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Air news for new aircrafts being manufacutered, airlines opening new rounds are all in the October 2010 article.

Aerial Surveillance Economy Package

The TECNA PT2000T four-seater was first flown in 2007 and is powered by two 100 shp Rot ax piston engines. Recently, the first PT2000T for a UK customer was delivered.

Last October, Airborne Technologies Gmbh and Tacna s.r.I announced the rollout of a multi-mission variant that has a maximum payload capability of 385 kg. It is claimed that this innovative solution for high-end airborne surveillance provides a new spectrum of possibilities for a much wider range of end-users than ever before.

Airborne Technologies is an Australian private limited company based at Wiener Neustadt Airport. It owns and operates a fleet of multi-mission aircraft/data processing systems for remote sensing applications and delivers fully certificated special service platforms.

Currently there is a growing global demand for surveillance but at a time when many budgets are constrained .The Tecnam MMA (Muti-mission aircraft) is offered as an effective and affordable entry into the world of airborne special entry into the world of airborne special services for government, intra-government and private organizations.

In July, the maximum take off weight (MTOW) was increased. This brings more flexibility to the aircraft operator and the sensor platform, with a flight endurance of more than five hours. In addition, the overhaul time for the multi-fuel Rotax engines was extended, from 1500 hours to 2000 hours.

Recently, a methane gas sensor was fitted for the first time on a fixed wing aircraft. Airborne Technologies completed the integration of the ALMA G2 (Airborne Laser Methane Assessment Gen 2) gas leak detection sensor into their fleet of multi-mission aircraft. The sensor, previously proven on helicopter applications, was installed and fully European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certificated on a fixed wing aircraft for providing pipeline surveillance in an efficient, economical, safe and accurate way. All detections are geo-referenced and recorded with a digital video camera.

Typically, the aircraft carries a retractable L-3 MX10 or FLIR Ultra force 350 electro-optic turret, together with HF comms, SATCOM and provision for belly mounted survey cameras.

Air Arabia Selects Thales

Arabia Arabia, based in Sharjah (UAE), has selected Thales to supply a large avionics package including flight management systems (FMS), and traffic, terrain and transponder collision avoidance system (T3CAS) for its 44 new A320 aircraft.

The new aircraft will be delivered with Release 1A, anew software version for the Topflight FMS certified on the Airbus A320 Family.

It brings new approach capabilities such as required navigation performance with authorization required capacity (RNP AR down to RNP 0.1) or GNSS landing system (GLS) along with unique functionality on the A320 and A330/340 families like FMS landing system.

Existing features like the multi-revision temporary flight plan with undo function and an enhanced intuitive display system remains unique to Thales on those aircraft families.

African Airlines News

New Destinations

Kenya Airways will open up seven new Southern African and international routes by year-end.

Luanda becomes the carrier’s 50th destination with feasibility studies being conducted on services to Nampula, Jeddah, Rome and Ouagadougou. The carrier has also added a single former KLM Boeing 737-300 narrow body and Boeing 767-300ER wide body to its fleet.

Twin Jet Lease

Wimbi Dira has released a single MD-83 from Spanish carrier Swift Air for passenger services.

Angolan “80”

ServisAir has added a former Alitalia operated MD82 to its fleet of aircrafts.

Gabon Airbus

Gabon Airlines has taken delivery of an Airbus A340-300 for its long haul international operations.

Arabia Egypt.

Air Arabia Egypt has taken delivery of the first of several Airbus A320 aircraft and started scheduled services to the Middle East, European and North Africa.

New Name

Air Nigeria is the new operating name for Virgin Nigeria. The company had rebranded itself as Nigerian Eagle for a while but did not have the rights to use this name prompting a name change.

Final Farewell

South African airways have announced that it would finally retire its remaining two Boeing 747-400s from the fleet during the course of this month. A third aircraft was also recently returned to its owners.

Fleet Renewal

SA Express is planning to renew its fleet with further details as to aircraft types and delivery dates likely to be made known early next year.

The fleet will include more 70-90 seat aircraft and will fit in with the carrier’s strategy of developing new routes including Dakar and Kigali. Meanwhile, the carrier recently added a third CRJ700 to its fleet to increase capacity.

Accelerated Delivery

In order to meet increased demand, EgyptAir has taken delivery of an Airbus A330-300 and will also take delivery of four Boeing 737-800s and two B777-300ERs by the end of the year.

The carrier is also looking at placing an order for either the Airbus A350 or Boeing 787 for delivery as from 2014.

Whisper Jets Delivered

Africa Airline Investments has taken delivery of its fifth and last BAe-1446, a series 300, from an order placed with BAE Systems earlier this year.

Start-Up Carrier

Cronos Airlines is a newly established passenger, airline based in Equatorial Guinea. The company recently replaced its leases Embraer Brasilia turboprop with a BAE146-200 leased from Africa Airline Investments.

Chad BBJ

The Chad Government has brought a pre-owned Boeing Business Jet for its Presidential VIP flight.

Zimbabwean Fokker

Air Zimbabwe is leasing a single Fokker F28-400 from South Africa’s AirQUARIUS Aviation.

Ugandan CRJ

Air Uganda has taken delivery of an additional Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet.

Tunis Air Twinjet

Tunis Air is leasing an MD-83 narrow body jet from Spanish carrier SwifAir.

IRS Fokker

IRS Airlines continues its fleet expansion with the delivery of an additional Fokker 100.

Maputo Schedules

Low cost carrier, 1time, has started scheduled services to the Mozambican Capital Maputo. With the additional route to Maputo, it will now operate 11 routes and undertake in excess of 1300 flights in a month.

Nile Air Airborne

New Egyptian start-up passenger airline, Nile Air, has finally started operations, initially flying services on behalf of Libyan Arab airlines.

CAA Fokker 50

Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation (CAA) has taken delivery of an additional Fokker 50 turboprop as part of a fleet renewal program me.

ITAB Lease

ITAB has leased a SAB 340A to bolster its airline fleet capacity.

Daily Services

Qantas is now operating daily scheduled services between Syney and Johannesburg.


Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 

This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Aircraft, Airlines & African Airlines Round Up In Air Transport. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / /www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/flight-news.html


Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 

This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Aircraft, Airlines & African Airlines Round Up In Air Transport. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / /www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/flight-news.html