Purchasing or Leasing A Private Jet Aircraft

The commercial airline industry is well aware of the effects of stricter Homeland Security Regulations on their first class passenger industry.  Rather than wait in stocking feet with four to five plastic buckets in hand, many first class passengers are choosing to purchase or lease their own jet aircraft.  This is having a huge impact on their bottom line.  Private jet sales may seem pricey, but for the companies that send multiple parties on weekly international or cross country flights purchasing a jet in either full or partial ownership can actually save money long-term.  Private jets are the alternative to long lines, delayed flights, and rerouting.  If you are looking to purchase or lease a private jet then contact a jet broker today.

A jet broker can explain all of your options in full, providing you with costing for new versus used jets, full versus part ownership, and even provide you with access to charter companies.  Jet brokers will walk you through your requirements and cross-reference them to available jets that they are licensed and empowered to broker.  They will be able to tell you about the maintenance performed on a particular craft, its reliability, and previous ownership.  Jet brokers will work with you to negotiate terms with the seller and even help you to procure financing and insurance.

Working with a jet broker like L&L International takes the guesswork out of buying a big ticket item like a jet.  You are no longer alone in the decision making process.  Jet brokers act as consultants, guiding you every step of the way.  In many cases they have extensive knowledge of the seller and can help to resolve any issues that may arise in the purchase process. 

Buying a jet is a huge decision, one that is best considered from every rational and knowledgeable perspective.  When it is a business investment all aspects of the purchase will be scrutinized and therefore seeking the assistance of a subject matter expert will provide added due diligence to the process.  At the end of the day you want to be able to enjoy the purchase, not stress over it.  Leaving the purchase in the hands of the jet broker allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Houston Aviation Accident Lawyer

If person has been hurt in any accident in Houston then person should hire Houston aviation accident lawyer. In Houston, many people become hurt in various auto accidents and they spend huge and significant amount of money on various medical expenses. If person gets injured in any accident then person needs compensation for his/her bills as well as pain and suffering.

For this purpose, there are several Houston accident lawyers are available who can help the person to get his/her money. When person seeking lawyer for accident in Houston then person should do the complete and thorough research because in Houston person finds the wide variety of accident lawyers. In order to find out the best Houston aviation accident lawyer, then internet is considered to be the best place in order to complete the search.

In Houston, accidents are considered to be unavoidable and in many times accidents involve various traffic tickets, expensive medical bills and numerous lawsuits. Whether the situation is considered to be simple or the difficult, it is very important for person to hire a lawyer that is considered to be very important as well as valuable step for meeting the legal process and also getting the right treatment as well as fair compensation.

In case of discussing Houston aviation accident lawyer we can say that accident lawyers in Houston are considered to be very trained as well as knowledgeable and professional in the laws and also know the rules and regulations related to the case. Houston aviation accident lawyers help the person to understand the legal jargon, numerous strategies, various eligibilities and hidden options. Moreover, Houston accident lawyers also protect the person rights throughout the whole process and also guide the person.

Furthermore, person needs the proper and right compensation in the situation of accident and for this purpose Houston accident lawyers helps the person in order to obtain compensations. On the whole after discussing the popularity of the Houston aviation accident lawyers it is easy to conclude that there are various benefits for hiring an accident lawyer in Houston. Moreover, Houston accident lawyers provide the justice as well as fairness to the people. In the final conclusion we can say that if person lives in Houston and he/she face any type of accident then person should hire accident lawyer.

Selecting Private Jet Companies

Selecting Private Jet Companies

Since time is precious for someone as active as you, premier private jet companies will help you avoid the hours of waiting time within the airport, the aggravation of a missed flight, and also the dissatisfaction of a meeting reduce short because of to a scheduled flight. By now, you are most likely thinking about chartering a aircraft. The decision to charter a private jet is a crucial one and equally essential is the procedure of selecting among the private jet businesses which one you would like to avail services from. Here are a few issues you’ll need to do or consider before you charter a jet.

Private Jet Companies Checklist

one. Consult with the Federal Aviation Administration. Take a look at which personal jet businesses have already been certified by them. Compile a list of operators, their aircrafts and contact quantity. Then, you are able to examine them out online. Make sure you make certain that they are an authorized FAA operator. Charter brokers often deceive you into thinking they’ve many aircrafts accessible when in fact, they only have a varied network of contacts and also you might get a substandard plane depending on who they get in touch with, and who’s available.

2. Make sure to validate the documents with the business of your selecting. They ought to have FAA Documentation, they ought to possess a legitimate FAA certificate. Then, they ought to have insurance, these with a bigger insurance coverage are usually completely checked through the insurance company. Lastly, they ought to have third celebration audits, to objectively monitor and assess their services and performance.

Personal Jet Businesses Up Close

three. Up to feasible you need to visit the private jet business to observe them up-close.

4. Whenever you go to their company, be aware whether they have excellent customer service, this will by some means reflect their charter solutions.

five. Select an plane. In the event you can see it up-close the higher, do not rely too much on the photos.

6. See to it the pilots with the company are of higher caliber, especially the pilot which will be assigned to you.

seven. Lastly, obtain the cost. Do not accept ambiguous answers inquire for that exact cost.

Private Jet Businesses Compared

Now these things are only a few of the things you need to think about if you want to avail of private jet charter flights. There are precautions you need to personally oversee to ensure that you are able to select what private jet company offers the very best services for you. You can even go as far as asking a number of your colleagues and buddies who have had encounter with charter services and private jets. They can give you a first-hand and consumer’s account with the company jet experience. In the end, the option is in your fingers, don’t neglect to choose the company which may deal with your needs better. Oh, and have enjoyable selecting from the pool of reputable private jet businesses.

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Private Jet Air Charter

When You Absolutely Must be There On Time

Whether you’re in the corporate, celebrity world or quite simply a person that needs to fly to a destination quickly, if you try calling commercial operator to book a flight within the next 8 to 12 hours you may be very disappointed. Not so if you go via private jet air charter.

It is projected that around 2 billion people will climb on board a plane each year, with a lot of people being time challenged and just wanting to arrive at their destination relaxed, and focused on the job or holiday in mind, the last thing you want is check-in problems, security delays and poor seat arrangement, that is sitting somewhere or next to someone undesirable.

Sick of Budget Airlines?

Imagine having a whole plane to yourself or just your associates! If you air charter, you and your loved one could do the Rumba, salsa, flamingo up and down the aisle to your hearts content, don’t even consider that on a commercial flight! Sip the finest of wines, Moet Chandon champagne, Courvoisier. Or just like a ground taxi service, you can tell the pilot, “Follow that plane”

Private Jet Air Charter is Now More Affordable

The benefits by far out way the cost and there are a multitude of reasons why private jet air charter. But I will touch upon those later.

To some private jet charter may be out of reach, due to the huge cost of buying a plane and running it, which could be in the thousands or even a million a year! Because other factors come into play, such as maintenance, insurance, staffing and parking of the private aviation jets.

Notably, the majority of customers using private jet air charter are celebrities and CEO’s.

Back to the benefits:

With Private jet air charter, you’ll fly in and out of smaller airports, minimal of hassle and the best thing is there are no queues!

Cabins are custom designed and you’ll fly the very best pilots in the industry and must meet required FAA standards and additional private jet air charter safety standards of Wyvern Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) program

Jet air charter operators also work with a variety of professional businesses to provide every service that discriminating travelers require, including the best regional caterers, luxury ground-transportation companies, and the finest hotels, resorts, and spas. So their personal flight consultants aim to anticipate your needs and provide outstanding service

When time is money, aviation jet air charter is the most efficient and economical form of travel. Flying with private jet air charter is much less expensive than full or fractional jet ownership or flight card programs..

Aviation Air Charters and the Cost to You

Selecting the right operator can make the world of difference, too. Some are an on-demand service, so customers pay only for each trip they take. They don’t pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars up front as they do with flight cards or fractional ownership. Choose wisely as some private jet charter operators don’t set fixed hourly prices for flights: pricing will differ from trip to trip.

As mentioned earlier, cabins are custom designed, you will have the very best pilots on tap, with whom you’ll familiarize yourself with on a first name basis. A record will be kept of your distribution of orders f food to be served of the private jet flight.

The prices of air charters are getting increasingly better, but with more disgruntled people worried about checking in times and more security problems, more and more people are going the air charter route.

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How To Fly A Jet Fighter

Who doesnt dreams about flying an aircraft on his own, especially one of the fast jet fighters?
But its a long and hard way to become a pilot and if you wish to fly a jet fighter its even heavier to reach that. There are different ways to fly military aircrafts, not only to fly fighter jets.
If you want to become a pilot who is able to fly a jet fighter, you have to study a lot during several years.

Most of todays military pilots already thought about fly a jet fighter during school time, because already after you have finished school and an apprenticeship, you have to perform different tests to find out, if you have the skills to fly a military aircraft. After you passed them well you will start to learn a lot about the different aircrafts, navigation, management and physics. Everything is important, if you want to fly a military aircraft, not only if you want to fly a fighter jet.

During the first years of your career you will learn to fly military aircrafts on smaller turboprop-aircrafts. When you are a really experienced pilot who regularly flies military aircraft, you will have the chance to fly fighter aircrafts. You will have to learn a lot of new things, because there are some big differences between flying a normal military aircraft and to fly a jet fighter. To be able to fly fighter you have to be healthy and very good in sports. Only then and after some more difficult tests you will get the chance to fly fighter. You will learn smoothly to fly a jet fighter with some training aircrafts before you continue to fly a jet fighter, a real jet fighter, able to fly supersonic speed. From the day on you are able to fly a jet fighter, you normally wont fly other military aircrafts anymore.

Jet fighter pilots need a lot of practice, so they will fly a jet fighter aircraft several times a day normally. Depending on the country youre flying for, you only fly one type of jet fighter or you will be able to fly different jet fighter.

All in all, the way to become a pilot which is able t fly a jet fighter is very hard and out of several thousand interested in, only a few will have the chance to take place in the cockpit to fly a jet fighter.

But if you wish to fly fighter aircrafts anyway, there are other ways to fly a jet fighter than suffering a lot to fly military aircrafts. Just book your flight as a passenger in a fighter jet!

An article from Cdric Hritier, responsible for encouraging young talents for the French air force. Everything is important, if you want to fly jet Russia, not only if you want to fly mig flights.

Chimes Aviation Academy- A Leading Aviation Training Institute In India

Gone are the days when Air travel was a preferred mode of transport only for the affluent section of the society. Today, with the low air fares, air travel has become a common mode of transport for people who desire to travel long distances over a short span of time.
The Aviation Industry of India has grown by leaps and bounds. Over the past years, the industry of aviation has witnessed a constant pace of growth as compared to other industries of the world. Due to the open sky policy of the government, many of the overseas players are entering into the Indian Aviation Market. From then, it has only been growing in terms of players and the number of aircrafts. At present, private airlines account for around 75% portion of the domestic aviation market. With the low cost fares and several private airlines coming up, the aviation industry is booming at much faster pace. The fast pace growth of the industry has increased the demand for aviation officers. Here comes the role of institutes like the Chimes Aviation Academy.
Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA), a division of Chimes Aviation Private Ltd., is India’s Premier & Largest, fully integrated Pilot Training Institute in India.CAA is driving a culture of excellence in all facets of the academy. The “World-class, global scale academy” has the latest fleet, comprehensive curriculum and renowned faculty consisting of aviation specialist with global exposure to deliver comprehensive training for professional pilots in India.
Chimes Aviation Academy is staffed by a team of globally acclaimed aviation specialist with deep exposure across training, commercial and defense aviation space. The experienced faculty of CAA, consist of a team of more than 7 Flight Instructors with several years of global instructional experience along with 5 highly acclaimed ground instructors. This aviation training institute in India offers a wide range of courses that provide a platform for the growth and extensive learning in the field of aviation.
Launched in June 2008, CAA has achieved recognition for its marvelous training in Aviation. As a leading Pilot Training institute in India, CAA is the largest operating fleet, more than 6000 Hrs of flying, 60+ resident students, certified Cessna Pilot Centers and Indias 1st and only ISO 9001: 2008 certified Pilot Training institute.
The solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology of the latest aircrafts in the aviation industry, CAA offers an excellent learning opportunity for young budding aviation officers who desire to give flight to their career in Aviation.

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Model Aircraft From Modelspot.com

Mad about models?

Seen the latest collection of model aircraft that model shops have to offer? One UK supplier in particular is stocking the biggest collection of radio controlled planes you could ever imagine. Looking for a new radio controlled model aircraft? You’ll be spoilt for choice within the cracking collection of radio controlled planes at the model spot. Thinking extreme? Flight kits can be found that contain state of the art aerobatic equipment and your flying experiences will never be the same again with model aircraft from this range. You’d be mad to miss out on the mighty model aircraft, so chocks away to the online store.

Stunt planes to Lancaster Bombers

The widest collection of model aircraft will be in stock at any given time. Planning to start a new hobby? Think model aircraft could occupy your spare time? Flying model aircraft is such an enjoyable pastime. Think of it as a labour of love as you bring your radio controlled planes to life. Take your time with the build process. Pick your power plant wisely and when you see your model aircraft take to the skies for the first time there’ll be a large lump in your throat. All of the hard work will be worth it as radio controlled model aircraft buzz overhead, twisting and turning at your command. Pick modern model aircraft, or opt for older designs that remind you of a bygone era in aviation history.

Start a new project

Buy a model aircraft and you can put in as many hours you like in the construction of the plane. Are you new to the concept of model making? Get advice from experienced model aircraft enthusiasts and speak to suppliers who are passionate about the radio controlled model aircraft that they sell. You have plenty of radio controlled planes to pick and choose from and you could build up a collection of model aircraft and opt for extreme flying machines in the goodness of time. Traditional model shops will advertise a number of model aircraft for sale along with all of the accessories that will be required to keep the planes flying for many hours.

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How to enjoy a jet fighter ride

Many of us have already seen a jet fighter in the air. Almost in every country you can find some jet fighters, often they are participating on airshows. There you might see all kind of fighters, but they aren’t all together that spectacular. Some of them are fast, some are versatile. The king of the fighter jets is he Russian Mig-29!

Because of his high maneuverability and the possibility to fly supersonic speeds, man air forces are operating it. But for the normal folk it’s often just a dream to fly mig-29. Even if there are a lot of mig-29 around, there are just a few people which had the chance to fly mig. Most of them belong to the air force where it isn’t something special to have several mig flights in the logbook. But if you don’t belong to the crew of an air force which operates the mig-29, there is almost no chance to fly mig-29. But almost doesn’t mean there is no chance, like the history of Zoltan Horvat shows:

I was dreaming about flying a fighter jet since several years, when I saw a Mig-29 at an airshow in Kecskemet. I was regularly in the air with different aircrafts, but only the common ones from Piper up to Airbus, always as a passenger, except for some flight lessons on the Cessna 172. Every time I saw somewhere a fighter jet I hought about how it would be to fly a fighter jet such as the mig-29. But long time I didn’t knew there are any possibilities to fly mig 29. I always tried to find a possibility for a mig flight, but nobody wanted to offer mig flights.

Once when I almost gave it up to search for mig flights I heard about the possibility to fly mig-29 in Russia. I then immediately started to search for mig flights in Russia. Suddenly I found an offer from MiGFlug to fly mig-29.

After dreaming so long from a mig flight I got one from my wife as a Christmas gift. It was such a wonderful feeling to fly mig. It was really amazing how fast and vertices this jet might be. So my dream about to fly mig-29 became true. As far as I know it’s the only place to fly mig. So you just can book mig flights only there unfortunately. But it’s the trip really worth to go to Russia just to fly mig-29. And Russia is a very beautiful country too, so you might enjoy other things in this country as well as just the mig flight with the mig-29.

As you can read, it’s not impossible to fly mig-29, even if there aren’t a lot of places for a mig flight. So if you search for the ultimate experience gift, why not a mig flight?

Zoltan Horvat, Finance Manager from Nagyhuta, Hungary, which flew the Mig-29 after several years of dreaming about a mig flight.

Aircraft Lights: Sending out clear Message

Emergency lights are integral part which spread out clear messages. Airplanes fly at great heights and chances of accidents due to collision is biggest factor. Emergency lights are fixed on the buildings for better visibility for the planes about the hurdle.

Warning saves from any kind of mishap. Precautions are mandatory and should be followed. But in case if we miss to do so then alarms can spare from the accidents. Threatening saves us and prevents from the misfortune. Buildings are incorporated with fire alarm systems so that blazing can be overcome before it can act as demon. Alarms are integral parts of every aspect.

Vehicles make use of emergency lights. Mistreatment of breaks, indicators, sirens or warning lights is impossible. Aviation industry pays high attention to the emergency lights. These lights are to cocoon the passengers for accidents. Tall buildings and other flying planes can take off the pilot’s concentration. And this feasibility of the distraction reaches to quite great extent. Preventive measures should be adopted to manage things well.

Traveling via plane is considered as safest and fastest mode of commutation from one place to another. But accidents do take place due to many reasons. Aviation lights are basically warning lights with high illumination that make plane’s pilot understand the correct path, both on runway and air. You must have noticed these lights on the tall structures (200 ft or above). They are fixed to avert the accidents or collision with other airplanes or aircrafts. Aircraft controllers from ground can recognize the position of the flying plane.

High intensity lightning device enhances the visibility of the structure enabling the aircraft to pass. Basically aircrafts lights are high LED lights giving clear indication from distance.

There are different types available for aviation lights. Xenon discharge flasher is a white strobe light which has become out of trend with wide application of red lamps. Red lamps are being used in many countries as they are illuminated with powerful LED lights. These lights have low maintenance and are highly reliable. Besides, durability factor is another major factor as compared to that of Xenon discharge flashers.

Smaller cities highly make use of low intensity LED aircraft lights due to their low maintenance. These lights are being lighted during day time. There are also energy efficient lights which consumes 10% less power. Solar based LED lights are of superior quality and are also eco-friendly also rule the competitive factor.

Other multifaceted light is medium intensity aircraft light which are also equipped at tall buildings. Electricity is the source for these lights and has huge life span. Inbuilt alarm system is the prominent feature of these lights. It allows staff to eye over the operation of light.

The most advanced of all warning lights available are twin aviation lights. Energy efficient, safe, durable, reliable and eco-friendly are the few characteristics making them amazing amongst other types of light. These aviation lights can be witnessed over TV towers, windmills, transmission line towers and skyscrapers. Maintenance is least factor which is to be considered for these lights as they are made integrating solar technology.

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Flight News On Concerns About Africas Aviation Safety Management Systems

In the November 2010 air news we have this article reporting on the safety concerns by African air operators.

Aviation safety in Africa has been a question of grave concern for all stakeholders involved in the global airline industry-Africa accounting for only three percent of the world’s air transport industry yet 25 percent of aircraft accidents occur in this continent.

Due to the sporadic air crashes that occur in different regions of Africa from time to time, older generation aircraft operating in the continent have been labeled “flying coffins”.

Aviation safety remains the most critical challenge to Africa. Although there are several carriers in the continent with commendable records, the average safety level in the region calls for urgent attention.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has often referred to the growing concern internationally about the safety of civil aviation in Africa and has stressed the need to make Africas skies safer. And there is plenty of reason for ICAO to worry about Africa’s safety records.

In 2009 Africa had the worst accident rate in the world. According to an International Air Transport Association (IATA) recent report on world aircraft accidents, Africa’s Western jet losses per million sectors surged from 2, 32 in 2008 to an alarming 6, 62 in 2009.

In contrast, the overall regional accident rates for the world decreased from an average of 0, 92 in 2008 to 0, 57 last year.

Africa’s accident rate is more than twice that of the Middle East, which ranked the as the second worst and six times greater than the third worst area, Australasia/Pacific.

Statistics obtained from the Flight Safety Foundation indicate that in the past ten years (20000 to 2009) a total of 91 aircraft accidents occurred in Africa, of which 26 were in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 14 in Sudan, 8 in Kenya, 7 in Nigeria, 6 in Angola, 3 each in Egypt and Gabon and 24 in the rest of African countries combined .These exclude general aviation accidents.

The DRC and Sudan accounted for 44% of all the fatal accidents on the continent in the ten year period. The top five countries-DRC, Sudan, Angola, Kenya and Nigeria-accounted for about 67, 1% of all the accidents an continent.

According to the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), the two countries (DRC and Sudan) involved in most accidents were engaged in civil war for most or part of the period 2000-2009 and hence safety oversight would not have been possible I parts of the country.

In a written response sent to World Air news AFRAA said “Five of the six accidents in Angola took place in 2000 and 2001 when the country was still involved in a civil war. After the civil war and the ban on the use of ageing aircraft from the former USSR in civil air transport services in 2003, accident rates in that country dropped sharply.”

This year, two major African carriers, Ethiopian and Afriquaya, suffered catastrophic accidents. On January 25,an Ethiopian Boeing 737-800 crashed an the coast of Beirut few minutes after take off and all the 90 people on board the aircraft perished.Ethiopias national flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines is one of the few African carriers that has a commendable safety record.

In May, an Airbus 330 of the Libyan carrier, Afriquaya, crashed near Tripoli killing 104 people on board. The causes of the two accidents have not yet been disclosed by the concerned authorities as investigations were not finalized at the time of writing.

“The safety record in Africa is worrisome. In some regions it is disturbing,” said Dr. Harold Demuren, director general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.”In 2005 and 2006 Nigeria had three major fatal aircraft accidents in its own airspace that involved three Nigerian private airlines. In the wake of the tragic accidents the Nigerian Government took strong action with the view to improving the country’s poor safety record.”

The African Airlines Association commented:”In Nigeria, following establishment of a more autonomous civil aviation authority under a professional Director-General and some directives concerning the age of aircraft that can be imported into the country, accident rates have fallen sharply.However, not much has changed in the DRC and Sudan and these two countries continue to register high accident rates on this day.”

Bans Imposed

International civil aviation authorities have continued imposing bans on many airlines in Africa due to poor safety records. Negative remarks made about African aviation safety record are tarnishing the continents image and thereby affecting the thriving African airline industry.Africas civil aviation authorities protest mass condemnations.

In April 2010, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced the list of airlines banned from the EU air space due to safety concerns. Thirteen of the 17 countries affected by the EU ban are from Africa with a total of 111 African airlines “black listed”.

AFRAA has furiously protested the EUs blacklist.AFRAA says air safety is the association’s number one priority and it admits that Africa needs to improve its air safety record. However, it says the EUs list is undermining international confidence in the African airline industry.

“The ultimate beneficiaries of the ban are European airlines which dominate the African skies to the disadvantage of African carriers. If any list is to be published it should be done so by ICAO, the global regulator of aviation safety, which has a known track record of impartiality,” said Nick Fadugba, former secretary general AFRAA and CEO of African Aviation Services Limited.

According to AFRAA, the EU list has the effect of damaging the reputation and business of many scheduled African airlines whose safety records and adherence to ICAO safety standards are comparable to the best airlines anywhere in the world. The Association contends that a detailed examination of the EU list reveals some contradictions.

“The majorities of the African airlines on the list have never operated scheduled flights to Europe, do not have plans to do so and have no aircraft with the range to fly to any EU state.

The list includes many airlines that exist on only paper and are not operational. The list indicates neither the operating license nor the ICAO registration number of most of the banned airlines,”AFRAA said.

EASA said most of the banned airlines did not actually fly to any European destinations.However; the ban was intended as a primitive measure to ensure that the airlines could not be subcontracted by larger carriers thereby “sneaking in through backdoors.”

In contrast to the position taken by the EU on African safety challenges, the USA introduced the “safe skies for Africa” initiative aimed at upgrading capacity, developing skills and providing infrastructure to improve safety.AFRAA said all this effort was being done by the US at a time when only few US airlines were operating to Africa.AFRAA called upon the EU to emulate the good example of the US and launch an air safety improvement for Africa rather than issue a “blacklist” which had not been helpful in solving the problems.

The association said it was ready to engage the EU and other stakeholders in constructive dialogue to find amicable solutions to the air safety challenges in Africa.

Ethiopian CEO, Girma Wake supports AFRAAs stance.”The small private airlines operating in some war-torn African countries have aviation safety problems. But none of the major African carriers that are a member of IATA and AFRAA has safety problems.

“A number of African national carriers which fly to Europe and other regions have excellent safety records,” Wake said. He added: “Unfortunately, there are interested groups who want to cast bad image on these commendable African carriers which compete with mega European and other carriers on international routes.”

Gaoussou Konate,IATAs technical director for Africa, said that one of the main contributing factors for the high accident rate was the lack of safety management at airlines. Airports and air navigation service providers.

“Poor regulatory oversight at state level and crew proficiency problems are some of the contributing factors,” he noted.

D. Harold Demuren, of Nigeria, commented that most African states were not complying with ICAOs safety standards.”Ineffective safety oversight, acute shortage of highly skilled personnel and operating ageing and poorly maintained aircraft are among the list of problems facing the air transport industry in Africa.

“Foreign aircraft operating in Africa cause many fatal accidents, he said, adding:”Several countries lease old aircraft with foreign registry that are banned from flying in other parts of the world. Some of these aircraft carry fake safety certificates, flight licenses, and insurance papers. I need to stress that nearly half of all accidents that occur in Africa involve aircraft with foreign registry.”

Skip Nelson, president of Alaska-based navigation experts ADS-B Technologies, shares Derumens view. He said that Africa had become a dumping ground for aircraft that might not be qualified to fly elsewhere in the world.”Poor maintenance, lack of certified mechanics and reliable parts, poorly trained pilots, old navigational aids and weak operational control are the major problems,” he observed.

Critics say that some African airlines purchase or lease old and rickety Soviet-era aircraft without safety records and for which spare parts are almost impossible to find. Africa has the oldest airline fleet in the world with an average age of 18 years.


AFRAA is the industry body which represents most of the major airlines from all corners of the African continent.

One of its major activities is to facilitate cooperation among airlines in the area of safety and security.

Experts from some of the more developed airlines are used as resource persons in training programmers hosted by airlines or used as advisers on safety issues. This has made it cost-effective for airlines to obtain the expertise they need.AFRAA says it is doing several activities to address safety issues in Africa.

The association sought funding from the EU for training programmes in 2007/2008 focusing on safety and it is collaborating closely with IATA and ICAO o sensitize stakeholders about their responsibilities with respect to maintaining world-class levels of safety on the continent.

It also works closely with IATA in the provision of safety training within the continent and hosts seminars and workshops on subjects including safety and emergency planning and disaster management.

The association collaborates with the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) and through other regional organizations (such as COMESA and SADC) where the association shares safety information and collaborates with them to facilitate the attainment of high levels of safety.

It encourages and lobbies African states to publish results of any accident investigation so that stakeholders can learn from these to improve safety. It also lobbies states to provide adequate search and rescue services to minimize casualties in unfortunate event of an accident.

AFRAA has encouraged all African airlines to adopt the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) so as to increase operational safety of carriers and ensure that African airlines operate at world class levels of safety and security.

It has also called upon sates of stringently carry out their safety oversight of carriers particularly the cargo, on-request flights and charters which contribute disproportionately to accidents on the continent.

Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings Over Africa Aviation. 
This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Concerns About  African Safety Management Systems. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/services/consultancy.html