Military Injury

Our armed forces are out there fighting for our country and when they get injured and can’t work anymore because of that injury there is not enough help for them. The amount of compensation some of them receive is way below what they should receive.

I believe there should be more help for the injured and I believe they should receive a decent amount of money for an injury, depending on how serious it is. That’s why now Military Injury Claims is a big part of solicitors jobs because of how much can be made from these cases.

I agree its a big part. I have been researching claims solicitors handle and they come in many types of cases:

* Injuries sustained on active service
* Injuries sustained on non-active service
* Parachuting
* Training Exercises
* Defective Equipment
* Mountaineering
* Post Traumatic Stress
* War Wounds
* Aviation
* Surface And Underwater
* Weapons
* Explosive Devices

You are entitled to make a claim for military injury compensation for an injury sustained as a result of service.

The normal rules relating to employers’ liability also apply to the MOD, and members of HM Forces still have the option to sue the MOD for negligence if they believe the MOD, as their employer, has acted negligently – e.g in failing to supply adequate or proper equipment.

The amount of compensation received depends upon whether your claim is made under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, or whether you are pursuing a claim for negligence against the MOD.


The level of awards under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is based on a tariff which lists the injuries for which compensation may be paid.


The amount of compensation received if pursuing a claim of negligence depends upon how serious your injuries are and what other losses you have incurred, including

* Future financial losses including loss of earnings, loss of promotion etc.
* Travel to and from medical appointments
* Any medication
* Care given by members of your family or others
* Damage caused to any of your personal effects

There are many other items for which you are entitled to claim compensation, including damages to compensate for having to give up a job you enjoy because of your injuries.

As I have found out and stated above their is a lot to be done due to that solicitors have to argue for more compensation for people who have were giving their life for this country and when something goes wrong their not their to support them

Military Hotels

Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure, those in the military should make sure that they are taking advantage of military hotels. There is no reason to pay full price if you do not have to. Military persons that are traveling and need a place to stay either along or with family can find incredible discounts all over the country. With savings of ten dollars or more per night this is a military benefit that should not be missed out on.

There are all kinds of luxury hotels and suites to pick from. There are even some condos to rent for special pricing if you are looking for such accommodations. If you are planning a trip to Disney then you are in luck as there are several places that you will find that offer the special discount. There are even military hotels all over the country that not only give the special discount for the men and women of our military but there is an additional discount as well. If you are staying for a while, make sure to seek out places that give discounts for extended stays along with the discount for being in the military.

The thing is though, many people tend to forget to ask about discounts that they could be eligible for. You could also check into discounts that you can combine. Some hotels may allow for a few different discounts to be combined. Those with certain roadside assistance programs receive special discounts. Someone who is eligible for military hotels might get double the benefits. There will be some hotels that have policies against that but then there are to be some hotels that do not. Find the loophole and you will be able to save yourself and your family a good bit of money.

If you are unsure as to where there are hotels that offer discounts for those in the military, all you have to do is perform a basic search on the Internet. A web search will bring you to listings of hotels all over the country that enjoy honoring the men and women who serve the United States. You may already have a special hotel in mind that has been your favorite for years or that you have always wanted to stay at. Give them a call and explain that you are in the military and ask about discounts for service men and women.

Military hotels are not hard to come by. The more you look into the more you will see how many hotels take part in giving discounts to those within the military. And if it seems like too much trouble to go through various hotel listings to find one that gives a discount on room prices for the military, just think about all of the money that you could be saving. Ever bit of savings adds up. Make sure that you are taking every opportunity to save yourself money that could go to better things.

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The Perks Of Flying With Executive Private Jets

The high cost of a private jet warrants finer comfort bonuses. Those who shell out the big bucks to get a plane should expect perks that come along with the price tag. After all, if you are paying a high amount of money for a service, you should get the most out of it.

The most basic of all concierge services offered is provided rental cars, hotels, and reservations to local restaurants. All of these perks are commonly given to business professionals, athletes, and celebrities that will be visiting a large city for entertainment, or with hopes of seeking entertainment. The costs of these services is normally included in the ticket price of the private jet.

High end bonuses would include extreme entertainment events such as a helicopter ride. This type of perk is great for when you are visiting hot locations such as the coast of Venezuela or even spots in the United States. This type of perk is great for when you are traveling with a mate and wish to have a romantic, intimate, time during your stay. Similar bonuses would include boat tours or even a ticket for a scuba diving lesson.

Onboard catering is nice when handled by the jet agency, simply because you can focus on relaxing and not preparing meals. Catering can be inexpensive as well, if you are not keen on the idea of spending several thousand on a dinner or lunch. If you do intend on having rare and exotic foods, you must mention this to the private jet service a week or more in advance to allow them to prepare. Otherwise they might not have the resources or the staff to accommodate your requests.

If you have the right flavor of money, you may also be able to hire a personal agent for the trip to run errands and do simple tasks while you enjoy the vacation. It’s like having a personal maid or nanny around the entire trip- which can be a load off your shoulders or even completely necessary if you are too busy to take care of things while on business trips.

Don’t take things for granted that a private jet service does for you. Even the small things are nice to have. A simple thank you card sent to you after your flight is an example of a business that actually cares- and just doesn’t see you as a source of money.

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to go with a cheap private jet service and still get poor service. Your goal should now be to make a phone call to several charters near you to see who has the best service. Price should be a factor, but it shouldn’t completely decide which business you choose.

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Cheapest Airline Tickets From Uk

The sophisticated transport system of Santiago includes, but is not limited to, underground metro, efficient bus services and intricate highway system mostly tunneled with city’s main river Mapocho flowing above it. Santiago is famous for its diversity and its very rich culture – cosmopolitan in nature. The route to Santiago has become very easy and economical. You would like it in all weathers be it a pleasure trip or the one purely official in nature.

You can indulge yourself in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and hot springs within an hour’s drive out of Santiago. It may also offer discos, clubs, museums and universities of choice. The same has made Santiago a place not-to-miss and that is why you can get all travel related information and arrangements, very easily, from many travel agencies and contractors, both local and international, offering cheap air tickets to Santiago booking of cruise and or other activities of your interest. However, airline tickets to Santiago may considerably vary depending upon the carrier, ticket class and fare type. Your places-to-visit list vis-à-vis Santiago must contain entries such as Santiago Metropolitan Park Zoo, O’Higgins Park, Forestal Park, Mapocho river, Santa Lucía Hill, Parque Araucano in Las Condes, Parque Inés de Suarez, Providencia, and Parque Intercomunal.

For cultural places one must visit Fine Arts Museum, Central Station, Ex Nanational Congress and Government Palace. Estadio Nacional (site of the 1962 World Cup final), Estadio Monumental David Arellano, Estadio Santa Laura and Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo are the main sports venues. airline tickets to Santiago Reasons to Fly to Abuja , Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and the host to many Nigerian government agencies and embassies of the world, is quite surprisingly costly city but worth its salt since it is termed as an African panorama of natural and architectural wonders: some of them can be denoted as spellbinding landscapes, state of the art architectures, gardens of Eden with sloshing and splashing waterfalls and exotic birds. Furthermore, Abuja has got lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and arranged tours with very friendly, and at the same time courteous, guides.

Visitors or tourist can commute to and fro the sightseeing spots very conveniently since most of them are situated in very close proximity to each other. Famous tourist attractions in Abuja include Aso Rock , Zuma Rock, Katampe/Strabag Hill, Usuma Dam, Usuma River, Jabi Lake, Gurara Falls Abuja Gardens, IBB International Golf Club, National Ecumenical Centre, National Mosque, Ecowas Secretariat, National Women Development Centre, Ushafa Pottery Centre, Giri Pottery Centre, National Children Zoo & Park and The Millenium Park Getting around Abuja is very easy.

One may very easily arrange for oneself cheap air tickets to Abuja Nigeria from many online tour operators and contractors with categorical airline tickets to Abuja Nigeria through various economical offers. Abuja’s Wuze Market is also one of the tourist attractions offering wide range of articles, craftworks and Abuja’s native souvenirs. You might have to spend more when it comes to dining and eating in Abuja but the edibles offered are understandably worth it keeping in mind no or few alternative. We wish you best of luck with your trips and ventures.

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Airplane Hangers and Aircraft Hangers for Sale Important for Aircraft Safety

We all know that airplanes are one of the most sophisticated equipment for transportation no matter whether they are used for commercial purposes or military purposes and are really expensive. This is the reason why Airplane Hangers are needed to provide a protective place for aircrafts. These are covered structures constructed in a planned and effective manner so that they can withstand extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, earthquake, storm, thunderstorm, etc. They not only protect the aircrafts from adverse weather conditions but also from human attacks.

Airplane Hangers are constructed by companies which specialize in constructions of such structures because it is a very difficult job and requires special attention. These structures can be used for keeping commercial aircrafts and fighter planes both. However, hangers made for commercial purposes are slightly different from the hangers made for military purposes because the needs and requirements of both the purposes are different. They are designed in such a way so as to ensure safety of the airplanes. Usually they are located in the vicinity of the airport and the aircrafts which are not used at that time are placed in it so that they remain safe and protected. These hangers are highly protected zones and everyone cannot enter the area.

The Aircraft Hangers for Sale are places in airports where different types of airplanes are kept for security reasons. These structures are used for servicing of the airplanes as well. Over the years there have been many researches and innovations in the construction of these hangers. They are usually made of steel because of their durability; however, now other materials like polymer and other unbreakable materials are also used for the construction of these hangers. In present times there are hangers which are earthquake resistant to a considerable extent so as to ensure absolute safety of the air planes.

The helicopter and Aircraft Hangers for Sale are constructed keeping in mind all kinds of precautions so that they are strong enough to face all kinds of eventualities. The area where it hanger is to be constructed in properly inspected so that they are able to serve the purpose for they are being constructed. They are of great importance as they provide safety to the aircrafts and protection of aircrafts in not a matter of joke because they are one of the most expensive equipments.

Thus, Airplane Hangers and Aircraft Hangers for Sale are of great significance in providing safety to the costly aircrafts.

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Flying with Ease

Cairo in Egypt is one city that showcases different kinds of lifestyles as it has areas that are similar yet so different. There is not a single place you will visit and lack something exciting to do or engage in. It remains to be among the most visited cities in Egypt and receives thousands of tourists annually who come to identify with the many things it has to offer.

When thinking of flying to Cairo and flying cheaply for that matter, you will need to have your timing right. This is because different events or seasons attract different numbers of visitors. It is a fact that when there are lots of activities and the weather is pleasant more tourists tends to fly more and therefore it can be hard to get cheap flights.

As a way of cutting on your travel costs to Cairo, consider using indirect flights. Most of the airlines flying the region from different parts of the world have great options for travelers and you won’t need to fly directly when you are looking to save some money as the indirect flights come in handy. The stopovers are not that long and therefore you won’t be too late getting to the destination but you also need to be sure that you are comfortable with the duration of the flight.

The use of discounted flights is another simple way of flying to Cairo with ease. They can be tracked online or by going directly to the official websites of the airlines which fly the route. However, always ensure that you go through the small prints coming with the offers to ensure that you don’t miss any important point that may have negative effects on your flight.

Flying to Cairo can also be made easy and cheap by opting to fly from or to smaller airports. This is something most people never consider yet it can be a great way of flying to your destination of choice without having to spend too much on your ticket. Since the airports are not that popular hence encounter small numbers of passengers, the airlines flying from or to them offer very good rates to passengers who choose them.

Before travelling to Cairo, ensure that you have all the essential information you need about the destination. With all information intact, you will be in a much better position to plan ahead of your trip hence get the best out of it.

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Evony; military

Military; be  it or hike it

To have a good army, you need to be able to do the following;

Build it
Support it
Use it
Regenerate it
Win with it
Know it’s limits

Each section mentioned above will be explained in separate sectors, use the index for speed (using the Ctrl+F feature).


Build it
Support it
Use it
Regenerate it
Raiding npcs
Know it’s limits
Military techs
Build it:

Before you start building your army, let’s focus on where.

You need barracks to build your troops. I advise having 12, but 10 will do fine. Get them all up to level 4 and 1 to lvl9 ASAP, and then when you can, get them all up to lvl9. The more barracks you have, the faster they train, just remember to check the ‘share production’ checkbox in the bottom left of your troop training window. When you’re training your army, make use of the ‘attack hero’ feature which cuts the training time depending on the attack attribute of your mayor, remember to switch back as the hero doesn’t have to stay as the mayor throughout the training.

Your basic army for raiding should consist of workers, warriors and archers. 2k workers minimum in each attack (4k preferred for optimal plunder) and a archer:warrior ratio of 80:20. You should be building archers immediately when you being, and once you hit bp’s end, you should have plenty of them and a meat shield of warriors.

Note: it’s better to train 4k archers in 4 slots of 1k, than 1 slot of 4k!

Support it

You have to be able to support your army, always. If you keep them on the move when you’re online then they should pay for themselves and some, but at night they’re camped and should (if you have a good army) result in a (-) production of food. If you farm npcs enough (see 5.) then food should not be a problem.

Use it

Countless times I see people attacking with 10k cavalry and getting crushed. Having strong units does not mean everything, the basic rules is, archers > the rest. Here are a few tips for combat:

Every unit ranged attacks;

This is a great tactic (ranged). If you hit 20k warriors you can kill them all without losses with a smaller force of archers.  You simply take your archers, your meat shield and 1 of every other combat unit and attack. The opponent if forced to stop to kill each type of unit, giving your archers about 7 extra rounds to pound arrows into the chest of the enemy’s troops.


Waves are very useful, they come in two main forms – plunder waves and trap waves.

The purpose of plunder waves is to optimize your plunder rates. You simply send in your attacking force to wipe out the defences, and then have a wave of transports, cavalry and workers hit straight after. Remember to time it right!

Trap waves work differently. If you find a city with 4k traps and rolling logs, you don’t want your archers to get killed. So, you send in a wave of warriors (or scouts) to take out the traps, logs and rockfalls. Then send in your main army to wipe the defences.

Medal hunting with scouts;

Scouts are cheap and fast. If you gather an army of them you can hit low level valleys for rose medals.

Regenerate it

When your troops die, you can cure a certain amount of them in exchange for a sum of shiny gold. Simply go to your rally point, select the medic camp tab and click cure. There ya go J

Raiding npcs

Raiding npcs is vital, they give you huge amounts of food and gold. If you send the right amount of ballistas and transports, you can completely clean an npc out with no losses! The most up-to-date table I could get is this, but patches may have changed details.

Level 1: 10 Ballista (archery 7)

Level 2: 36 Ballista (archery 7)

Level 3: 150 Ballista (archery 6)

Level 4: 200 Ballista (archery 6)

Level 5: 400 Ballista

Level 6: 600 Ballista (archery 10)

Level 7: 1000 Ballista

Level 8: 2400 Ballista

Know it’s limits

Every army has limits, and every army is mincemeat if the opponent as superior technology. I get people with lvl 5 archery hitting me with 10k archers, my 5k archers wipe them out simply because I have lvl9 archery. I can’t tell you your army’s limits, but take the time to work it out!

Military techs

Military technologies are any techs which effect your army;

Metal casting
Military tradition
Military science
Iron working
Horseback riding

Metal casting: enhances the speed of mechanics training by 10% per level, such as ballistas and catapults

Informatics: each level here increased the value of your scout reports

Military tradition: each level raises your attack by 5%

Military science: tops your troop training speed by 10% per level

Iron working: each level raises your defence by 5%

Logistics: increases your army’s load each level

Compass: each level speeds up your infantry by 10%

Horseback Riding: increases mechanics and cavalry speed by 5% each level

Archery: 5% more range for every level

Medicine: 5% more life for your army per level


Your fortifications are immobile defences situated on or around your walls, they are always activated and fight even if you close your gates; in this section I will give you a few ideas of what they do, and then explain why they are completely useless to any strong Evony player.

Traps: the only time you should ever build these is if you have NO other defence and want to shift your resources to save them being plundered or you can build them in mass. They affect any infantry but nothing else. Any half experienced player will send a wave of warriors before their main army anyway to activate these and save their archers.

Abatis: these are basically your last defence against city capturers. As long as you’re not inactive for too long, the enemy will have to send cavalry to lower your loyalty due to their speed. These will wipe them out and cavalry are expensive!

Archer Towers: they are the only fortification I advise having, and even then, only if you have a large army as well. Unless you meet the requirements all that towers do are make you a big target for honour hunters like me!

Rolling  Logs: don’t get them. Simple.

Defensive Trebuchets: again, no point getting these.


You should always scout before you attack!

Scouts are cheap and fast to build, they’re also very fast movers. I usually have about 10k scouts per city or more, this means that you almost always win scout battles.

Scout battles are when you a player scouts a city and the two sets of scouts clash, whoever has more scouts wins, regardless of technologies.

Tip;  if you’re attacking a city more than 10 minutes away, scout it a few times during the march, this should prevent you from being surprised by newly arriving troops and fortifications.

With thanks to;

Silverfix, for his contributions and his awesomeness

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Elvis Presley for he is the God whom bestowed such awesomeness upon us

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Liam Hayman is a 16-years-old school kid – just your average school kid. This is why he views his articles based on mostly teen issues to be of value because they are from the eyes of a current teenager!

Aircraft parts

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Aviation News Africa for African Airlines ,Airline News,Bussiness Aviation,Aviation sports

Aviation has become very vital in the bussiness world bussiness  especially connecting  the entire world  within  hours and making bussiness deals  sealed within a short time without worying  the distance.

The aviation industry for the past years has been trying to find ways to make air transport more cheaper and affortable by trying to manufacturer low cost  aircrafts  like the Deamliner  787 which will cut down costs to 20% which will be passed on to consumers and  by also reducing the cost per seat by creating almost double  seating capacity of the aircraft.




Good news the opening of ORLY AIRPARK  in  Nairobi ,Kenya for recreation,sports and pilot training  by the Chairman Aero Club  and the Executive Officer Kenya AIR operator  Col  (Rd) Waithaka this week ending. It will also decongest the Wilson Airport which is one of the busiest Airport in Africa for both Commercial  flights into National Parks & Reserves in East Africa and private charters to Major Cities in Africa.Infact most of the flying schools like Kenya School of Flying have already moved its pilot training school and maintenance to Orly Airpark and they shareholders and are putting up a boarding flying school.Orly Airpark is owned with almost 25 shareholders who either own private charter companies in Kenya or hotels.It is situated in Kajiado district,Isinya,Olooitikosk,Kiserian  coordinates S01degrees34.52  E  036degrees 48.66  Elevation  5500 ft Runnway lenghth  1200 murram,Runnway heading  10/28,15/1200 caution keep listening on 118.2 & Nairobi Radar 122.3 becoz there may be skydiving ,glidding and ballooning in progress.


TAAG Angola Airline has relauched its flights between Luanda and Lisbo exactly two years after all flights were suspended by the Safety Commission of the European Commission.The bans are imposed on those carriers that the Commission feels ddo not have satisfactory safety standards. Ameeting of Portugals National Civil Aviation Institute (INAC) held in July recommended that Angolas national airline be removed from the blacklist in order ro relaunch flights between the two countries.

The College of Commissioners accepted  this recommendations and August 1,A BOEING 777-200ER took off from Angolan capital enroute to Lisbon.According  to astatement issued by INAC it will also have to present reports to the Safety Commission “with a view to removing all Angolan airlines from the so called blacklist”

The Safety Committee is a consulting  group of the Commission that evaluates the safety of air transport in different countries throughout the world.At the time it was banned TAAG carried out six flights per week between Lisbon and Luanda.In April the Commission noted “significant progresss” had been made by the airline but opting, however , to keep  the ban on the Angolan airline.INAC also said that its involvement was “important ” for gaining authorization for TAAG to fly to Lisbon,specifically via its cooperation protocol with its counterpart in Angola,Invac.TAAG  Angola Airlines (Linhas Aereas de Angola) is the national flag carrier of Angola.Based in Luanda,the airline has alarge domestic network and flights to other parts of Africa and South  America.Like Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways ,TAAG has been one of ythe  few profitable sub-saharan African carriers and one of the few to recently purchase newly built aircraft as opposed to second-hand aircraft. It is 100% state owned by the Angolan government and itself owns 100% subsidiary Angola Air Charter.



Zambian carriers have also been identified  as problematic but according to local airline, Proflight Zambia ,the main reason for this is that within Zambia ,the licensing process ( and so the system of overseeing) is done by the Ministry of Transport whereas the world norm is for licensing to be done by Civil Aviation Authority.

According  to a spokesman for Proflight the way the blacklisting has been reported ,including by the British Foreign Office Advisory for Travel, implies that Zambian aviation as an  industry is unsafe.Proflight is working with the UK Government to address the problem of the FOAs wording.


Delta Air Lines has indefinitely postponed  its flights between Atlanta and Luanda ,Angola,just nine months after first announcing its plans to operate to Luanda Via Sal Island,Cape Verde. This follows the suspension of its Cape Town service and the postponement of its Kenya service in July.



Kenya Airways launched  direct flights to Ndola-Second largest city in Copper-rich Zambia – on 19 September,just two weeks after launching flights to Gaborone.

The twice weekly  flights will depart from Nairobi every Thursday and Saturday.Ndola becomes the 36th African Destination in the KQ  network with recent additions being to  CONGO-Brazaville and Lebreville: launched in March  and June this year respectively.This makes Kenya Airways ‘schedule to the Southern Africa region,a very robust one as it currently operates three daily frequencies into Johannesburg, and double dailies to Lusaka,10 flights a week to Lilongwe ,Malawi and Harare , andd three weekly flights to Maputo.

With a population of over 774000,Ndola is the inddustrial,commercial,administrative and distribution hub of the copperbelt,Zambias copper-mining region and has one of the three internationals airports, others being Livingstone and Lusaka.Kenya Airways has increased its frequency to Sychelles three times a week on Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays.Unfortunately the airline suspended its daily  flights to Kisumu as from September 7 ,2009.Thism is due to the renovation and repairs at Kisumu Airport By Kenya Airports Authority and the repairs are expected to be completed by end of November this year.Kenya Airways first received IOSA certification in 2005 and subsequently had the certification newedd in 2007.


China is to get its first private jet airport as Shanghais Hongqiao Airport,and it should be ready in time for the World Expo next year ,according to reports in a Chinese newspaper.

The plans make provision for a 3000sq meter terminal with its own inspections,quarantine and customs areas as well as agarage with space for three bussiness aircraft. Up to 4000 business flights are expected to arrive in Shanghai during the  World  Expo and up to 6000 private flights a year by 2015 .Presently some 2000 private  flights operate in China unnually.


On August 31 2009 Cessna Aircraft Company announced the delivery of the first Cessna Citation X to be fitted with Elliptical Winglets. The Winglets were installed at the Wichita Cessna Service Centre under Winglets Technologys US Federal Aviation  Administration-  approved Supplemental Type Certificate.Cessna Winglets Technology,LLC,collobarated to develop the latters patented Elliptical Winglet for retrofit on Cessnas Citation X  bussiness jet.The patented Elliptical Winglet shape ensures the lift distribution closely matches optimum lift distribution  a long the span of the wing , which reduces the induced drag of the aircraft .The resulting drag reduction enhances operational perfomamce for the Citation X  including decreased fuel consumption,increased speed andd increased range,Winglet Technology received FAA approval of the Elliptical  Winglet installation on the Citation X in June and delivered the first  FAA approved retrofit kit to the Wichita Cessna Service Centre .The retrofit kit includes flight and operations manual supplements along with an updated version  of CESSNAV for customers who have purchased that subscription service from Cessna.In addition to the installation of the Elliptical Winglets, the retrfit kit includes the replacement of the existing ant-collission and position light system with LED versions.Plans are underway to offer installation of the Elliptical Winglets STC on the Citation X  at  all nine Cessna Service Centres located throughout the US and  in Europe.Cessna parts Distribution will be providing spares support for Catation Xs with the Elliptical Winglet STC  installed.Thye Citation X  is then worlds  fastest non-military aircraft with a top speed 0f .92 mach,just under the speedd of sound.The Citation X  is the top of Cessnas line of light andd midsize bussiness jet.


The  City  of Potchefstroom plays host to this years annual North West Province Air Show in October  2009.The Nations flag  Carrier ,South African Airways and South African Air Force are tremendous supporters of  North West Province aviation.

The city is well known as being ann academic centre and is one of  two university cities in the province, the other being Mafikeng. It is located 145 miles to the Soth West of Johannesburg on the main artiel N12  route andd occupies an important place on the main railway line between Gautang and the Northen and Western Cape.

A medium sized city with a population of around 250,000 the city is managed by the Tlokwe city council. Potcefstroom is however,niot just a university lovcation.Enjoying maximum temperatures of just over 29 degreess centigrade,the climate is hot and dry during summer and mild in winter.Average annual rainfall is 767mm.

Thwe airfield ,once a busy South African Air Force air base, is becoming an increasingly popular link to the rest of the country.Although  still used on occasion by military flights-often to support nearby army firing ranges, the base is home to an extensive motor vechicle servicing unit.The SAAF withdrew in 1994  and its resident squadron moved to Pretoria.Today,the airfield is managed by the city council and has been identified by the North West Province Department of Transport,Roads,andn Safety as offering a unique facility for a number of key purposes.To encourage community participation as well as expanding the provinces energetic and leading approach to aviation,MEC,Mahlakeng  Mahlakeng,decided to focus their annual air show resources at Potchefstroom this year.

As well as anumber of corporate aviation users,recreational aspects  are taken care by tthe airfields Gliding Club.Around 30 members are active and they come from all walks of life,including bussiness and university students. The club has five aircrafts and they are seen regularly at weekends,when members are active.The air show will feature the famous North West Eagles aerobatic team and their two high perfomance EXTRA 300 aircraft flown by Nigel  Hopkins and Larry Beamish. Both Larry and Nigel are highly experience professional pilots who devote their spare time to performing in theri aerobatic aircraft. Nigel is a South African Airways Pilot andd Larry flies a jet for Pick ‘n Pay retail group.

With its hugely successful strategy of bringing aviation to the people,the North West Provincial governments Premier ,Maureen Modiselle  and Transport ,Roads and Safety MEC are at the forefront of providing their citizens  with another spectacle that secure an ongoing lead in effective community management.

From all these news you can be able to evaluate and monitor your investments and put your strategic plans in place  especiallym if your business do involve aviation direct or indirectly as this news are very crucial in your contgency planning.

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Airbus Military Air Tankers, Do They Have Built In Active Matrix RFID Satellite Tags Embedded Inside

For those that closely follow international military intelligence circles, we know that Iran purchased Russian mobile anti-aircraft missile launchers that have secretly discreet RFID active matrix GPS location devices inside them, that only turn on with a certain frequency. These frequencies of course are maintained and know by the Russians and thru a secret agreement the US, China and have been shared with Israel too. Basically, all those Russian missile launchers are toast on first strike.

Obviously, no nation in their right mind would ever export advanced weapons technologies that they themselves had no defense for, since Russia doesn’t they installed those secret devices with secret codes to turn them on. Now then, when a nation buys military technology from a foreign nation they must consider this. Why would a country buy foreign military technology? Well, there are some reasons:

They cannot make it themselves
They are buying from a well-trusted source and nation they trust
They cannot build it for the same price as they can buy it

So, now let’s consider the US Military’s purchase of Airbus Military Tankers over Boeing’s bid offer. Boeing said it can match the price. Number one is not a viable reason and number three is not viable either. So let us look at item number 2, do we totally trust France? Well, the answer should be a flat out NO, why you ask? Because, France was amongst the nations that put out a media hit on the US over the Iraq War and later we find out it was because they were knee deep within the “Oil-4-Food” scandal.

It appears France was working with our enemies and they are dear friends with the Syrians and trading partners. Although they have no love of Iran they have little love for Israel either and often side with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, citing their rights? Those are international terrorist organizations. So I ask if we buy Airbus Air Tankers for our military; how can we be sure that they have not installed; Built in Active Matrix RFID Satellite Tags which are Embedded somewhere into the airframe. Answer me that? Yes, I’ll wait until hell freezes over for my answer.

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