waste material – thus eliminating the taper commonly found on water jet-cut parts. A 5-axis head can cut parts where the Z-axis is also moving along with all the other axis. This full 5-axis cutting could be used for cutting contours on various surfaces of formed parts.

Because of the angles that can be cut, part programs may need to have additional cuts to free the part from the sheet. Attempting to slide a complex part at a severe angle from a plate can be difficult without appropriate relief cuts.


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How Water Jets Work, video

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Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China LTD “CACC” is Producing an Airliner – The C919

 Perhaps, this is why Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, and yes, even US Billionaires went there and set up factories. And without getting into the history of these statements, I’d like to point to the recent announcement of an in country built airliner.

Yes, I speak of the CACC – China’s Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China LTD’s C919. Even the name is suspect. You see, Boeing is just about out of 7-series aircraft; 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787 and then the 797 is next, and then it has to move into the 8-series. Of course, China is already starting with the 9-series, which is perfectly okay, except is kind of smacks in the face of reality. One might assume that the 9-series is better than the 7 or 8 series, but China’s C919 is old technology, with new components.

It looks more like a 727, DC-9 crossbreed, nothing spectacular, actually it is underwhelming in every regard, and personally, I’d be afraid to fly on one, even though the carriers who buy it will find the aircraft much cheaper to purchase and with the lower cost structure a passenger might save quite a bit on the ticket price. Would I fly on such an aircraft?

Well, typically I don’t want to fly on the first 200 of anything built, a lesson my dad warned me of in his aviation days, it is an old test pilot’s joke, but indeed there is another fighter pilot joke he used to tell me; “I cannot believe I am flying this aircraft into a battle, where they are firing real bullets, which was built by the lowest bidder!”

Now then, when you ask me if I’d fly on a new Chinese built C919, the answer is “NO” not until they develop a strong track record. For now I’ll stick to Boeing Aircraft, because I trust the Boeing Company, and they’ve never let me down yet, and when it is time to land, it’s always safe and soft, just the way airline passengers like it.

What I am trying to say here is that the Chinese built C919 by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China LTD has to prove itself first, and that could be a long way off, even if they start mass producing them. So, please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is the Founder of the Online Think Tank, a diverse group of achievers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, futurists, academics, dreamers, leaders, and general all around brilliant minds. Lance Winslow hopes you’ve enjoyed today’s discussion and topic. Have an important subject to discuss, contact Lance Winslow.

Collecting Military Badges

In today’s market place, you can easily find many different types of military badges with varying value and significance attached to them. Many people have turned collecting and admiring these badges into a hobby. Others have gone the more serious route of using them as a form of investment. There are many auctioneers and traders out there who want to do legitimate business with fellow enthusiasts. But of course you will get the unscrupulous characters out to fleece you and make a quick buck off of you. It is thus important that when dealing with traders or auctioneers trading in militaria and memorabilia that you know who you are dealing with, and that they are legitimate dealers. This is even more so important if you yourself are a novice in this area yourself.


One company committed to provide a safe and transparent place for traders, investors, enthusiasts and auctioneers to meet in a virtual marketplace to conduct business safely and confidently is the African Military Connection. With a large selection of medals, military badges , books and uniforms and many other military collectables on offer, you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for. You will also get the chance to connect with other collectors, traders and enthusiasts in a trusted and secure international marketplace, and know you are dealing with people who share your passion for anything African Military.

The African Military Connection is managed by the Kaplan family with more than half a century of proven expertise and integrity in the market. You are thus assured of only the finest and highest quality of products when you visit their online store. Some of the items you will find in their store include African weapons and post World War 1 & 2 medals.

Many more exciting finds and discoveries await you when you visit the African Military Connection for military badges, collectables and artefacts.






Jayme Wium is an online marketer for The AMC


military badges

Spice Jet is the Airline That Anyone Would Love to Board

With so many airline low cost airlines coming up in the aviation industry, the competition is getting tougher all the time. Perpetrating in an aircraft has turned out to be a part of daily walk of life. It is because of this that amount of frequent flyers are growing day by day. Among numerous low cost airways are spice jet airlines that are committed in giving finest class facilities within your travel financial plan. After all, the staff considers the interest of their customers first and their profits are secondary to that. It is this gesture that has made spice jet famous within a short length of time, after they came into the market.

This airline commenced operations in the field of aviation in May 2005 and has won wide approbation. By the year 2008, it had become India’s second major affordable cost airways. The spice jet airfares are decided with the consideration that every solitary individual can have enough money to travel in an aircraft. Apart from this, the group keeps on introducing schemes and offers for discounts over their present airfares. Spice jet has always taken the comfort and security level into their special consideration. It is because of this that they develop excellent security systems for their passengers, inside the aircraft and at airport lounges.

When the tickets of an airline becomes available through various means; then, it seems easier to book one for yourself or your family. Moreover, in this fast world, everybody wants to get the tasks done at a rapid speed. Spice jet air tickets are available on their website, with numerous travel agents and on their counters at the airport also. So, you have the emancipation to book tickets at your favored time and within your easy access. In fact, you will also save time in looking around for the counters to book tickets. Among all these options, booking cheap spice jet tickets through the website or any online travel agency is considered to be the straightforward one.

All you have to do is select you destination, travel dates, class to travel and make payment with your debit or credit card. With a variety of customary flights to several destinations, Spice jet has become one of the most required kinds of airlines. Anyone, who is commuting from this airline, can buy the flight tickets as per his selected timings for travel. After all, this is the greatest thing one could anticipate from an airline that it facilitates the passenger to travel at his willingness. Along with this, Spice jet also provides warm generosity to its passengers for making their flight comfortable. They also offer outstanding quality food to their passengers and other high-tech facilities. If you are planning a trip to any place of your choice or some destination on Spice jet, you will certainly have an excellent and safe flight.

Larry Mathew is freelance air travel guide and is writing reviews articles on Indian Spice jet airlines, airline flights, India travel guide and information on India Cheap Flights.

Olympic Bar Maintenance

Lets face it whether you spent $ 150 or $ 1500 on your Olympic bar it probably represents a significant investment on your part. If you are running a gym, especially a CrossFit or Strength and Conditioning gym, bars are definitely one of the most used and abused pieces of equipment you have. Often though nobody takes the time to properly maintain the bars. Let’s face it, the bar gets used and forgotten about, not to mention that often there are a variety of bar brands that are being used and typically the manufacturers do not send out information regarding the care of the bar. In fact I emailed all of our bar vendors asking them for information on how to maintain and care for their bars and one actually emailed me and said, “Here is our warranty information. Don’t overload the bar, don’t drop the bar.” That was it! Nothing else. I have to tell you I was floored. So, the question remains, “How do we maintain and care for our Olympic bars?”


One thing that should be obvious about bars is that they are steel. Steel rusts when it gets wet. People sweat. Sweat=Wet=Bar Rust. Bar manufacturers try to combat this by putting a coating on the bars. The most common coatings (from least expensive to most expensive) are black oxide, chrome, zinc, and making bars from stainless steel. Even with these coatings you still need to maintain the bar so hear are a few tips on what you can do.

Clean the chalk out of the knurling. If you use chalk and you are the only one using the chalk then please clean the chalk off the bar. If you provide chalk at your gym then you need to clean the chalk off regularly (probably daily). Use a small stiff nylon bristle brush to go over the knurling. Remember that chalk dries sweaty palms. How does it do this? By absorbing moisture. Guess what it does while sitting on the bar. Absorbs moisture! Any humidity in the air any moisture at all and the chalk will absorb and hold it on the steel. So if you want your bars to not rust please clean off the chalk.

Wipe your bars down regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or 3 in 1 oil. Regularly depends on how often the bar is used. If this is in your house then twice a month should be sufficient. If you are in a commercial setting then once a week would be better. If your using them a lot and in a high humidity area then you might need to do it more frequently. WD-40 works well because it is a water displacer and it dries quickly. Spray it on a rag and wipe it down giving a good even coat across the whole bar. If you use 3 in 1 oil again place it on the rag and give a nice thin coating across the entire bar. Let it sit overnight and then wipe it down again. 3 in 1 will work awesome but it will leave your bars feeling a bit more greasy then WD-40.

Most bars today have been made to be fairly maintenance free. You typically do not have to oil the sleeves. Most of the sleeves have oil impregnated bearings or bushings. Some of the higher end bars do have small oil holes in the sleeves. For these bars you would drop in some 3 in 1 oil (DO NOT use WD-40 here) and let it work into the sleeve. Again do this after use and check it before using it again for any excess that may have leaked out to wipe it up.


Bars should not be stored with weight on them. PERIOD. If you leave weight on your bar, especially if it is racked, you are just begging for a bent bar. The are designed to withstand the weight not designed to permanently hold the weight. Strip you bars. I know you are tired after a hard workout but please catch your breath and put the plates away. Not only will this protect your bar, but if you are in a gym it will make the next person who uses the bar much happier if they don’t have to strip it for you.

The bars can be stored on the rack unloaded or in a bar stand. If you can store them horizontally it is better the vertically. We highly recommend that you do not store needle bearing bars in a horizontal bar holder. Dropping the bar into the holder can cause damage to the needle bearings. Most gyms that teach the Olympic lifts (that would use a needle bearing bar) do not care about mirrors so it is very easy to make a wall rack that you can store the bars on. Potomac CrossFit did a great job with theirs. Take a look at the photo.

All in all its pretty simple to maintain an Olympic bar. A couple of minutes and you can protect your investment so that it lasts for years and years. If you have any other suggestions on maintaining your Olympic bar we would love to hear them. Leave us a comment.

Noah Alkinburgh is a father of 4, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and IT manager at Christian’s Fitness Factory – The Ultimate Fitness Equipment Supplier ( Christian’s Fitness Factory is your complete source for Commercial & Residential Fitness Equipment at affordable prices. Please visit for our complete line of Olympic Bars.

Military Reservists and Employment

Service in the U.S. Armed Forces is considered to be an honorable duty that often requires ordinary citizens to volunteer to support their country in a time of need. People from civilian professions often sign up for the military reserves, knowing that they may be required to leave their positions of employment to serve their nation in a time of war. Fortunately, the law protects a reservist position at work if they are called into active duty.

In times of peace, many military reservists may not be called into active duty, and may only be required to commit to occasional weekend service for training and other military duties. In times of war, however, reservists may receive orders from the government requiring them to report for active duty and service. In recent years, U.S involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has required the activation of more than 10,000 civilians serving in the reserves.

If a person is called into active duty, he or she is required to report to the specified base for service. This commitment cannot be denied, and there are serious legal consequences for failure to report. Fortunately, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA) of 1994 was established to protect a person’s employment position and status while he or she is away on military duty.

The law states that employers must allow person’s with written military orders to leave their positions for any length of time required by the government without question. The employee’s sick time and vacation time is protected as well, meaning the business cannot legally “dock” earned vacation time for the absence from work.

The employer is allowed to fill the absent worker’s position with contract labor or a temporary employee, but must be prepared to give the job back to the reservist upon return from duty. The military reservist must be re-hired at the same level or position that he or she was at before being called into action. Employers are also not allowed to discriminate against persons who are committed to the military reserves, despite the fact that they may be forced to replace the person for a temporary period during times of war.

If you have faced employment discrimination because of your position in the military reserves, or if your employer has failed to meet the requirements outlined by the USERRA act, you may be able to take legal action. If you would like to know more about the military reserves and employment law, visit the website of the San Antonio employment lawyers of Melton & Kumler, LLP.

Joseph Devine

Dependants and Military Brats

Servicemembers aren’t the only ones who create friendships and then have to move on due to a transfer or release from service. Families can also build these close relationships and have to move on to new situations.

Social Networking provides not only a method to stay in touch, but also a method to conduct a search for people who might have been at a post at the same time they were present.

Some of these relationships can last for a lifetime, if they can be kept alive. Merely keeping in touch can keep contacts going and allow relationships to be rekindled when opportunity provides a chance to be together again.

Especially for teenagers, moving away from close friends can be traumatic. Social networking sites allow these teenagers to stay in close enough contact to justify keeping a friendship going. While a loss of contact can be permanent, if contact is retained, it is very possible to arrange for meetings in the future, perhaps even arranging to move to the same region at some point.

Of course, the same reasons that servicemembers might want to find other soldiers who share similar interests apply to dependants and military brats. Finding someone who shares your experiences, being at the same post at the same time is potentially interesting, but it can be even more rewarding if you find someone who has the same interests and has shared experiences.

This can also allow finding people who share some interests even before you reach your new home. Just as much as for soldiers, spouses and children also like to reduce the uncertainty of a new move, and having someone you know on the other end telling you what to expect can make life much simpler. Even when the news isn’t what you want to hear, knowing will allow planning and a response, while ignorance just allows panic.

For those so inclined, even separated by half a continent, these social networking systems can allow shared experiences such as friends taking the opportunity to see a movie on the same night even across the country, or a virtual visit. With a webcam and speaker, it is possible to hold a group chat with friends from all over and have almost as much fun as you can manage in person. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination, and whatever is currently popular.

Parents will be relatively happy since most of the bad things that can happen in teenage relationships are much harder to arrange over a modem. Teenagers will like having relationships that they can keep to themselves, as something uniquely theirs.

On the other hand, parents can talk to each other with other parents who have children and who are facing similar situations. They might even be able to identify the parents of the dreamboat their daughter is talking with online so they can all figure out what little can be done about it.

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