Jet Airways Flight Status

In the past few years, there is an exponential growth in the aviation industry with the entering of number of airlines providing quality services at economical rates. Initially, private sector never existed in this field but the launch of Jet airways on 5th May, 1993 changed the entire scenario. Today, the market is full of a large number of private airlines.

Jet Airways Airlines is the premium airlines which grew under the able leadership of Chairman Mr. Naresh Goyal. It has successfully established itself as a low cost carrier, thus becoming a major mode of transportation for the middle class of the society as well. Mumbai based Jet Airways is the major airlines in India. The services are at par with the other world class international airlines and very much affordable. The fleet as well as ground infrastructure is fully developed so that the passengers can enjoy a hassle-free journey. The cabin crew is always well equipped to solve any query or tackle any kind of emergency during the flight. Because of its cheaper rates and best services, it has earned itself a valuable position of the best domestic airlines in the country.

Jet Airways daily operates more than 400 flights and connect to more than 67 destinations worldwide. It operates more than 385 flights daily consisting of economy, business and first class. With such an extensive network of flights, it has well-connected number of destinations in India as well as abroad. Now, any tourist or citizen can travel and explore different parts of heritage India easily with the help of the services offered by Jet airways.
To avoid last minute inconvenience, the passengers are advised to check their Jet airways flight status regularly. Complete information regarding Jet airways flight status is available on your fingertips. It is an easy and simple process. Log on to the official website of Jet airways. Under the plan of travel, you need to click flight information and then, flight status. At this page, you need to enter details like flight number, date etc. This will show you complete information regarding any delays or cancellations of flights owing to bad weather conditions or technical problems. To avail all the information related to Jet Airways flight status, flight status notification service has been launched. Under this service, you need to either enter your e-mail address or your mobile number so that regular alerts are sent to you informing you about the current Jet Airways flight status. Jet Airways Flight status and schedules are easily accessible online.

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Aviation flight training school helps to get your dream career in aviation

Are you looking for a career in aviation? Get ready to learn a lot of things; aviation is a broad field and it includes a lot of matters. People looking for a career in aviation must have multiple and some unique skill sets along with competencies in various fields. From piloting to flight mechanics, flight attendance and aircraft dispatch – a lot of programs are covered in aviation flight training courses.

Aviation flight schools offer courses to anybody who are interested to have a career in this industry and who have a passion for piloting. Training courses are available for those who are trying to start a career in the aviation industry and for those who are looking for a better position. People who are patient, adventurous in nature and have a passion for flying higher are suitable for any position in aviation. Apart from skill, interest and passion one should be medically fit for a position in commercial aviation.

It may look that a career in aviation is very glamorous and rewarding; but the job involves extensive traveling and long working hours even under pressure. When you seek admission in an aviation flight school for a particular program, you would be taught how to prepare for the pressure that the job would put on you. Career in aviation is rewarding but it demands a lot of things from you as well; people without proper aviation flight training might find it difficult to adjust with the job.

Without proper training under a recognized aviation flight school people cannot get the license to get a job in the industry. Especially those who are trying to become a pilot need proper training and commercial pilot license. However, some of the airlines take the employees through their own training program. This is done to give them a real industry exposure and to make them suitable for the position. Whether you are trying to become a pilot or a flight attendant or a staff, such training programs would help you learn a lot of things and prepare for a better career.

Aviation flight training programs that are meant for the pilots are generally regulated by the government of the country. Concerned authorities define the course structure and the flying hours required to get a license. However, the training programs meant for the flight attendants, airlines staff and flight dispatch are not much regulated.

Aviation flight training programs offered by the aviation flight school cover both classroom teaching of theory courses and flying. Three types of flying licenses are offered – commercial pilot license, private pilot license and flight instructor license. Based on the type of license, theory and practical classes change. One has to specify the type of license he or she intends to obtain; based on that they have to choose the right aviation flight training school and right course as well.

Any career in aviation requires a high level of hard work, dedication and commitment. Without proper training it is tough to get a career in aviation.

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An Aviation Management Overview

As with any business customer (and in this case passengers are the life blood of any business, and securing steady growth is key to success. In the case of aviation management effective route management is the key to long term growth.
Today’s airport market is highly competitive and airline engagement specialists frequently overlook the key questions that airlines want answered, namely, ‘why should I fly here?’ and ‘why are you better than the next airport? Engagement with airlines should be focused on succinctly identifying and introducing the opportunity, providing indicative traffic forecasts. Outlining the key economic and/or leisure indicators that will underpin the proposed services, and addressing how the route fits in with the airlines overall strategy.

Active route development is fundamental to the success of a regional airport business and Aviation Support. Without a knowledgeable, analytically focused and experienced team, prospective airline customers will not engage.

This includes airport network analysis, route specific airline engagement, commercial Negotiations with Airlines, designing and implementing route development/Marketing Funds. All the above processes require deep insight and knowledge, therefore engaging with a specialist company should always be considered.

The other important factor which determines the success of aviation management program is the degree of accuracy in traffic forecasting. Traffic forecasts are the primary driver of an airport’s business plan and a fundamental element of long term revenue, resource and capacity planning. Through the use of a number of well calibrated and continually refined models, a wealth of industry knowledge, and a highly experienced team, AviaSolutions has the ability to develop reliable and accurate passenger forecasts that will drive your business. Traffic forecasting includes Short Term Forecasts for Individual Routes, Long Term Forecasts for airport master plans, airport planning, traffic forecasts to inform financial transactions, Market Risk Analysis and detailed analysis by market Sector.

A detailed market assessment underpins the traffic forecasts. The number of techniques that can be employed to assist in ‘building the picture’ of the market includes catchment analysis including socio-economic profiling, historical market analysis utilising market demand data derived from actual passenger statistics, survey data, tourism statistics, origin and Destination data and schedules data, airport infrastructure constraints and aeronautical charges, examination of external economic and regulatory factors and airline perceptions of the marketplace.

A number of analytical techniques are used to produce robust and realistic forecasts. A toolbox of forecasting techniques used at Aviasolutions Aviation Services depending on the nature of the forecast required includes traffic allocation model, gravity modelling, econometric modelling, including elasticity of demand and economic growth, time series, peer benchmarking, network gap analysis, peak period and design day modelling and sensitivity analysis.

As pressure on core income generation in the airport industry intensifies, the need to develop alternative income streams is increasingly important. The ability to recognise where opportunities for improvement exist is important; identifying the right strategies to realise these opportunities is crucial. Performance benchmarking is critical to assessing the performance of an asset, to identifying potential areas for improvement and to qualifying areas where value in a business can be realised.
Companies such as Avia Solutions can provide you with the needed management skills to ensure that you remain competitive for years to come and beyond.

FAQ on Private Jets

Private jets are the ultimate in luxury items and a wonderful way to travel just about anywhere you need to go. If you are interested in using private jets, it is important to understand what options you have and to learn where private jets can help you to go. To get you started on your journey towards flying in style, consider the following FAQ on private jets.

1) Do I need to buy a private jet to use one?

You do not need to buy a private jet in order to be able to take advantage of the benefits of private aircraft travel. In fact, you do not even need a fractional ownership interest nor do you need to be a member of any special club. You can simply opt for private jet charter as the most cost-effective and affordable way to enjoy traveling on a private plane.

2) Are all private jets small planes?

Not all private jets are small planes. Although prop planes are available as a budget-friendly option for traveling limited distances, it is also possible to charter mid-size or even large capacity planes that can allow you to travel longer distances or carry more people and cargo.

3) Where can I go on a private jet?

With private jets, you can go almost anywhere. In fact, you have greater flexibility in choosing your destination with a private jet than you do with a commercial air craft. Commercial airlines, for example, fly into approximately 550 airports throughout the United States. Private jets, by contrast, fly into approximately 5500 different airports. This means that you can go more places and avoid the problems of connections or layovers. You can also get closer to your end destination than you would on a commercial aircraft, which saves you time when you arrive.

4) What are the benefits of flying on a private jet

The benefits of flying on private jets are numerous. In addition to being able to get closer to your destination, you also enjoy the benefit of avoiding the hassle associated with commercial aircrafts. Avoid long security lines waiting for the countless people before you to take off their shoes. Avoid fees and aggravation associated with checking a bag on a commercial airline. Avoid traveling on someone else’s schedule and coping with long delays, lost luggage and other indignities of flying commercial.

When you fly on a private jet, you also enjoy a more private environment that is conducive to getting work done if you desire to do so. It has been suggested by some studies that people are actually more productive on private planes than in the office, so time spent traveling will be used wisely.

5) How to Arrange a Private Jet Charter

Many companies who offer flights on private jets will take care of all of the hassle for you. Not only can they help you to arrange your private jet charter quickly and simply, but they will also assist you in anything else you need when you get to your destination.

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Executive Jet Charter: The Best Way to Fly

The public has come to recognize commercial airlines for what they are: inefficient, unproductive, and stressful. If you want to see to it that you and your company members travel the best possible way, you should look into booking executive jet charter services at your beck and call. Gone are the days when you would have to wait line after line in order to check into your flight. With your own company’s charter service, you would not even have to ensure that you reserve at least two weeks for you to be able to book a flight. To ensure that your business executives will be enjoying the time that they spend on air, then you should ensure that you book jet charters for your company’s business trips.

The main reason why you should look into booking executive jet charter services for your company is the big amount of time that it helps your people save. Think back on the last time that you flew commercial and try to remember how much you had to wait in line only to check in your luggage. After that, you would have to proceed to another counter to have your immigration papers checked and finalized. Flying on a chartered jet will help you and your executives skip the lines and the over-all bustle of the busy airport. Since you will be treated like the VIPs that you are, you will be able to board your plane on time without having to go through too much hassle.

You also have to ensure that your business executives also get the level of comfort that they need when they fly. Even though business class seats are specifically constructed to provide more leg room and to be more comfortable for the ones using them, they can still be uncomfortable for some people, especially to those who are travelling to a far away location. When you enlist for a private jet, on the other hand, you will basically have all the space to yourself. There will be no more crouching into your sit, for you can lie flat on your back if you want to. You will also be able to pick where you want to sit, for there will be no sitting arrangement to follow.

Business executives and higher ups leave busy and unpredictable lives, which means that having a flight scheduled can be a pretty harrowing process. Owing to the fact that a big number of people try to get onto commercial flights, finding a vacant seat in an urgent flight is pretty much impossible. Signing up for an executive jet charter service, on the other hand, will present you with none of these problems. Since you will be free to decide on your flight schedule yourself, you will be able to decide which time will work best for you and fly then. You would not have to worry about rearranging your appointments to fit a company’s flight schedule, because you can basically fly in style, on the time that will be most comfortable for you.

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Things Taking into Consideration When Picking Electronic RC Aircraft

 Playing electric RC aircraft is a very popular hobby. With so many electric rc aircraft available nowadays, choosing a suitable model does need some consideration. Fortunately, the process of selecting the right plane can be kept simple so long as you keep a few basic guidelines in mind.

Many RTF electric RC aircraft are designed for the beginner, but here are a few of those thoughts that you should remember when choosing and buying:

Planes that are of a high wing design always make the best aircraft to learn on because of their stability in the air.

An RTF (Ready To Fly) airplane is far better if you have no modeling experience, it’s the best way of getting airborne with the least amount of frustration.

Size matters! A plane with a wingspan of between 30 and 50 inches is the optimum size for learning. Much smaller and you’ll have trouble seeing what it’s doing, much bigger and it’ll be too much of a handful.

Check out availability of spare parts before you buy – you will need them at some time or another.

Choose an aircraft that is durable and easily repairable; for example, foam planes are tougher and easier to repair than balsa wood ones.

RC airplane with brushless motor and li-po battery pack will give you longer flight times and much more power than brushed motor planes.

Learning to fly an electric rc airplane is a fun and exhilarating experience, but you do need to simplify the game as much as possible in your early days. Keeping the above points in mind should help you do that, and once you’ve got a few hours flying under your hat and built up some confidence, then you can consider moving onto larger and faster planes.

Flying rc airplanes in general is a great (and addictive!) hobby, and making a sensible choice of plane when starting out will make a big difference to your enjoyment and success in the hobby!



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The C 130J Maintenance Facility of Choice for Lockheed Martin Aircraft

As of December 2010 fifteen nations have placed orders for 300 total Lockheed Martin c-130j “Super” Hercules aircrafts, of which 206 have been delivered. This four-engine turboprop military aircraft is the newest version of the Lockheed Martin Hercules model, and the only aircraft of theirs still in production. Out of the legendary company’s fifty year history, this aircraft has staying power, outliving several successor designs. Compared to the C 130, the C 130j has updated technology including Rolls-Royce AE 2010 D3 turboprops and Dowty R391 composite scimitar propellers. The advancement in aviation technology, and the high demand for these aircrafts, creates the need for a c 130j maintenance centre that can handle the size, volume and technology that the Hercules brings to the operating table.

C 130j Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

A large aircraft fleet requires a lot of space, staff and experience. The state-of-the-art c 130j maintenance centre at Cascade Aerospace has 230 000 square feet of floor space, to work on multiple c 130j maintenance jobs simultaneously. The facility, which was built in 2000, can accommodate eight narrow-bodied aircrafts. Cascade is the largest third-party, Transport Canada-Approved maintenance organization [AMO]. With a team of specialized aviation engineers, and staff working around the clock in the impressive facility, c 130j maintenance repair and overhaul services includes:

Light and heavy c 130j maintenance checks
Major structural inspection and repair
Corrosion prevention control programs
Supplemental structures inspection programs
Bridge maintenance and maintenance planning
Component repair and overhaul
Operational support
Fly-in and AOG support

Cascade Aerospace is a complete C 130j maintenance, modification and management team, providing all-around aircraft fleet services to military, government and commercial customers. In addition to c130j maintenance programs, the specialty aerospace and defence contractors also service other Lockheed Martin models including: the classic C-130, L-382 and L-100. Cascade Aerospace maintains and manages fleets with aircrafts under all models of the Boeing 737 and 757, in addition to many Bombardier aircrafts.

Great Location and Skilled Technicians for C 130j Maintenance and Management

C 130j maintenance for aircraft fleets is easily accessible when partnering with Cascade Aerospace. The facility is located with airside access, in Abbotsford International Airport, located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Abbotsford is home to a rich aerospace community. The facility is set within close proximity to Boeing. Both the Abbotsford International Airport and the city-wide community of Abbotsford have partnered with Cascade to continue growing the aerospace community, which has already become a staple industry in the city.

Cascade currently has a satellite operation in Trenton, ON, on the Canadian Forces base. They provide the Department of National Defence with onsite support, for both the Hercules c-130 and c-130j. Their office is located in Ottawa, ON.

The staffs at Cascade Aerospace are as impressive as the facility, bringing years of specialty experience in engineering, c 130j maintenance and fleet management operations. For more information on c 130j maintenance programs, visit Cascade Aerospace online, cascadeaerospace.

Cascade Aerospace Inc. is a dynamic, privately-held Canadian specialty aerospace and defence contractor focused on providing long-term integrated aircraft support programs for Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEMs], military, government and commercial customers. For more information please visit

Are Entrepreneurs Like Fighter Pilots?

I have recently been observing some folks that are resisting change… and isn’t it funny how the thing that we most WANT in life can elude us, until we give up the WANTING altogether?

I am sure many people have done the same thing. As soon as they give up the NEED to have something a certain way, then life all of a sudden gets easier and they get the thing they were looking for. In fact, it usually just falls into their lap without having to try. It’s the ol’ “A watched pot doesn’t boil!”

You can also say that it’s, HOLDING on TOO TIGHT! And when I was discussing this exact resistance to change over lunch with my husband, immediately my very favorite movie came to mind, Top Gun. The reason why the protagonist, Maverick ever got the opportunity to train as a fighter pilot was because his predecessor, Cougar, resigned as a fighter pilot after an intense exchange with a Russian Mig Fighter.

The resignation went like this, “I’m holding on too tight Maverick, I’ve lost the Edge!” He turned in his wings and resigned as a pilot.

What really happened to Cougar is that became attached to the outcome. He wanted to control the outcome, which for him meant, he didn’t want to die in a combat exchange (well, most people wouldn’t, but fighter pilots train to eliminate that fear altogether!!) That very fear and desire to control the outcome changed his ability to be an effective Top Gun pilot. For any effective fighter pilot, you must fly on instinct and be able to TRUST yourself, there is no time for thought or control. You cannot even fathom the outcome, once you do, you have lost the edge, you no longer fly on split second instinct and you can’t FEEL your intuition.

The same is true for entrepreneurs. You are skillful at what you are doing. You decided to become an entrepreneur for some reason, and that reason is that you are GOOD, no, you are GREAT at what you do. Becoming a skillful entrepreneur is similar to how fighter pilots train. They train, and make mistakes….correct their mistakes, and train more. And Repeat.

Effective entrepreneurs do the same thing! Try, mistake, correct, repeat!

No fighter pilot on their first run will ever be perfect, it’s IMPOSSIBLE! As will being an effective entrepreneur, you will not be perfect your first week, IMPOSSIBLE (or ever for that matter, so stop trying!) Trust me, I fell on my face so many times as a new entrepreneur, its amazing that I didn’t need plastic surgery to put my nose back in place! It takes training, trying and mistaking to refine your skill.

Let me repeat…you must make mistakes! Every normal and effective entrepreneur does! (Phew, so glad I am normal!)

And when it comes to the holding on too tight, we see that a lot with entrepreneurs and their fear around money. They now all of a sudden disconnect from their intuition and instinct and start wanting to control the outcome! They must not be trying hard enough, they must do more, they must be failing…and on and on… Such a common story!!

And like a fighter pilot, you, as an entrepreneur have certain intrinsic abilities to go with the flow. When you set your intentions, follow your intuition, and TRUST that your actions will be guided without too much thought, there is the magic flow. It is the same flow that the pilots feel when they are at the top of their game. Little control is needed, it feels almost effortless.

Malcom Gladwell wrote a whole book on this subject of trusting your intuition called “Blink”. He writes, “…I hope that by the end of this book, you will believe it as well – that the task of making sense of ourselves and our behavior requires that we acknowledge there can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.”

So, my question to you, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a “non-preneur”, or a fighter pilot: What are you holding on to so tightly that causes you to lose your edge?

Makenzie Kelly is a professional Success and Personal Life Coach. She recently retired from a Multi-Million dollar business that she started in her mid twenties. She has taken her zest for building wealth, which is really another form of wellness, health and prosperity and shares it with her clients! She currently runs two business and her blog: Adventurous Mom dot Com. She also generously shares free Personal Coaching Tips at Personal Life Coaching Tips! Makenzie believes that everyone wants to be successful, the only question is: What’s keeping you from getting there?

150-kilo homemade aircraft by Zeng Qiang

A Chinese man named Zeng Qiang, aged 24, made an airplane by himself on the occasion of his wedding anniversary. Living in Southwest China\’s Chongqing municipality, he is now attempting to finish his own homemade aircraft so that it can be displayed on September 25th. Zeng was reported to be fond of various planes so much that he spent his free time exploring model planes. The homemade aircraft weighs 150 kilos, measures 6 meters in length and 9 meters in height. It took Zeng nearly one year to install that aircraft. The only homemade aircraft is going to be exhibited at an aircraft show in Chongqing. As he shared, his two-year-old son also loves plane models and is his biggest fan.


Zeng indulge in reading documents related to aircrafts. He wrote down the design of his plane in a notebook


Zeng Qiang at his house in Sifang village, Shuangqiao district


He is holding a propeller at his house


Zeng proudly boasts a model plane of his


Zeng is checking a model plane propeller on a fan engine


He poses with his homemade aircraft




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Advantages of Remote Control Helicopters Compared to Other RC Aircraft

Model aircraft are made for several purposes, but one of the main reasons why they are created is for recreational purposes. Different remote control model aircraft are made to cater the needs of any hobbyist. A lot of unique designs are constantly generated to increase the level of fun brought by these model aircraft. While most hobbyist finds all remote control aircraft as the same, there are specific model aircraft that shines more than others. A very good example of these are the remote control helicopters.

Remote controlled helicopters, just like other model aircraft, needs a lot of practice to fly. They can even be more complicated to handle compared to other remote control aircraft. However, there are lots of advantages that remote controlled helicopters can give to its users.

Unlike remote control planes where you need to have a plain flat surface to serve as a runway for taking off, remote control helicopters can easily take off from anywhere at anytime without any hassle. Remote controlled helicopters can take off from a grassland, on top of a box, on top of a car, or anywhere as long as there’s a stable surface to stand on. This is possible because remote controlled helicopters take off vertically.

Remote controlled helicopters are made in various designs which make them very adaptable to any surroundings. There are mini remote control helicopters which are designed to fly inside a house or office rooms. This is one thing that other model aircraft can’t do. New models of remote controlled helicopters can fly at a very impossible manner at a remarkable speed, exceeding more than a person’s 3D imagination. These helicopters also have very unique designs, they incorporate various colors and models that enhances the appearance of the said aircraft. This increases the fun factor!

Another thing that makes remote control helicopters better than other aircraft is the price. Most remote control model aircraft are very expensive, thus, decreasing the fun factor since not most people can’t buy them. Remote controlled toy helicopters are cheaper and offers various prices which enables the hobbyist to pick their best choice depending on the budget. Since the increase in the number of hobbyist using remote controlled helicopters and the rapid development of the RC technology, the price of remote control helicopters constantly decreases. This only means that remote controlled model helicopters are more affordable than any other model aircraft, hence, more hobbyist  to buy.

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