Chill out with Electric RC Aircraft

The common parlance has it that where there is RC toy, there is extraordinary fun.  Admittedly, against the backdrop of sweeping high-tech ear, advanced and newfangled electric RC gadgets have hit the market making a splash and gained immense popularity all over the world. Needless to say, the craze for the vintage and superb electric RC aircraft is a case in point.  In no small measure the RC aircraft has been commensurate with the icon or king in the electronics entertainment world. And the point to note is that most publics languishing in the hustle and bustle and tired of the boring and monotonous games have jumped on the bandwagon for chilling out with the fantastic and entertaining RC aircraft. 


Here goes the sought after and gold standard RC aircrafts in the RC world.  And the following awesome electric RC aircrafts by all means come as a revelation and perk us up and I can say for certain that you will take a strong interest and fall in love with the adorable and cool electric RC aircraft blessed with fabulous and top-notch RC aircraft kits. 

The Alpha comes out of the box totally built and covered with Hangar 9 UltraCote. Everything from the power system to radio control equipment is installed. What little assembly contributing to this fabulous electric RC aircraft is left can be accomplished in minutes using the easy-to-follow manual. Once airborne, you’ll be treated to the Alpha’s gentle self-righting flight characteristics that make it easy to master the basics as well as recover from “sticky” situations.

The new Funtana S .40 3D ARF was designed only for Hangar 9 by one of Europe’s most famous 3D pilots, Sebastiano Silvestri. Silvestri is an expert in F3A, a freestyle master and a world-class Tournament of Champions competitor that has amazed audiences all over the world. He based the Funtana S on his highly successful Katana S TOC design. The result is a budget-friendly .40-size airplane with unlimited IMAC performance. The Funtana can do it all: harriers, torque rolls, blenders, rolling circles and almost anything else you can dream up!

The Silver P-51 Mustang 46 Nitro Gas RC Airplane ARF is a big, beautiful plane. With a 57.5 inch wingspan, that is almost 5 feet, this plane is truly huge. The Silver P-51 Mustang 46 Nitro Gas RC Airplane ARF comes with pre-installed retracts, trimmed and painted with fuel proof paint and decals. It also comes with a 3D transparent template to assist in Engine Installation and a hand Iron-On Covering Film. The Silver P-51 Mustang 46 Nitro Gas RC Airplane ARF is an Almost Ready to Fly plane which means it does not come with an engine or a Transmitter.



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The UFC Toronto and the Ultimate Fighter

The UFC Toronto stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. It takes place in a ring called, “the octagon.” Inside the octagon are the two competitors, or fighters, and one referee. The referee ensures the rules of the fight are not broken, and if they are, the referee may give out penalties, such as, point deductions. In non title fights, there are three 5 minute rounds. Title fights have five 5 minute rounds.

The fighters can win the match a few different ways, for example, knockouts and submissions are among the favorite finishes for most fans. Then there are wins by referee stoppage, disqualification for illegal attacks and TKO (Technical Knockout). The least favorite way to end the fight for most of the fans, would most likely be, going to the judges cards.

There are 3 judges for every fight. These judges score the fighters by aggression, ring control and fighting technique. A fighter can score a max of 10 points per round, whichever fighter has the most points at the end of the fight, is declared the winner. For fighters, it is never good to leave it in the hands of the judges, because anything can happen at that point. Many fighters have looked like they dominated the entire fight, but lost when it came down to the judges cards.

Point deductions and disqualifications can occur if a fighter performs any illegal actions during the fight. Some of these actions include, head butting, eye gouging of any kind, biting, hair pulling, groin attacks, clawing or gouging, and striking the head or spine with a downward elbow. These attacks put the fighters at risk for permanent damage, therefor may not be done.

The growing popularity of the UFC has spawned a television reality show called, The Ultimate Fighter. This show has changed formats over the past few years, but the way this competition works is, fighters from all over, come together to compete against each other for a contract to fight professionally with the UFC.

In this competition, there are 2 teams, each team has a professional UFC fighter as their coach. The competitors live together in a house for six weeks with no televisions and no telephones. Their only job, is to train, learn from their coaches, and work as hard as they can, to become the next ultimate fighter, and win the UFC contract.

During this six weeks, the fighters are matched up for two 5 minute rounds. Whichever fighter loses the fight, is eliminated from the competition and is no longer eligible for the contract. However, there have been a few cases, where a fighter has been eliminated, but then had the rare opportunity to come back and try again.

Once the elimination comes down to the final two competitors, each fighter goes home to train with their own team, then comes back to fight live in front of thousands of eager fans in the UFC Toronto main event. The winner of this final fight, receives the UFC contract, and a chance to show the whole world, what he brings to the table, in the world of mixed martial arts.

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Japan – U.S Joint Military Exercises

Japan and the United States started to launch their biggest ever joint military exercises on December 3. These exercises are being held to mark the 50th anniversary of the US-Japan alliance. The joint military exercises between Japan and the United States are held amid growing tensions on the Korean peninsula. They come 10 days after North Korea shelled a South Korean island killing four people. Over 44,000 Japanese and American service members, 40 Japanese and 20 US warships are taking part in the drill. Hundreds of military aircrafts are involved in the drill off Japan\’s southern islands as well.

The drill named “Keen Sword” will continue until December 10 on military sites in Okinawa, mainland Japan and the waters surrounding it.


In the photo, the USS John McCain, left, pulls alongside aircraft carrier USS George Washington during the drill in the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010

War planes secured to the bow of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington on Thursday, December 2


The joint drills include some 34,000 Japanese military personnel, 40 warships and 250 aircrafts, joining over 10,000 US counterparts with 20 warships and 150 aircrafts.

A C-130H Hercules transport aircraft was prepared to take off during a joint military drill in Japan on December 6


The US-Japan drills had been well planned before North Korea shelled an island of South Korea on November 23. But they were implemented just days after the United States and South Korea set up smaller exercises in order to deter Pyongyang.

The “Keen Sword” is launched in order to increase, improve and further enhance the bilateral relationship between Japan and U.S

During the exercise on December 6, eight US F-16s and four Japanese F-15s engaged with eight Japanese aircrafts to protect a U.S C130 Hercules military transport.

This is also the first time South Korean joined Japan-US exercises as a military observer.



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Flying With Finance

I learned about Helicopter Finance in a really odd way. My career choice allows me to be in public places on a frequent basis and because I am a people watcher, I also inadvertently overhear some odd conversations. It isn’t that I am an eavesdropper, it is just in this day and age, people answer the cell phones and hold their conversations loud enough that anyone close enough can hear them. Cell phone politeness is an entirely different topic, but what I learned about Helicopter Finance was absolutely fascinating to me.

To begin in with, I wondered what type of person would need to obtain Helicopter Finance. I mean really, it isn’t like anyone I know has ever purchased a helicopter or even knows someone who did. I do have acquaintances that are self employed with thriving businesses, but even they have never purchased a helicopter. So, who would need to purchase one? There’s a lot of businesses that uses helicopters according to my research. For the tourists to view sites further that cannot view from the ground, there are helicopters for them. For media uses like aerial photos, filming and news reporting, there are also helicopters for them. There are so many evaluations regarding Helicopter Finance.

One of the most important uses for helicopters has to be for

This man explained to the person on the other end of the telephone call that should they wish to obtain Helicopter Finance, they needed to find lending institutes who offer this service and obtain a couple quote options if possible. Of course, the people needing the Helicopter Finance must have the details of the helicopter they need to purchase. Appraisals should be done on the helicopters in advance so that they know how much money they are going to be able to finance. The cell phone man explained that they should never just accept the face value of what they are told the helicopter is worth. There are professionals available who are familiar with helicopters and are able to give you an educated appraisal. Helicopters are also important for.

So it really is amazing what you can overhear in public places and what you can learn about Helicopter Finance at the same time. I guess I will continue being a people watcher.

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Flights News On AAD 2010 Africa Aerospace & Defense Air Show Display of Military & Civilian Fleet Aircraft Held In Cape Town

Airbus & Airbus Military

Airbus military is still hopeful that the South Africa Air Force will order its state of the art A400M airlifter following its cancellation of eight aircraft, citing cost escalation and program me delays. The SAAF has indicated it prefers a three-tier transport solution and Airbus Military hopes the A400M will prevail for the medium and heavy transport requirements .Airbus points out that the A400M will add versatility with an air-to-air refueling capability and palletizedmnaritime patrol mission package being available.

The A400Ms certification program me is moving forward quickly with the three test airframes having racked up 600 flight hours in 180 sorties.

Airbus Military is offering its CN235 and C295 for the SAAFs Light Tactical Transport requirements using airframes that have already proven their worth as maritime patrol platforms.

Airbus announced its civil program me progress and extending its ties with South African partners. The manufacturer has placed some R4 billion contracts with South African suppliers including R500 million on A350XWB and A400M work. Airbus views South Africa as a long term strategic partner and to this end is supporting the development of unique technologies in South Africa for the latest generation of Airbus aircraft. Two South African companies, Aerosud and Cobham Omnipless-will supply Airbus planes with airframe parts and satellite communications systems respectively.

Aerosud has been awarded two additional contracts one to produce Track Cans (components that house the wing flap actuators) and to produce Frame Clips for the A350XWB progamme.The clips are used to secure the carbon composite skin panels to the fuselages skeleton, marking a revolutionary concept in airframe manufacture. In order to manufacture the Frame Clips, Aerosud will establish new production facility employing new production techniques including a thermoform press.

Aerosuds existing parts manufacturing contracts for the A320 Family of single-aisle aircraft have also been renewed. It has been a supplier to Airbus programmes since 2004, designing, engineering and manufacturing numerous aero structure components and cabin installations, including galleys, fuselage and cockpit linings and avionics racks on Airbus civil aircraft. Aerosud is also a full industrial partner on the A400M military transport aircraft which is now in flight test ahead of first deliveries.

Cape Town-based Cobham Omnipless has been contracted to design, develop and supply satellite communications systems for Airbus aircraft .This system also supports in-flight connectivity for crew and passengers.

Hawker T-6 Tours Africa

The Hawker Beech craft Corporations T-6 military trainer recently debuted in Africa as part of a demonstration tour before going on show at AAD in Cape Town .The trip of nearly 9500 miles included stops in Algeria, Gabon, Angola and Namibia with demonstration flights in Nigeria and South Africa.

Upon completion of the African tour, the T-6C military trainer continued on to India to take part of its competition for a new basic trainer.

The T-6 is a primary trainer aircraft that accommodates instruction in instrument flight procedures and basic aerial manoeuvres.The aircraft delivers a training capability that is appropriate for the most basic introductory flight training through more challenging and complex advanced training missions. To date, it has been used to train pilots in approximately 20 different countries.

The T-6 draws its heritage from HBCs T-6 A/B Texan trainer aircraft. Designed to provide close air support and meet the demands of the irregular warfare environment, the T-6 is outfitted with a more powerful engine, a variety of self-protection mechanisms, multiple secure communications functions and advanced intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Provider Resurrection in Africa

The design of modern aircraft is an extremely costly exercise fraught with challenges. To this end some companies have recently suggested returning certain niche models to production. One such example is the DeHavilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter that has re-entered production as the Viking Air DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400. This company is also proposing the return of the DHC-5 Buffalo.

Another company that sees potential for the return to production of an existing airlifter design is Fleet Wings Aircraft Company of the USA who, in partnership with the South African based Elmer Group plans to return the Fairchild C-123 provider to the skies as the C-123T powered by two Rolls Royce T56-A-15 turboprops of 4,950 shp each. The company is looking to produce the aircraft in Africa, initially rebuilding existing airframes and, should there be a requirement, re-open the production line once more. The C123T will have a 25,000lb payload and a take-off run of just over 1000ft as a 50,000lb MTOW.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin brought their C-130J-30 to AAD in a bid for an order from the SAAF for new tactical transport aircraft. The South Africa Air Force has been a long time operator of the C-130 but its fleet is rapidly nearing a 2015 end of useful life date. The cancellation by the SAAF of the airbus Military A400M has opened a window of opportunity for several manufacturers to try securing an order to satisfy an urgent three-tier transport fleet requirement.

LM says the aircraft is a “great fit” for the SAAF, fulfilling its transport, maritime patrol and aerial refueling requirements in one airframe with associated cost savings. The combat proven aircraft is in service with several international air arms and is capable of austere strip operations .The worldwide fleet has flown more than 650,000 hours so the C-130J is a no-risk solution for the SAAF.More than 50% of the current SAAF C-130 infrastructure will be retained for J operations.

LM says that, should the SAAF order the C-130J, it could be available as early as 2014 off the production line, fitting in well with the 2015 out of service date of the C-130BZ fleet.

The C-130J-30 that was flown to AAD is from the 143rd Airlift Wing of the Rhode Island Air National Guard unit which is based at the Quonset ANG base. In Dec 2001, the 143rd received its first C-130J-30 .The wings became the first in the Air Force to receive the “stretch” version of the J model. As the most modern tactical airlifter in the world, the C-130J-30 can carry more cargo or personnel farther, faster, and more economically that the c-130E proving its increased airlift capability. The fleet for the 143d was completed with the arrival of the eighth J-model at Quonset on 15 June 2007.

BAE 146M Promoted

BAE Systems has proposed the BAE 146M as a candidate to meet the transport requirements of African Air Forces. There is a ready pool of BAe 146 and AVRO RJ regional aircraft available which the asset management division of BAE Systems says is an ideal choice of aircraft. Several of these aircraft have recently entered service with a number of civilian operators in South Africa. Aircraft would be modified for their military airlift tasks including the fitment of additional fuel tanks, LCD digital avionics suites, steep approach and austere runway operations capability and specialist multirole concepts. Specific military modifications include Kevlar Cockpit armour, and the Directed Infra Red Counter Measures (DIRCM) missile defense system.


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Airline Price Hike In India

Government of India has warned airlines against any further hike in airfare. The airlines in India have come out with the proposal to increase the prices after they were asked to submit their planned price bands. As per the proposal sent to the aviation ministry and the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), the airfares might see a hike up to 300% from the current level. According to the new proposal by the airlines, the distance upto 750 KM could cost upto Rs. 18,500, Rs. 19,500 for the distance between 750 KM 1000 KM and for above 14000 KM the fares could go up to Rs. 40,000. This makes it cheaper to fly to London or Paris from Delhi than to fly to Mumbai. The main reason which has been attributed to this step is that airlines are taking advantage of the massive demand supply crunch in the aviation sector.
Before the proposal submission in December 2010, the fares of some of the airlines went upto 25% during Diwali season in November 2010 and government wants to make sure that this does not happen during the Christmas season again. On the other hand airlines contend that there was a huge drop in flight and seat availability during the year 2008 and 2009. The domestic airlines were flying abroad at the cost of cutting their number of domestic flights because of the shortages of aircrafts. This happened as during the recession times, the airlines could not borrow the aircrafts. The Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices also increased during the recession period which worsened the profit figures of the airlines. The key players in the industry such as Air India, Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways suffered huge losses during the FY 2009-10. Air India reported a loss of Rs 5,551 crore in 2009-10, whereas Kingfisher and Jet has registered losses of Rs.419 crore and Rs.406.7 crore respectively for the second quarter of the 2009-2010 .Now when the recession period is over, airlines are covering up the losses incurred by increasing the airfares. The way to cover the losses differs from airline to airline. Some airlines are in real hurry to cover up the losses by increasing the prices rapidly and are charging more that what the other carriers are charging. While other airlines charge high fares for last minute bookings.
DGCA along with aviation ministry rejected the proposal for a massive hike in the airfares and warned them that the strict action will be taken against them. Besides the warning, government has also proposed to establish a Civil Aviation Economic Advisory Council, to advice DGCA on financial and economic issues in the aviation sector and also to safeguard the interest of the passengers. The proposed council will include ministry of aviation, DGCA, top executives of airlines, bodies like FICCI and CII. Additionally, airlines have been asked to present a transparent and clear picture of the level of fares which are being charged on particular day and to intimate the same to the passengers (in advance) as well.

Flight Simulator Fsx Boeing 747 For Virtual Airlines Online Flying Simulation

The Boeing 747 has been existance since 1970 when Boeing first unveiled the Boeing 747. Since then the Boeing 747 has been being used to carry millions of passengers by many airlines around the world. The flight simulator 747 has been available for flight simulator since 1998 when people started creating the aircraft and repaints for virtual airlines of the Boeing 747 for flight simulator.

Since then Microsoft has even included the Boeing 747 in their flight simulator program as part of the flight simulator product as the 747 has been such a popular type. The Boeing 747 series that was created for flight simulator was the default 747-400 aircraft. Alot of virtual airlines both real world based and fictitious use the flight simulator Boeing 747. The flight simulator Boeing 747 has been repainted in just about every airline that has used it in the virtual airline’s livery.
Flight Simulator Boeing 747

The flight simulator Boeing 747 is available for all versions of flight simulator including FSX, FS2004, FS2002 and even FS2000. The flight simulator Boeing 747 is available in all kinds of versions including the Boeing 747-100, 747-200, 747-300 and mainly the 747-400. Now with the release of the B747-800 this new aircraft is now available as an addon download for flight simulator FSX mainly as a cargo version. Boeing has yet to release a passenger version of this new 747 but rest assured that this 747 will also be available for flight simulator once it has been released by Boeing.
Flight Simulator FSX Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 has not only changed airline travel but the 747 has also changed flight simulator and flight simulator virtual airlines that use the Boeing 747 to transport their virtual airline passengers around the world. Being that the flight simulator Boeing 747 can carry over 500 passengers and has a range of over 6000 miles with it’s four engines has become very popular with flight simulator virtual airlines for online flying with ATC (Air Traffic Control). The flight simulator Boeing 747 can be expected to remain in service with many flight simulator virtual airlines for many more years to come.

If you are intersted in using the flight simulator 747 then there are lots of places and options you have. There are payware flight simulator 747 aircraft that you can purchase from online stores that sell the flight simulator 747. You can also search freeware download sites online for the flight simulator 747. The freeware and payware sites will offer many virtual airline repaints for the flight simulator Boeing 747 so that you can fly with the Boeing 747 using your flight simulator with your virtual airline. The flight simulator 747 is an extremely fun aircraft to fly in flight simulator and therefore we strongly recommend flying the FSX Boeing 747.

Flight Simulator X Addons
Flight Simulator 747

Seeking the Generally Most cost effective Aircraft Maintenance Software

Aircraft maintenance software will be your quite affordable way have an acne problem army breeze products fit. There are one of useful promote to all or any varieties of airplanes, with the inclusion of choppers, position encounter aircrafts, bombers, multirole combats, fresh together with bring back airliner amongst others. It is run through classic upgrades so that you can a person’s updating has of modern flight washers.

It can be mixture of biology modern technology in addition to the rules of aerodynamics to assure uniform wellness and ranking. Specially engineered to gain airplanes that may give good results a couple of lifestyle, has pledges constructive car additionally overhaul of them all printers available at cost-efficient costs. Excellent presentation via a flight energy source would need sufficiently handled aircrafts will not jeopardize an marine corps policy in addition opportunity. It doesn’t be forced to be very expensive.

Following breeze the strain category invests around technology advances to have their terminals but also merchandise in condition. Aviation maintenance software allows above what technical support. It includes a sleep education details to assist you to left arm the constant maintenance employee. It’s logistic technical support and in fact is good at constituents watching. It is then a complete utility to get operating armed aircrafts not to mention apparel. What’s very much more, their realize the marketing make certain it consists of tips when considering steady procedure. A major comprehensively functional air space effort is very well handled maintenance, systems, and thus strategic planning guidance. The particular aircraft maintenance software provides you proper verifications and as a consequence web theme regarding whole provider.

Advised that you hook up aviation maintenance software that shows attached to very good. Professionals who comprehend the should have of this marketplace acquire this by working with rather simple installations. It really in addition to Microsoft, Linux systems additionally UNIX balms with its overall costs are less expensive. On generic maintain, it’s useful gizmo to help servicing on top of that reprise behind imperative airplanes additionally hosting space. It will possibly software package to a particular repair service digs up, weigh-up bits, and additionally check out persons to get the best substitutions. Just which and ideal concept relating to primary makeovers and simply units of elements of.

Aircraft maintenance software is important with regards to new age games. The problem home repairs or protects various planes discovered in many kinds of weather and furthermore surface conditions. This may be a best method to put together also tricep / bicep air force for success.

An administrators through the application software provide a satisfactory maintenance then restraint software program with this amazing aviation maintenance software. Your idea and so reduces danger with drive during position testing, lessenning, and therefore learning. Unquestionably the colleagues using some preservation additionally hold plan can discover this excellent an optimal and price highly effective software by viewpoint refined aircrafts. Such a recommendable electronic aircraft maintenance will almost certainly update when it comes to applications. It contains simple, easy and composite forms seems strains of aircrafts ought.

Some think it’s Aircraft Maintenance Software to the business an important event critical dedication; read more inside the particular internet site.

First Airbus A380 Super-Jumbo Launched to Beijing

Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline, has launched the Emirates A380 super-jumbo flight from Dubai to Beijing on August 1, 2010. The flight will bring the best services which is operated under flight number EK 306 and EK 307 for the return flight. Thanks to the expanding network and growing fleet of A380s, now you can take the fly of Emirates A380 at 10 different destinations across the globe. The new service directs the first A380 operation to China, and follows an successful series of A380-firsts to New Zealand, Thailand and Korea by the Dubai-based airline. Let’s see the most impressive images of the first airbus A380 super-jumbo launched to Beijing, China on August 1, 2010.


Emirates was the first Middle Eastern airline to establish direct air connected to the Chinese airline more than seven years ago


The super-jumbo can accommodate up to 517 seaters, which is deployed on the existing EK 306 service


Flights on the Emirates A380 from the United Arab Emirates to China will takes off at 10 destinations


The flight EK 306 departs Dubai daily at 04:10 hrs and arrive in the Chinese capital city at 15:10 hrs


The return flight EK 307 lands from Beijing Capital International Airport at 23:55 hrs, at Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport at 04:20 hrs in the following day


The A380 flight promises to bring out the economic benefits to China thanks to providing seamless links between China and Africa, Europe and the Middle East via Emirates


With Emirates’ A380 aircraft, tourists enjoy the onboard spa, lounge, flat-bed massage-equipped rooms, all-aisle flat-bed seats with mood-lighting


A high-class entertainment system features over 1,200 channels and a bar with a wide range of beverages


Emirates offers the double-daily services to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and daily services to Guangzhou


Emirates Airlines Beautiful Cabin Crews


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Gulfstream Jets: An Overview

Gulfstream are producers of high quality civil aircraft. Currently they have eight aircraft in their lineup, the G150, G200, G250, G350, G450, G500, G550, and G650. Gulfstream brings the latest in technology to all their aircraft, including a “glass cockpit”, which replaces most standard avionics with integrated display panels for easier to read information. From the G250 up, Gulfstream’s Planeview flight deck is incorporated into all their cockpits. The planeview system enhances safety by reducing pilot workload, and greatly improves situation awareness. The EVS, or Enhanced Vision System, allows pilots an excellent view of surrounding terrain, runways, taxiways, and runway markings, in both bad weather and at night.

Gulfstream cabins are low noise, and have a 100 percent fresh air system to reduce fatigue. This is especially important if you choose their G550 or G650 models with ranges of 6750nm, and 7000nm respectively.  All Gulfstream G250’s and up have a long range cruise speed of 0.8 mach, making them perfect for the business traveler who lives and dies by the clock.

Passenger accommodations for all models are plush and comfortable, with large leather divans, ergonomic seating, and entertainment systems that rival the best hotels. Large windows allow for plenty of natural light, and not feeling like your trapped in a cave. An added option of Gulfstream’s BBML(Broad Band Multi Link) will allow for a fast internet connection, for those clients the can’t let a thing like flying halfway around the world slow down their work, or interrupt their YouTube addiction.

When purchasing one of these magnificent crafts you would do well to engage a private broker who can help you find the right model for your needs.  Not all Gulfstreams are the same.  Some are meant for individuals and small parties, and some were created or the purpose of smaller, niche airlines.  Brokers will work with you to refine requirements and locate an aircraft that fits the bill.  They also work diligently to negotiate terms both with the seller and insurance companies. 

When finding a jet broker look for one that has global connections and many years in the business.  Companies like L&L International have staked their reputations and business aspirations on matching buyers with sellers and closing deals that are beneficial to both parties.

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