Locksmiths – For Your Security

Locksmithing is a chronological procedure of disengaging robust locks. Its story is beyond our contact and awareness. The first lock made by any human civilization was discovered in the land of Egypt and archeologists suggest it to be 4000 years old. The process has two units; one is a lock and other the key. A lock can be classified as the logic used in the shielding of any precious possessions such as a crypts, cupboard, quarters and buildings too. On the other hand, key is the same or a different logic from which a lock is made that is used to unbolt a lock. Each lock has a lone definite key. This primeval process is still engaged as a security tool in all fields and even the sci-fi 21st century cannot overlook this ancient methodology.

Actually the term “locksmiths” is derived from the word smiths that denotes cutting and shaping of metals and lock which denotes security constraints. This has been one of the primitive methodology of security and is employed everywhere. But things have changed with time as machines have taken the job of making locks and you’ll find a diminished number in the locksmith populace. Companies which manufacture the locks share complete monopoly as a few number of renowned brands dominates the industry and in recent no new brand has touched the same echelon. Expert locksmiths are employed which designs the whole lock system and then it produced in huge numbers and sold throughout the terrain.

Basically this methodology is utilized in every terrain. Every field, be it commercial or criminal justice or automobile or scientific or information technology etc. are utilizing the concept. For an instance you have the example of your own home security system, you have your safe which is another kind of lock and you have your computer or mobile. Mobile gives a hi-tech example of this concept as every mobile irrespective of its brand employs security as a main feature. And security lock acts as a protagonist. Mobile itself is cellular version of the computer and now days everyone keeps some confidential data in it.

So, with this evolution the companies implemented the same old technology and gave security locks as a chief feature to the customers. Information technology is another sector which is totally dependent on security. It offers maximum openings in this field. Illegal hacking has become a big threat to IT. And if proper security is not possible then phenomenon such as networking and ecommerce won’t be possible and the whole IT industry will become another failure. So, engineers with competent knowledge are required everyday as the whole IT industry is thriving on such individuals. Information technology gives the basic example of the old lock and key concept as it implements passwords in every corner.

The methodology has not change but its applications have flourished over the years. It is one of the basics of security and defense which cannot be ignored. All of us can see many examples of these locksmiths concept in our household. Due to such invention we are able to build such huge phenomenon and can look ahead to establish new ones on the same platform.

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CCTV Maintenance

CCTV Maintenance, Camera Systems Need Maintenance Too

Everyone has had something break and has had to repair it. In many cases the repair of the machine can nearly exceed the cost of a new one. The repair or replacement of the part that failed causes downtime increases costs and provides frustration to the owner. CCTV systems are no different. CCTV maintenance reduces costs and eliminates both downtime and frustration.

Your car requires periodic preventative maintenance; you change the oil and filters. You follow the service recommendations in the owners’ manual. This is periodic maintenance. The CCTV system needs periodic CCTV maintenance also. The mounts that the cameras and monitors are hung from need to be inspected to insure bolts are tight and the mount is safe. The camera housing needs to be inspected to insure that it is watertight. The fan for cooling the inside of the housing and the heater to heat the housing must be checked to make sure that they are working properly. A camera that becomes too hot or too cold will have a shorter lifespan than one that is kept in proper operating temperatures.

The video signal from cameras can be compromised if the cables that are exposed to the environment are not inspected periodically. The insulation on the cables can become cracked and broken allowing rain or moisture to enter the cable and change the characteristics of the cable. The head end equipment must be cleaned and the heads on the video tape recorders cleaned. Should the heads on the recorder become clogged there will be no video signal transferred to the tape and consequently the tape will be blank. Dust and dirt can cause vent holes to be clogged and cooling fans to overheat. This also leads to a shorter service life of the equipment.

Most providers of CCTV systems will offer their client a CCTV maintenance contract. This maintenance contract will include periodic inspections of the equipment and a thorough cleaning of the equipment. Just as a car requires periodic preventative maintenance so does the CCTV system. The CCTV maintenance contract will also provide for no/low cost replacement of any component in the system that fails.

Choosing a CCTV maintenance contract is a valuable asset for the owner of the CCTV system. The cost of the maintenance contract is often far less than the cost of the replacement of the component that failed. With a CCTV maintenance contract in place the owner of the CCTV system can be certain that not only is his equipment being maintained but that the cost of replacement of a failed component is minimal.

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Battery Maintenance

Cranking an engine with a hand crank to get it started went by the wayside when starters and lead acid batteries came into being. We use lead acid batteries in our cars, boats, lawn mowers, snow mobiles, and numerous other vehicles. Unfortunately we give little thought to battery maintenance. We just change the battery when it no longer works. We can prolong the life of batteries for as much as five years if we just take the time to do a little battery maintenance. I have a boat and lawn mower with batteries that are ten years old and still works fine. Performing battery maintenance will save you money and will contribute to protecting our environment from excessive hazardous waste.

A lead acid battery contains two essential ingredients to generate electricity; a sulfuric acid solution and lead plates. The lead acid battery is an electrical storage device that uses a reversible chemical reaction to store energy.

The lead plates and the electrolyte solution consisting of diluted sulphuric acid, converts electrical energy into potential chemical energy and back again. The electrolyte of lead acid batteries is hazardous to your health and may produce burns and other permanent damage if it comes in contact with your skin or eyes. In addition, most battery casing are made of plastic.

Batteries such as Compaq Presario R3000 battery, Hp Pavilion DV1000 battery and Hp CGR-B1870AE battery should be removed from vehicles during periods of inactivity and stored in a dry place that are above freezing. Never set a battery on a concrete floor for storage. Place it on a wood board or shelf. When disconnecting a battery, even a supposedly dead battery, observe the following safety tips.

1. Use safety goggles.

2. Wear long sleeves, and rubber gloves when refilling battery liquid.

3. Prevent electrical sparks by keeping tools away from the positive (+) terminal. The batterycable leading to the starter is usually the positive terminal

4. Clean deposits from the battery post and wiring.

5. Neutralize spilled electrolyte with a solution of baking soda.

To prevent sparks and a possible explosion, always disconnect the negative terminal first followed by the positive terminal. Lead acid batteries vent hydrogen gas which is very explosive. Any small spark will ignite the hydrogen gas.

Check the electrolyte in your battery by removing the cell caps and checking that the liquid is above the plates. Battery strength will be reduced if the liquid level drops below the plates and induce cell shorting ruining the battery. Always use distilled water in your battery if it’s available. Tap water contains minerals that will decrease your battery life. Most car batteries are sealed batteries that do not permit adding water. If you have a choice when purchasing a battery, do not purchase a sealed battery.

Servicing Battery

Prior to installing your battery ensures that it is fully charged. Simply checking the voltage will not necessarily indicate that the battery is fully charged. Measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte with a hydrometer is the only accurate way to determine if a battery is fully charged. If you do not have a hydrometer or a battery charger take the battery to a service center for recharging. It takes approximately 24 hours to fully charge a car or boat lead acid battery.

If you live in a desert region or dry climate check your battery water level periodically. Remove any corrosion from the battery terminals with water. If there is electrolyte spillage around the battery container remove the battery and clean it with a baking soda solution to neutralize the acid.

Performing routine battery maintenance will save you money and reduce the high consumption of batteries that require recycling.

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HP LaserJet 4300 – The Perfect Printer For Big Jobs

The HP LaserJet 4300 is without rival in terms of its comprehensive dynamic uses and workability. For the modern small business, the machine’s potency comes through on all facets to meet any requirements. An incredible multi-function small business expert, the HP LaserJet 4300 provides picturesque prints each and every time and accurately, no matter the job.

When you think of big printing needs, you should think of the HP LaserJet 4300. The is machine is capable of producing 18000 prints from one Laserjet 4300 toner cartridge.

Image is important to every business. Prints sent to clients or potential customers that are grainy, smudged or have ink or toner spots can ruin your image quickly. The professionalism that you work hard to gain can be gone in minutes.

If you are looking for one machine that is to be shared by more than one user, look no farther than the LaserJet 44300. This printer can spit out 45 prints of very high quality.

When you desire high quality prints quickly the LaserJet 4300 can product 45 prints per minute at 1200 dpi. No need to worry about that image any more. It is going to be protected with every document that is sent from your office.

When speaking of large volumes, this printer will hold a full ream of paper in its paper tray. There are many accessories available to help with your paper handling needs. This is the printer for your office, large or small.

Since this is a monochrome printer, only one Laserjet 4300 toner cartridge is required. No having to order a magenta cartridge and waiting until it gets there before you can print black text documents with the LaserJet 4300. The HP toner cartridges cost approximately 200 dollars. Reconditioned cartridges are about half that price.

HP includes a returnable postage paid mailer for most ink and toner cartridges. One is included in the packaging for these new units. Returning cartridges for remanufacturing helps to reduce landfill waste.

There are many quality HP printers available for home or office use. Inks and toners are readily available for all these machines. Be sure to keep a Laserjet 4300 toner on hand so your office will not be without the use of this great machine for even one day.

With HP LaserJet 4300 toner, crisp and sharp looking prints are all your printer will generate with phenomenal ability. An outstanding choice for any small business, the HP LaserJet 4300 provides exact details and print speeds that are second to none and will inspire employees and owners alike.

Printing like a pro is fast and casual with the easy to use and concise HP LaserJet 4300 providing its user-friendly interface. Regardless of technical comprehension or understanding, the HP LaserJet 4300 has a minimal learning curve and can suit the needs of any user. Just as easy and effortless as the machine’s utilization is the installation and replacement of the HP LaserJet 4300 toner.

Usurping your every expectation, the HP 4300 toner is more than capable of handling the needs of any size job with the utmost proficiency. For prints that will impress and captivate, the crisp and stunning look that comes from integrating a high-quality HP toner is one that you really can’t pass up. Don’t accept inferior hardware for your small business, upgrade today and ensure that no more time is squandered with poor-quality, slow and environmentally dangerous printers.

American Military Swords Collection

Presentation swords – awards of honor and not intended for combat are the most popular collectible of all American arms. Almost of these swords are decorated with gold and silver with elaborately etched blades. In many cases, cherished are swords that officers had custom made for themselves with beautifully crafted of costly materials. Some collectors specialize in swords made by a particular sword maker, such as Nathan P. Ames of Springfield, MA. Ames made swords in the late 1800s. Other collectors concentrate on weapons of one period, especialy The Civil War.


Collectors of American Military Swords generally group swords according to the wars in which they might have been used, the Revolution, the war of 1812, the Mexican War of 1846-1848 and the Civil War. Swords of the Revolutionary period can be the most valuable.


Very few American swords made prior to the Revolution were made in America. Most swords were imported from Europe or just the blades were imported, then finished here. American made swords usually had a grip of cherry or maple wood wrapped in wire. A few of these sword makers signed their work, among them silversmiths John Bailey and Ephraim Brasher of New York City. In 1798, Nathan Starr of Middletown, Connecticut was making cavalry sabers for enlisted men. He produced 2,000 swords marking them with “N Starr & Co.” on one side of the blade and “US – 1799″ on the other.


A number of other companies also manufactured swords for the United States Army in the post Revolutionary years and leading up to the War of 1812. These swords were called “contract” swords and are not that hard to find. The eagle, adopted as a national symbol in 1782, was a favorite choice of officers as an emblem on their swords. By the time of the Mexican War, many contract swords were made. The best known of these swords is the desirable model 1832. Many swords from the early 1800s saw service again in the Civil War, and examples of swords used in this conflict are also not hard to find. Any sword made for the Confederacy are prized more than those of the Union because far fewer were made. Confederate swords usually include the initials “CS” for Confederate States or “CSA” for Confederate States of America engraved on the blade. Discovering the history of a sword is one of the most interesting aspects of collecting. Many old American swords were engraved with the owners names. Their official military records can tell some fascinating stories and are available to the public.


Glyn Farber has published a catalog of all known Hickey Brother Cigar Store Tokens and co-authored a book about Louisiana Trade Tokens. In addition he wrote several articles for The Token and Medal Society (TAMS) and The National Token Collectors Association (NTCA). Glyn has been a devoted collector of Louisiana Trade Tokens, Louisiana collectibles and Lake Charles, LA postcards for almost 40 years.

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What Are Military Payday Loans?

Just like any other payday loans, military payday loans are given for a short period of time usually till the arrival of the next paycheck. These loans are usually of small amounts ranging from $ 500 to $ 1000 and are to be repaid within 15 to 25 days. These loans are provided only to the army personnel and they have fewer restrictions and penalties associated with them. However, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind before taking such loans. There are a set of military financial rules which army personnel need to follow while applying for cash advance. As per the Military Code, the soldiers that cannot repay their loans on time may be sentenced to court marshal, transfer or military discharge. Hence military loans should be taken very seriously. You should only take them if you are confident of paying them back on time.

When Can I Receive The Money?

There are many reasons that you may need to apply for military payday loans. You may be serving in another country and your family might need some urgent cash, or there might be some medical emergency. Payday loans usually attract higher interest rates and hence you need to make sure that it is affordable to you. Once you apply for the loan, the money would be electronically transferred to your bank account within the next 24 hours. As a serving officer, there are no credit checks done on your credit history. Hence the procedure is quite quick and hassle free.

Military loans can be used for any purpose. Usually these loans are to be paid back once your paycheck arrives. If you inform the company beforehand, they can extend the repayment date with applicable penalties. However, the penalties are quite high and if you fail to pay them. So do make sure you pay back military payday loans on time.

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Negotiate In Luxury On Private Jet Charter

Thinking about business there are many ways to get your company off the ground, but one way that is guaranteed to impress your clients and make them feel just like they’re dealing with a highly flourishing and lucrative company is by utilizing a private jet charter to transport your workers and theirs to and from the essential business meetings and such that it takes to get a collaborative effort off the ground. With a private jet charter you can deliver them a lovely meal, a bottle of champagne, as well as plenty of little extras that will make them take notice.

A private jet is far more than just an experience, it’s something which says that your business is here to stay and makes it possible for the company you are dealing with to see that you’re a first class company that is looking to sweep them off their feet. There is no better way to travel and when business associates arrive for a meeting they will be well rested from their flight and will be extremely appreciative of the extra trouble that you went through to make certain that their air travel was more enjoyable.

Reserving a private charter is an easy process and does not call for much advance notice at all, although if you do have several particular requests then it is best to try and give 24 hours notice. Everything will be set out according to your requirements and no matter what the request it’s going to be taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

Private jets are a wonderful way to travel regardless of what the reason, however when it comes to traveling to and from company meetings it’s really the only way to have a productive and tranquil flight. Most travelers look forward to their air travel when they are going to be flying on a luxury jet without the hassles of bustling over booked airports and long check in lines.

If you are operating a business and you’re looking to do business with an international company, consider the idea of wowing them by supplying them their own private flight. Offering them this kind of convenience and first class flight experience could be exactly what you need to make a substantial impression on an overseas company. And if you’re really trying to make an impression then go out and meet them as they get off the plane, this will certainly help you to solidify that deal, if the flight hasn’t already.

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Military Order of the Collar

The gala uniform of a Knight of Justice and Devotion consists of a mess jacket of white gabardine; trousers of black cloth with a yellow-red-yellow stripe; gold epaulettes of an approved design bearing the Cross of the Order on a red eight-pointed star; white shirt, black neck tie, black boots and white gloves. The lapels and cuffs of the mess jacket shall be faced with carmine red silk to an approved design and the cuff facings shall be edged with gold fillets.

The gala uniform of a Knight of Grace and Devotion is same except that the epaulettes are carmine red and there is no gold fillet on the sleeves.

The alternative uniform of the MOC Orden del Collar consists of a white mess jacket of an approved design, black trousers and white waistcoat and tie.

As an alternative to the uniform, a Professed Knight may wear a white robe with wide sleeves turned up at the cuffs and a shirt-type collar, fastened at the neck with a cord passing through six eyelets, and with a girdle or sash of white linen passed twice around the waist. Alternatively a plain white clerical alb may be worn. The robe carries the Cross of the Order embroidered upon the left breast.

A Professed Knight of the Militare Ordine del Collare wears under the robe in summer, knee breeches with white stockings and in winter, black trousers. Black shoes are worn in all seasons.

On occasions when it is impractical to wear the uniform, a Knight of the MOC Ordine del Collare can wear in daytime, either morning dress or a dark lounge suit at the discretion of the head of jurisdiction; in the evening, either evening dress or dinner jacket or a dark lounge suit.

There is no uniform prescribed for Dames of the Military Order of the Collar. Dames of the Order wear on all formal occasions a suitable dress preferably of black or some other dark colour with black shoes, white gloves and a black mantilla or some other head covering.

Serving members of the Hospitaller Service wear the same dress as Knights or Dames of the Military Order of the Collar. The companions or helpers of the Hospitaller Service may wear a dark lounge suit in the daytime and either a dinner jacket or a dark lounge suit in the evening.

In the case of nobility, clothes do maketh the man!

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MMA Gear – Get All You Need to Be a Fighter

Being a mixed martial arts fighter takes more than skill. You also have to have all the proper MMA gear both for training and for competition. The amount of gear you buy will depend on what gear is available at the gym and whether you want to train at all at home. Most training gyms will have all of the larger gear you need, such as the grappling dummies and heavy pads. You will have to get the smaller stuff, such as your gloves, clothing, head gear and pads. The way in which you select the gear all depends on what you need and how comfortable they feel on you.

The protective MMA gear that you will need for training and competition are gloves, groin protectors and head and mouth guards. These all are necessary for any fighter, regardless of his skill level. Most of this gear is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to selecting them. You just go with what fits and feels comfortable. The only one that is different is the gloves. You will want separate gloves for training than you have for fighting. The reason for this is because the training gloves typically are bigger in shape than the competition gloves. Having separate pairs will make for better fighting.

For training, you might want to consider using knee and elbow pads. This is optional MMA gear, but it is the best way to protect yourself from injury before you actually get into the ring. You do not want to get hurt in practice because you thought you were too good to wear protective pads. Another optional gear is handwraps. Many people wear these in place of gloves during training because they feel they are more comfortable. Also, it gives them the opportunity to actually feel their opponent, which many fighters like.

If you do not train in a gym where the larger MMA gear is provided, then you will want to look into buying some for yourself. This is the best way to enhance your skills because you can do it in your spare time without having to drive to the gym. These include heavy punching and kicking bags. These are great to put in a basement or spare room of an apartment. You also will want training pads that you can use with a partner.

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Flight News On Aircrafts,Airlines And African Round Up News In Air Transport

Air news for new aircrafts being manufacutered, airlines opening new rounds are all in the October 2010 article.

Aerial Surveillance Economy Package

The TECNA PT2000T four-seater was first flown in 2007 and is powered by two 100 shp Rot ax piston engines. Recently, the first PT2000T for a UK customer was delivered.

Last October, Airborne Technologies Gmbh and Tacna s.r.I announced the rollout of a multi-mission variant that has a maximum payload capability of 385 kg. It is claimed that this innovative solution for high-end airborne surveillance provides a new spectrum of possibilities for a much wider range of end-users than ever before.

Airborne Technologies is an Australian private limited company based at Wiener Neustadt Airport. It owns and operates a fleet of multi-mission aircraft/data processing systems for remote sensing applications and delivers fully certificated special service platforms.

Currently there is a growing global demand for surveillance but at a time when many budgets are constrained .The Tecnam MMA (Muti-mission aircraft) is offered as an effective and affordable entry into the world of airborne special entry into the world of airborne special services for government, intra-government and private organizations.

In July, the maximum take off weight (MTOW) was increased. This brings more flexibility to the aircraft operator and the sensor platform, with a flight endurance of more than five hours. In addition, the overhaul time for the multi-fuel Rotax engines was extended, from 1500 hours to 2000 hours.

Recently, a methane gas sensor was fitted for the first time on a fixed wing aircraft. Airborne Technologies completed the integration of the ALMA G2 (Airborne Laser Methane Assessment Gen 2) gas leak detection sensor into their fleet of multi-mission aircraft. The sensor, previously proven on helicopter applications, was installed and fully European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certificated on a fixed wing aircraft for providing pipeline surveillance in an efficient, economical, safe and accurate way. All detections are geo-referenced and recorded with a digital video camera.

Typically, the aircraft carries a retractable L-3 MX10 or FLIR Ultra force 350 electro-optic turret, together with HF comms, SATCOM and provision for belly mounted survey cameras.

Air Arabia Selects Thales

Arabia Arabia, based in Sharjah (UAE), has selected Thales to supply a large avionics package including flight management systems (FMS), and traffic, terrain and transponder collision avoidance system (T3CAS) for its 44 new A320 aircraft.

The new aircraft will be delivered with Release 1A, anew software version for the Topflight FMS certified on the Airbus A320 Family.

It brings new approach capabilities such as required navigation performance with authorization required capacity (RNP AR down to RNP 0.1) or GNSS landing system (GLS) along with unique functionality on the A320 and A330/340 families like FMS landing system.

Existing features like the multi-revision temporary flight plan with undo function and an enhanced intuitive display system remains unique to Thales on those aircraft families.

African Airlines News

New Destinations

Kenya Airways will open up seven new Southern African and international routes by year-end.

Luanda becomes the carrier’s 50th destination with feasibility studies being conducted on services to Nampula, Jeddah, Rome and Ouagadougou. The carrier has also added a single former KLM Boeing 737-300 narrow body and Boeing 767-300ER wide body to its fleet.

Twin Jet Lease

Wimbi Dira has released a single MD-83 from Spanish carrier Swift Air for passenger services.

Angolan “80”

ServisAir has added a former Alitalia operated MD82 to its fleet of aircrafts.

Gabon Airbus

Gabon Airlines has taken delivery of an Airbus A340-300 for its long haul international operations.

Arabia Egypt.

Air Arabia Egypt has taken delivery of the first of several Airbus A320 aircraft and started scheduled services to the Middle East, European and North Africa.

New Name

Air Nigeria is the new operating name for Virgin Nigeria. The company had rebranded itself as Nigerian Eagle for a while but did not have the rights to use this name prompting a name change.

Final Farewell

South African airways have announced that it would finally retire its remaining two Boeing 747-400s from the fleet during the course of this month. A third aircraft was also recently returned to its owners.

Fleet Renewal

SA Express is planning to renew its fleet with further details as to aircraft types and delivery dates likely to be made known early next year.

The fleet will include more 70-90 seat aircraft and will fit in with the carrier’s strategy of developing new routes including Dakar and Kigali. Meanwhile, the carrier recently added a third CRJ700 to its fleet to increase capacity.

Accelerated Delivery

In order to meet increased demand, EgyptAir has taken delivery of an Airbus A330-300 and will also take delivery of four Boeing 737-800s and two B777-300ERs by the end of the year.

The carrier is also looking at placing an order for either the Airbus A350 or Boeing 787 for delivery as from 2014.

Whisper Jets Delivered

Africa Airline Investments has taken delivery of its fifth and last BAe-1446, a series 300, from an order placed with BAE Systems earlier this year.

Start-Up Carrier

Cronos Airlines is a newly established passenger, airline based in Equatorial Guinea. The company recently replaced its leases Embraer Brasilia turboprop with a BAE146-200 leased from Africa Airline Investments.

Chad BBJ

The Chad Government has brought a pre-owned Boeing Business Jet for its Presidential VIP flight.

Zimbabwean Fokker

Air Zimbabwe is leasing a single Fokker F28-400 from South Africa’s AirQUARIUS Aviation.

Ugandan CRJ

Air Uganda has taken delivery of an additional Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet.

Tunis Air Twinjet

Tunis Air is leasing an MD-83 narrow body jet from Spanish carrier SwifAir.

IRS Fokker

IRS Airlines continues its fleet expansion with the delivery of an additional Fokker 100.

Maputo Schedules

Low cost carrier, 1time, has started scheduled services to the Mozambican Capital Maputo. With the additional route to Maputo, it will now operate 11 routes and undertake in excess of 1300 flights in a month.

Nile Air Airborne

New Egyptian start-up passenger airline, Nile Air, has finally started operations, initially flying services on behalf of Libyan Arab airlines.

CAA Fokker 50

Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation (CAA) has taken delivery of an additional Fokker 50 turboprop as part of a fleet renewal program me.

ITAB Lease

ITAB has leased a SAB 340A to bolster its airline fleet capacity.

Daily Services

Qantas is now operating daily scheduled services between Syney and Johannesburg.


Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 

This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Aircraft, Airlines & African Airlines Round Up In Air Transport. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / /www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/flight-news.html


Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 

This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Aircraft, Airlines & African Airlines Round Up In Air Transport. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / /www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/flight-news.html