Flights To Dubai

Dubai is developing multidimensional in terms of tourism and commerce. Owing to its strategic location in between many key routes, Dubai airport has become a major connecting hub for travelers from different parts of the world. There are a large number of national and international flights to Dubai. These include some of the finest and renowned airlines as well as economy flights.

Emirates Airlines is the national carrier of Dubai. Known for its distinct service and in flight facilities Emirates Airlines is the most liked and used flight by visitors. These airlines serve innumerous destinations which include Europe, South and North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. The airlines features the most advanced fleets and on board high class comfort and entertainment. It serves the First class, Business class and Economy class with the most competitive feature in each class when compared to any other acclaimed international carrier. Emirates Airline alone handles 60% of the passenger traffic to Dubai.

From driving the passengers from Europe to Dubai, British Airways, Etihad Airways and Virgin Atlantic are also the preferred carriers along with the Emirates Airlines. All other major airlines such as United Airlines, Air France, American Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Gulf Air, Swiss International Airline connects in between the important cities of US, UK and Dubai with no or one stop over.

For e.g. if travelling from New York Kennedy Airport to Dubai, there are the options of travelling from all of the above airlines and also airlines like Austrian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, US Airways, Alitalia and many more. With such an intrigued network of airlines getting a perfect flight to Dubai is an easy job comparatively.

Along with Dubai Airport, there are the neighboring emirates of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi which also serves many international flights. Air Arabia is the national carrier of Sharjah and is a low cost airline. Air Arabia is connecting many Asian, European and African countries and cities to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Some of the low cost airlines that frequent in between Dubai airport and other international locations are Nas Air, Jazeera Airways, Air India Express, Air Berlin, Fly Dubai, Smart Wings and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Air Berlin brings in the traffic from the European nations to Dubai. Fly Dubai and Nas Air frequents from Dubai to Middle East nations like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, etc.

With around 6000 weekly flights to Dubai Airport (DXB) and vast selections of airlines fitting all type of budgets to fly in and out of the country to any destination across the globe, with easy flights availability and intense connection in between the airlines routes and networks, Dubai is emerging as a major tourism and business port worldwide.

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Castors help Airbus Wings to Fly

What does Airfix and Airbus have in common? The answer is they both build planes in kit format! One is the largest toy plane kit manufacturer and the latter Airbus, builds some of the largest planes in the world, piecing together different kit parts manufactured in different countries all over the world. The A380 Airbus superjumbo took its maiden flight in 2005 and deserved its title as the largest passenger aircraft in the world. Its major ‘kit’ parts are manufactured in four countries France, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom. However this poses a significant problem for the Airbus assembly team. Each part of this enormous plane is by itself, too heavy to be transported by air. Surface transportation with the aid of , was initially the only sensible solution.


The wings for the superjumbo are manufactured in Bristol and North Wales. The underside composite wings are manufactured in Spain.  These British made wings for the superjumbo are exceptionally large, each being fifty meters long, fourteen metres wide and weighing thirty six tonnes each. The enormous wings are manufactured on a rack of stands on , and once complete are transported by barge down the River Dee. The heavy duty castors utilised during the manufacturing process varies from cast iron  running on rail tracks to heavy duty polyurethane  on the transportation jig. Once manufactured the wings start a fifteen mile barge journey heads towards the Port of Mostyn. Here the wings are rolled on  onto a specially adapted ferry. The wings, together with their transportation jig on castors and multi-purpose vehicle weigh 200 tonnes. This makes the transportation jig on castors far too heavy to transport by air, so the sea crossing to St. Nazaire and by barge to the assembly hall at Toulouse is the most effective route. The estuary at Port Mostyn has even had to be regularly dredged in order to ensure the safe passage of these heavily loaded ferries containing wings.


However the ingenious Airbus has developed their own transportation plane to collect and deliver aircraft parts and awkward sized cargo. This modified plane has been affectionately named The Beluga after its intriguing shape and size, resembling the body and nose of a Beluga Whale. Lower wing composites, for example, which are manufactured on a frame on  in Spain, are transported to the assembly halls in Toulouse by the Beluga cargo plane. These enormous composite wings are packed into a frame on  and rolled into the Beluga cargo plane and off again at Toulouse.


With so many parts coming from a variety of companies and countries the manufacturing process of this superjumbo can take a considerable amount of time.  Since its launch Airbus has received two hundred and fifty three orders, and delivered sixty seven planes, which represents how popular this super jumbo is with the worlds airlines. With a delivered cost of 300 to 400 million pounds, this expensive super jumbo will in the future be a common sight in the skies.

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Jet Blue Aircrafts Were About To Appear In Yellow Color Once

JetBlue Airways is an American airline company started in 1999, being a low cost airline, it serves mainly operates between destinations in the United States of America, in line with its original plan of  having it as a Taxi in the Air, even thought of painting Yellow color to its aircrafts to look like New York Taxis, operating its 172 aircrafts covering 71 destinations, from its base hub at John F Kennedy International Airport, with its company slogan ‘You above all’.

JetBlue airways was the only one which did not suffer the onslaught of 9/11 episode,  by which many airline companies were affected, which fact encouraged launching of two mini rival carriers Song and Jet by Delta and United Airlines, however both of them died a natural death.

JetBlue airways has been bagging awards since inception, to quote a few

•  It was named number one US domestic airline by Conde Nast Traveler  in 2007 for the sixth consecutive year in a row
•  It got the Highest in Consumer Satisfaction Among Low Cost Carriers in North America from J D Power and Associates in 2011 for the seventh successive year
•  It is ranked 4 star low cost carrier by Skytrax, becoming the only US airline above 3 star rating
•  It was ranked as the 2nd Best Commercial Airliner in the US by Consumer Reports Magazine in 2011.

Air Canada is the largest airline and the flag air carrier of Canada, which commenced its operations in 1965 although founded in 1936, operating its fleet of 205 covering 105 destinations, 178 if the cargo destinations are taken into account, also the world’s tenth largest passenger airline by number of destinations and Air Canada is one of the founding members of Star Alliance.

Air Canada has the following subsidiaries too:

1.Air Canada Cargo
2.Aveos Fleet Performance Inc
3.Air Canada Vacations
4.Air Canada Express
5.Air Canada Jetz

Air Canada had earlier four more subsidiaries, namely Air Canada Jazz, Zip, Air Canada Tongo and Aeroplan, while it has code share agreements now with 22 International Airline Companies.

Air Canada’s cabin classification is branded as follows:

•Executive First, which is International Business Class
•International Economy Class
•North American Executive Class
•North American Economy Class
•Air Canada Regional Flights Class

Air Canada operates is Frequent Flyer program under the name Aeroplan, which awards redeemable Miles which are obtainable  by a member not only for travel in Star Alliance flights, but also on hotel reservations, car rental bookings, some merchandise or charitable donations.

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Private jets to ease your important business trips

No longer is it difficult or strenuous to get yourself transported from one point to another in no time, thanks to the modern jets, turboprop aircrafts and helicopters. The services of such specialized aircrafts could be used when you are a high profile business person or you belong to the VIP clan.

There are a number of agencies available in the UK that assists you in getting you flown to your destination, taking minimum time and efforts. So, next time you need to rush to a very important business meeting, need not worry as these specialized agencies are here to negotiate for you the most suitable departure and arrival checkpoint as well as its in-personnel.

All you need to specify such agency is your destination and at what time you need to reach there. For the rest of the job, leave it to the aircraft services provider and let it take care of your journey, while you prepare for your important business meet. The experts then accomplish the task of getting in touch with professional personnel. Special corporate jets are delegated to make your business rides easy, stylish and comfortable. Well equipped and providing state-of-art facilities and comfort, these jets and charters are a indeed a better option to fly for business trips.

Plus, some of these agencies even go on to offer their customers with the choice of personalizing their rides. Wherein, they can customize and include in their rides with the options of drinks, lounge-area or an entirely party setup.

Also, if you belong to the VIP clan and want to reach your destination for an official meet, you could go for the VIP private jet and helicopter charter service, wherein you’re exposed to finest, high class and sophisticated service. The VIP private jet is smart and offers its important travelers with the prominent treatment they deserve. Only a certain group of attendants are allowed in here, who are responsible to provide a discrete and luxurious conduct.

Besides offering modern and latest jets and charters, agencies are also available with trained and expert professionals like pilots, attendants, stewards and other personnel who contribute to make your ride the most luxurious and comfortable one.

Not only do these agencies offer private jets and aircraft services but those of air ambulance and medical charter too. Unfortunately if you want to transport a patient, an injured individual or their family members, these medical charters are of great help. In-flight they offer complete medical treatment such as Basic Life Support and Critical Care facilities too. Patients who need urgent medical treatment, they also offer facilities of paramedics, doctors and experts that are available on the spot.

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Flying Ant Treatment

It is prudent to know certain things about this flying insect before resorting to flying ant treatment. The flying ants are sexually mature males and females. The females have larger wings than the males. They belong to the black ant family called lasius Niger. Female and male ants fly together while mating. This flight is known as the nuptial flight. They normally visit when the weather is humid and hot.

The flying ants and the termites swarm the households almost at the same time. The termites and the flying ants have similar appearances. Termites have wings of the same size, whereas, the flying ants have larger front wings. The flying ants have bent antennae with thin waists while the termites have straight antennae with broad waists.

The potency and quantum of flying ant treatment should be decided on the basis of the problem. There may only be few ants flying in and around the house. Such uncalled visits should be tackled with an ordinary ant spray.

The queens shed their wings immediately after mating. They start looking for places to make nests to develop their colony. The flying ant treatment becomes indispensable if there are large number of colonies and nests. Ant baits and poisons as flying ant treatment are available in the market. The shopkeeper may help you decide the brand to be used. These baits are kept near and encircling the nests and colonies. If you are using poison powder then a different strategy flying ant treatment will work better. The poison powder is sprinkled directly on the infested area. A stick may be liberally powdered with the poison and the same may be inserted in the hole, nest, or colony. In both the cases, the powder adheres to the feet and body of ants and enters deeply into their abode. Large number of ants gets killed with the application of flying ant treatment in this way.

Sometimes, in some places, the menace may be big enough to be handled by a house holder. A professional agency for flying ant treatment may be called upon. These agencies are competent to handle any size of flying ants. They know about the hidden colonies of the ants. The cost of getting flying ant treatment from professionals may be high, but they give a time bound guarantee against such infestation. Safety is one big advantage in professional handling.

Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed cost effective methods of managing flying ants and searched for organic flying ant treatments to include in his report. He discovered readily available household remedies to manage the pest control issue.

Modernest aircrafts at Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) 2010

Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) is held once every two years in England with the purpose of developing and becoming the greatest exhibition for business, flying and entertainment in the world. FIA this year is scheduled to take place between July 19th and July 25th. This iconic global aviation event attracts more than 1,000 exhibitors from 38 countries among which Egypt, Morocco and Taiwan are new names in FIA 2010. It promises to be the most exciting event where modernest aircrafts such as Airbus 380, Global Hawk, RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and Boeing 787 Dreamliner gather. In FIA 2010, visitors not only admire modern aircraft models but also see impressive performances in the sky.


The Air Tractor AT-802U with new electronics, sensors and weapons


RAF Eurofighter Typhoon with a loadout of paveway laser guided bombs


Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Airbus A400m military transport plane


Global Hawk is a remotely piloted aircraft


Airbus A380 Super Jumbo


A model of Airbus SAS A350


Airbus concept plane can fly by 2050


The Red Arrows fly past with a Vulcan Bomber


Three Extra Flugzeugbau 300 LP airplanes




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Monitoring Business Health Via The Charter Jet Industry

Just as the Great Depression did, nearly a hundred years ago, the recession we have been experiencing has been trying for all of us, and it will even have an effect for years to come. Spending has been hugely reduced by the public, and businesses have reduced business travel along with many other expenses.

Before the recession, it was common for business executives to travel via helicopter and charter jet to get where they needed to go. Automotive executives would primarily use private jet charters to attend during the infamous bail-out proceedings.

Businesses began using various options like conference calls and commercial flights instead of business jet charteronce the truth became apparent. And in some situations, the term charter jet alone might have been cause to question the intentions of the ones making decisions.

The executive jet industry could sometimes be predicted by numbers approximately twenty-four months behind corporate earnings and as the worst currently seems to be in the past, the industry is starting to profit once again. To travel about the world for several meetings in a short span as well as introducing new business and raising new assets, big business, and the investment banking sector in particular, have grown in their implementation of charter jets.

As more industries begin to use private charter jets again, this is a great indicator of what’s coming, and it will reference the security of the economy in the wake of the credit crunch period. More than just financial institutions are utilizing executive jets and there’s various indications to lead us to believe that the industry is on its route back to the top.

There are facets of the private jet industry that cater to your needs better than that of the alternative, though traveling via private jet is somewhat more pricy than flying commercially. The real question is the purpose of the trip; if it’s time sensitive, needs additional preparation, and demands a higher class presence, then executive jets are the best method of travel to suit your needs.

Although the situation is getting better, it’s pivotal not to overstep your bounds; time is money, and in this current time, money is not a thing to waste. With added benefits like Wi-Fi, added personal room and the luxuries of a mobile office, traveling for work on a executive charter jet is unequalled, and with it includes a feeling of pride and luxury that could assist you to stand apart from the competition.


Our experienced and highly trained team is client-oriented and offers the most personalized service for your business jet charter needs. Our team of professionals are avaialble 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, providing our clients peace of mind knowing that a live agent is on hand when you need private jet charters. They are ready to address their specific questions, concerns, and/or itinerary changes. Rosamary Jollabaq

Checklist For Shopping For Used Aircraft For Sale

If you are considering buying a second hand aircraft for sale, you need to do a heap of thinking for such a decision. This is often mainly because shopping for a second hand aircraft involves checking of some finer points that is not required in case of buying completely new aircrafts. You would like to ensure that each detail connected to the aircraft is perfect or else you may finish up not only spending an enormous quantity of money but also can be in nice hassle too.
One of the foremost things you wish to think about when you’re pondering buying a second hand aircraft for sale is, whether or not you are selecting the right air craft. You have to think the rationale why you’re purchasing the air craft – do you would like to shop for the aircraft for your personal use or you wish to shop for an aircraft for sightseeing purpose. A sightseeing plane is quite completely different from a single propeller plane. Therefore, you need to confirm that the aircraft you are checking out is suitable for your desires or else you may be spending your money on an aircraft which isn’t as per your use.
Once you have set on the sort of aircraft you wish to buy, you’ve got to begin your rummage around for the right aircraft for sale. You’ll be able to take a look at the prevailing price of the air craft from completely different places. You’ll get in touch with the native airstrip club which might offer you some nice discounts. You can additionally get in bit with a local broker or a dealer who will give you some useful info on used aircrafts. Brokers sometimes have a list of several aircrafts – so, after you get in touch with brokers and agents, your work becomes much easier and your search is also quicker.
Once you have got set your mind on any chosen aircraft for sale, you can check each detail of the aircraft slowly and steadily. You would like to begin by checking the hull of the aircraft to its base therefore that you’ll be able to have a shut observe the aircraft. Check for rust within the aircraft, as it’s thought of to be the high enemy of any aircraft, especially when you’re shopping for used aircraft. If you do not check well, rust will even destroy your aircraft completely. Therefore, it’s always advisable to check the aircraft for any concealed rust that might exist. Your aircraft would possibly need a contemporary coat of paint. You ought to conjointly check for existing lose parts in any aircraft for sale. Lose elements can be fatal for any kind of aircraft – thus, check if there are any kind of lose elements within the aircraft for sale.
Don’t miss out checking the engine of the aircraft, since every engine has restricted hours of flight. You wish to confirm that when you’re getting the aircraft, it has enough hours of flight remaining or else you’ll deduct it from the price of the aircraft. Once you have ensured all these factors, you’ll surely make a wise decision.

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Aviation law: taking a general look in the regulations and organizations in aviation sector

Aviation law refers to legal guidelines which controls matters related to air travel, associated legal and business related guidelines. It sometimes overlaps with admiralty law. Admiralty law basically concerned about sea related matters. Admiralty law and aviation law overlaps when aircrafts are stationed in a luxury cruiser or some other activity related to sea or ocean.

International air safety principles and techniques are fostered by International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O). The organization sets standards and practices for navigation, civil aviation international border crossing procedure, air accident investigation protocols (Chicago convention compliance), etc. It is a subsidiary of United Nation. United State Department of Transportation has its own agency performing the aforesaid functions at domestic level; it is known as The Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A). The major role of the domestic organization includes:

Commercial space transportation sector;
Inclusion of new civil aviation technology;
Regulating safety standards using district level offices known as Flight Standards District Offices;
Development and operational side of air traffic control for both civil as well as military aircraft;
Preventing pollution-air and noise by aviation industry;
Issuing awards to distinguished mechanics, flight instructors, experienced pilots, etc.

Space law a relatively new legislative field is connected to the US aviation law and organizations regulating the aviation sector. Space law is basically concerned with anything related to outer space. The concept took shape after 1957 with the thaw in US and USSR relations as cold war approached its end.

National Transportation Safety Board Reauthorization Act (2010) empowered the National Transportation Safety Board with:

Extensive accident investigation training, revision of the term ‘accident’ to expand its authority,
Addresses the needs of families of passengers involved in accidents,
Directs the organization to answer the legislative wing regarding the manner in which accident information is divulges to victims’ families, etc .

There is a wing under U.S Department of Transportation known as the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement. The website of the department contains online complaint forms. Complaints can be of various types:-

Safety and security related complaints- There is also transportation security Administration’s toll free complaint number in this regard;
Airline service complaints-;
Disability and discrimination complaints.

Before complaining to the government authorities or suing in a court of law, it is always advised to approach the company first. In case of any type of complaints you will need to furnish your personal details along with the travel itinery and a duplicate copy of your air ticket. You should probe all non legal methods of getting relief from your problem and then take legal action. In case you are a resident of Florida you should immediately consult an Aviation Accident Lawyer.

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Flying Ants

Swarms of flying ants can be easily seen during the summer season. The flying aunts are not dangerous, but they have to be controlled as they can cause nuisance. Flying ants are often confused with termites. The main difference between the two is that the body of the flying ant can be divided into three parts; head, thorax, and abdomen. Flying ants feed on dead materials and plants.

The mating period of flying ants occurs in summer. The male flying ant keeps roaming in search of a queen for mating. The winged males can be found in swarms flying around large trees, chimneys, and roofs. The males do not live long after mating. They die within 2 or 3 days of mating. This is the reason behind the swarms of flying ants being visible only for a couple of days during summer. The queen, on the other hand, survives to form a new colony.

The flying ants can enter your house if you have kept leftovers open. Food remains, bread crumbs, and dead insects are some of the things which invite flying ants. The litter boxes and trash cans should not be left uncovered if you want to protect yourself from the swarm of flying ants.

There are no special measures required to tackle flying ants as they disappear on their own after a few days. In some cases, the problem becomes grave and needs to be attended immediately. The most important tip for keeping flying ants at bay is to keep the premises clean as unhygienic conditions invite flying ants. The other method to safeguard your homes is by putting a mesh in your windows or keeping them shut at the time of their expected onslaught. Some stray flying ants can be killed by banging them.

There are both chemical and non-chemical methods of getting rid of flying ants. They can be easily controlled with most of the pest control methods. There are very good pesticides and sprays available in the market. They can be used to kill flying ants. They can also be prevented from entering a house by getting roof screening done. The gaps and crevices in the windows and doors should be sealed. Care should be taken to safeguard all the entry points present inside the house.

It is better to leave the flying ants alone if they are not causing any major disturbance to you. They will vanish by themselves.

Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed cost effective methods of managing flying ants and searched for organic flying ant treatments to include in his report. He discovered readily available household remedies to manage the pest control issue.