MMA Gear – Get All You Need to Be a Fighter

Being a mixed martial arts fighter takes more than skill. You also have to have all the proper MMA gear both for training and for competition. The amount of gear you buy will depend on what gear is available at the gym and whether you want to train at all at home. Most training gyms will have all of the larger gear you need, such as the grappling dummies and heavy pads. You will have to get the smaller stuff, such as your gloves, clothing, head gear and pads. The way in which you select the gear all depends on what you need and how comfortable they feel on you.

The protective MMA gear that you will need for training and competition are gloves, groin protectors and head and mouth guards. These all are necessary for any fighter, regardless of his skill level. Most of this gear is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to selecting them. You just go with what fits and feels comfortable. The only one that is different is the gloves. You will want separate gloves for training than you have for fighting. The reason for this is because the training gloves typically are bigger in shape than the competition gloves. Having separate pairs will make for better fighting.

For training, you might want to consider using knee and elbow pads. This is optional MMA gear, but it is the best way to protect yourself from injury before you actually get into the ring. You do not want to get hurt in practice because you thought you were too good to wear protective pads. Another optional gear is handwraps. Many people wear these in place of gloves during training because they feel they are more comfortable. Also, it gives them the opportunity to actually feel their opponent, which many fighters like.

If you do not train in a gym where the larger MMA gear is provided, then you will want to look into buying some for yourself. This is the best way to enhance your skills because you can do it in your spare time without having to drive to the gym. These include heavy punching and kicking bags. These are great to put in a basement or spare room of an apartment. You also will want training pads that you can use with a partner.

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