Jets at Patriots

1st Quarter:

Patriots 3, Jets 0; 9:38:

Good observation from @MikeReiss on Twitter: “Patriots open with an interesting defensive wrinkle — rookie LB Dane Fletcher in the base personnel with Mayo, Spikes and Cunningham.” Still, Jets convert on third and long to keep their first drive alive, where to buy Discount NFL Jerseys? maybe ujersy is a good choice.

Patriots 3, Jets 0; 10:57

Did I jinx the Pats? Their next three plays — all incompletions, with the Jets getting good pressure on Tom Brady to force rushed throws. Shayne Graham hits a 41-yarder into the wind.

Jets 0, Patriots 0; 11:46

The Pats first five plays — 8 yards, 12, 4, 7, 20. I’d say their first-drive gameplan is working out pretty well. Mid-series adjustment from the Jets? We’ll see.

Jets 0, Patriots 0; 15:00

• OK, enough with the pregame hype. Lets get this thing kicked off. By the way, for those of you into this sort of thing, I’m blogging this from the living room of my apartment in Jersey City, N.J. 42-inch TV, on. Christmas tree, decorated. 2-month-old son, crying. Just like being in Foxboro.

• Mike Tirico, going sans overcoat or scarf in the open-windowed MNF booth. Bill Belichick, going with a huge puffer coat on the New England sideline. Who would have thought Tirico would be tougher than Belichick?

• Final weather report, from Banks: “27 degrees at game time, with 16 mph winds out of the west, gusting to 24 mph. Wind chill of 15 degrees.” Glad I’m indoors, if you want to buy Chicago Bears Jerseys, go to ujersy.


• Don Banks, NFL senior writer, is at Gillette Stadium and checks in: “Just got back to my seat in the press box. Had to do an on-field TV hit with Comcast New England. It is freaking windy and freezing. Passing games are going to be really challenged tonight. Might favor Jets big time if it’s a running game first type of night.”

• Resident Jets fan and master of’s Hot Clicks, Jimmy Traina, weighs in with his realist prediction: “The fact that the Jets have zero pass rush will do them in.”

• Don Banks is back with a report on the media atmosphere in Foxboro: “It’s a very heavy national media contingent. And I would say as close to a playoff atmosphere as you can generate in the …

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Landing Gear Maintenance by Licensed Aircraft Engineers

During inspection and before removing any accumulated dirt, aircraft mechanics must closely observe the area being inspected while the wingtips are gently rocked up and down. Excessive motion between normally close-fitting landing gear components may indicate wear, cracks, or improper adjustment. If a crack exists, it will generally be indicated by dirt or metallic particles which tend to outline the fault. Seepage of rust inhibiting oils, used to coat internal surfaces of steel tubes, also assists in the early detection of cracks. In addition, a sooty, oily residue around bolts, rivets, and pins is a good indication of looseness or wear.

a. Thoroughly clean and re-inspect the landing gear to determine the extent of any damage or wear. MRO teams may discover that some components require removal and complete disassembly for detailed inspection. Other components may require the assistance of stress engineers to do a specific check using an ndt inspection process such as dye penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, radiographic, ultrasonic, or eddy current inspection. The frequency, degree of thoroughness, and selection of inspection methods are dependent upon the age, use, and general condition of the landing gear.

b. Qualified technical staff must inspect the aircraft or landing gear structure surrounding any visible damage, to ensure that no secondary damage remains undetected. Forces can be transmitted along the affected member to remote areas where subsequent normal loads can cause failure at a later date.

c. Prime locations for cracks on any landing gear are bolts, bolt holes, pins, rivets and welds. The following are typical locations where cracks may develop.

d. Most susceptible areas for bolts are at the radius between the head and the shank, and in the location where the threads join the shank.

e. Cracks primarily occur at the edge of bolt holes on the surface and down inside the bore.

f. The usual types of failure in riveted joints or seams are deformation of the rivet heads and skin cracks originating at the rivets’ holes.

g. Cracks and subsequent failures of rod ends usually begin at the thread end near the bearing and adjacent to or under the jam nut.

h. Cracks develop primarily along the edge of the weld adjacent to the base metal and along the centerline of the bead.

i. Elongated holes are especially prevalent in taper-pin holes and bolt holes or at the riveted joints of torque tubes and push-pull rods.

j. Deformation is common in rods and tubes and usually is noticeable as stretched, bulged, or bent sections. Because deformations of this type are difficult to see, feel along the tube for evidence of this discrepancy. Deformation of sheet-metal web sections, at landing-gear component attachment points, usually can be seen when the area is highlighted with oblique lighting.

When an aircraft experiences a hard or overweight landing, the aircraft mechanics should perform a special structural inspection of the aircraft, including the landing gear. Landing gear support trusses should be inspected for cracked welds, sheared bolts and rivets, and buckled structures. Wheels and tires should be inspected for cracks and cuts, and upper and lower wing surfaces should be inspected for wrinkles, deformation, and loose or sheared rivets. If any damage is found, a detailed inspection is recommended.

Landing gear retraction tests

Periodically perform a complete operational check of the landing gear retraction system. Inspect the normal extension and retraction system, the emergency extension system, and the indicating and emergency warning system. Aerosopace systems engineers must determine that the actuating cylinders, linkage, slide tubes, sprockets, chain or drive gears, gear doors, and the up-and-down locks are in good condition and properly adjusted and lubricated, and the wheels have adequate clearance in the wheel wells. In addition, an electrical continuity check of micro-switches and associated wiring is recommended. Only qualified technical personnel should attempt adjustments to the gear position and warning system micro-switches. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. has lots of resources for the aircraft industry. The web is a vast source of information. Aviation-database collects the industry into one huge database of contacts. TAC Europe TPS supplies licensed and qualified technical staff.

Should Canada Buy Su-27s, Su-30s – Should the US Give Them the Bone Yard Aircraft?

There are tons of old US fighter aircraft in the desert slowly decaying, most have worn out engines and tired airframes and are no longer very safe. To keep them flying would cost a bundle indeed. Should we give those aircraft to Canada to help them save money on the military aircraft they need?

Well those old F-4 Phantoms are high maintenance and very old. So are the older F-14s, ask Iran, they had a few, but thanks to some sabotage and chaos during government change over, that issue was moot. Run-out aircraft are problematic, lots of problems and the old F-4s are Vietnam vintage, lots of TTAF [total-time airframe] hours too.

The F-15s in the bone yard are of interest for Canada, if they had modern electronics to handle the North Hudson Bay intercept points from a Chinese Bomber or Russian UAV stealth bomber attack, but really, I do not trust socialist nations much who knows where that technology might end up with. I would rather trust Lockheed or Boeing or both and their satellites and our own team there.

You see, Canada has 21,000 miles of coastline and with 8,000 in their military total, not really trusting much there, they could not put up a very large fight, it would be over quicker than when Hitler waltzed into France and French Canadians are of the same ilk. If it were US territory, I would feel much better and safer. Besides the 9-11 hijackers came in thru Canada. Don’t get me wrong I trust Mexico less, with their new contracts to work on Russian aircraft, helicopters for routine maintenance there.

Well if Canada cannot afford the JSF, then should they buy Su-27s, Su-30s or new late model Migs? Still the SU-27, SU-30 and late model Migs are not up to par with the latest US Aircraft and those Russian aircraft are not cheap either, ask Venezuela which thought that they might buy a bunch of them.

Indeed, I am not pleased with India making a deal with Russia to flood the market with late model fighter planes, but understand why. Like the Howitzers selling weapons to both sides, looks like Russia wants to as well. Considering India and China with disputed territories and Pakistan and India “cold war” like standoffs.

If Canada decides to buy Russian Aircraft, then we ought to stop protecting them and let them fend for themselves. Perhaps, against us, as we expand our territory to protect ourselves? See the problem, interestingly enough, it appears Canada is going to break ranks, it will most likely cost them dearly in the future if we stop our mutual defense programs. This is a serious issue, thus Canada needs to think long and hard about the choices they make. Sincerely, Lance.

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Book Flights to Barcelona

In the good old days before the advent of the budget airlines there was little choice of airlines and prices could be prohibitively expensive. Basically you had the choice of British Airways or Iberia and they offered flights at the same price.

These days things are different though. While you can certainly choose to fly on the traditional airlines – and they offer more facilities, especially if you travel business class – they tend to remain more expensive than the no-frills airlines, although not always. Part of the success of Barcelona as a short stay tourist destination was that its post-Olympic renaissance coincided with the introduction of the low-cost business model to the U.K.

Even in winter months of January and February Barcelona is great and is a lovely city. The best time to visit the city is probably between late September-November, so book your tickets well in advance and you can get heavy discounts on your air fares. Barcelona flights, cuisine is lip smacking and inconsistent in quality, but good food does exist at reasonable prices. With cheap air fares you do not have to worry about spending a little extra on other things as your cheap airfares have helped you save you a lot.

There is no end of things to do and see in Barcelona. The Magic Fountain has some amazing shows, which attracts many tourists, the Palace of Catalan music is an incredible building renowned for its architecture. The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria is a world-famous food market that must be seen.

Take care if you are visiting Barcelona during a public holiday. Barcelona  has an excellent tourist infrastructure, and is well organized to meet the needs of all tourists. Most tourist centres cater for several different languages and the staff can be very helpful. There are tourist offices in most regions around Barcelona and they will offer help in finding restaurants, activities in the area and accommodation.

Spanish cities are a good holiday choice, too, because they provide plenty of entertainment. Most popular of which are the two largest cities in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. And with the regeneration of Valencia, it has now become one of the sought-after locations. Other historical cities in Spain are Santiago de Compostela, Salamanca, Toledo and Segovia, where it would take you more than a weekend break to explore everything in these captivating and fascinating places

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Choose Jet Partners

If you want a seamless charter travel which combines promptness, safety, competitive pricing, and professionalism, choose Jet Partners. They provide you with the ideal private jet charter service for your business or leisure trips. They are an innovative and experienced company. They assure you of unparalleled service, luxury, and convenience in a choice of the best aircraft.

Private jet rentals can be employed for a variety of reasons. An entire aircraft is rented for a specific purpose such as time-sensitive ad hoc transportation for individuals. You can use the service for your company or business-related travel alone or with a group. They offer total travel solution by providing convenience, privacy, and comfort.

Special Advantages

When you select the jet charter service, you are assured of many special factors.

* Any information about your flight remains strictly confidential and your privacy is protected.
* You and your group of travelers are the only passengers on the flight.
* You can select or change your flight timings according to your convenience.
* You can visit destinations of your choice.
* The strong values of comfort, luxury, and flexibility are included in the cost-effective pricing.
* They will inform you about the highlights of your flight, itinerary, and trip well ahead.
* Concierge services can be arranged by Jet Partners for your accommodation, ground transportation, touring and entertainment, and requested information about new places.
* Avoid airline problems of congestion, security, crowds, lines, and delays at hectic terminals.
* They will provide you world-class food services.
* You can cut your traveling time by 50 percent.

Safety Measures

Private aircraft charters ensure the highest safety standards in the business. The highest safety guidelines are chosen above and beyond what the federal aviation authority requires. Reliable insurance policies, maintenance of operational standards are all parts of the stringent safety measures that Jet Partners employ.


Jet charter services offer a range of services which include private aircrafts for single passengers or larger corporate groups. Flights are arranged for trade shows, athletic teams, concert tours, and any types of groups. Time-sensitive shipment of cargo or medical patients and helicopter charters for aerial photography are among the many choices for aircraft charter services.


On-demand world-class services are provided by Jet Partners in a range of aircraft which includes light jets, heavy jets, super-midsized jets, midsized jets, helicopters, and turbo props. Customers have the choice of the most appropriate aircraft which is specific to their requirements.

Jet Partners can get you faster to your destination than any other commercial airline. They provide superior services that include luxury, comfort, professionalism, and highest standards of safety. Choose the best services dedicated to customer satisfaction and offering you the air charter experience you deserve at competitive prices.

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Multifunctional Military Hiking Backpack

Whether you are a hardcore hiker or hike every once in a while, what better day hike backpack to use than the one specially made for the army? Hiking packs for the military were designed to be lightweight, extremely durable, and portable. The military hiking backpack is also versatile, because you can carry it as a regular travel bag or convert it into a backpack by attaching the straps. Before you buy a military backpack, you should know that there are four types available to choose from, such as the bugout bag, daysack, snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack, and snugpack kit monster.


The Bugout Bag


The bugout bag features a four way carry strap system with shoulder, side, top, and back straps. This unique system permits you to attach items to the hiking pack. There are also several zip compartments located on this day hike backpack. These organizer compartments can be used to store all sorts of accessories. Another unique feature of the bugout bag is that if you need more room for all of your items, you can expand it. For added comfort, the straps are padded. With other backpacks, the straps can dig into your skin chafing it and cause pain. These hiking packs also use stress point reinforced stitching and waterproof material, in order to increase the durability of the backpack.




The daysack has side pockets that increase the room for storing necessary items and accessories. In addition, this day hike backpack has an elastic luggage accessory, which allows you to attach items to. The daysack is also unique for its adjustable air flow back system. Some daysacks even come equipped with a detachable rain cover. For aesthetic preferences, this hiking pack comes in numerous colors, such as cobalt, red, black, and navy.


Snugpak Sleepka Force 35 Rucksack


The snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack is lightweight, portable, and versatile. Its versatility allows it to be used for all sorts of occasions and it can be used as a general rucksack or tactical support rucksack. There are also many compartments to allow for more storage room and the backpack is made from waterproof material to allow for high durability. In addition, the snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack has numerous straps, including waist straps, contoured shoulder straps, and chest straps. The multiple pockets the hiking pack has includes side pockets and pouch storage.


Snugpack Kit Monster


The snugpack kit monster is ideal for pack rats or for people who carry many items with them, because it holds up to 120 liters of items. This enormous hiking pack resembles a duffel bag and can be carried as a hand held bag or a backpack. If you have excess room in the bag, you can decrease the size and re-expand it as needed.


Military backpacks are the most comfortable, durable, and spacious of all hiking bags hands down. Nothing else can compare to their high efficiency and quality. There are many different types of these hiking packs, such as the bugout bag, daysack, snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack, and snugpack kit monster. The different types of military hiking backpacks allow you to select which one suits your needs and desires. offers high quality, affordable military hiking backpacks that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

Cufflinks For the High Powered Executive

A sure way to dress for success is to pay great attention to detail. High powered executives know that first impressions can make or break a deal. If you are attending a business meeting or even just going to the office you need to make sure that your image projects confidence, positivity and success.

There are many options for a high powered executive be sure to make sure that the suit you choose has been tailor fitted to suit your body. Try to stick to navy, blue and grey suits as they are easier to combine. Note the length of your suit sleeves. They shouldn’t be too long or to short. The suit shoulders shouldn’t protrude too much and be sure to try to close your suit to see whether double or single breasted suits you better.

For suit trousers make sure that they are not too tight and not too long or short in the leg. They should just settle on the tip of your shoe so be sure not to compromise on fit. Try not to wear wacky socks, leave them for the weekend and instead stick to grays, blacks or navy blue.

When you are choosing a shirt try to go for either white or blue as these combine better with traditional suit colors. Again, be sure to get yourself properly measured so that the collar and sleeves are not too long. If you are going to wear cufflinks make sure that you buy French cuff sleeved shirts. You will not be able to wear cufflinks with any other shirt.

Make sure that you accessorize your outfit correctly, wear cufflinks. Cufflinks are a fantastic edition to any executive outfit and are sure to create a great impression and will show that you have paid great attention to detail. There are many different styles available but it’s always best to go for the more traditional designs including brushed or polished metal. Go for silver tones to make navy, black or gray suits. Steer clear of novelty or themed designs simply because you don’t want to cause offense or have people make assumptions about you. In addition try not to wear too much jewelry when you are wearing cufflinks, it just isn’t necessary.

Match your cufflinks to your necktie and make sure that neither is too loud or overly detailed. Follow the guidelines of traditional conservatism to keep you on track. You can look the part by trying to stick to simple classic designs without too much color or patterning. There are color crystal cufflinks that can easily be matched to the color of your tie.

Additionally you can also wear smart waistcoats or tank tops if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a suit jacket throughout the day.

Make sure that your shoes are not too worn and that they are clean and polished. Take the necessary time to groom yourself in the morning and make sure you have frequent trims and at the barbers.

As every successful high powered executive knows, being well dressed is key to creating the right first impression when brokering a deal. Pay attention to detail and wear cufflinks, a smart tie and remember to polish those shoes and you will be sure to have a great day at the office.

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Beating the Holiday Rush – How to Ensure Hassle-Free Private Jet Travel

One of the joys of the holiday season is getting together with friends and family from around the country – particularly when you can avoid the hassles of commercial air travel and fly privately. This is the time of year when many of our fractional-share clients get the most out of their private jet investments. Family vacations, for example, can be stretched so that you can be out on the ski slopes or on the beach the day you arrive and the day you leave rather than losing those days to flying on crowded, often delayed commercial aircraft and connecting through inconvenient hubs.

Of course, this is a busy season for the fractional providers as well, so it pays to plan ahead to ensure that your holiday travel is trouble free and all that you bargained for. These tips should help:

Play the slots.

Some popular airports like Aspen-Pitkin and Eagle County/Vail have limited landing slots. Your provider may require more advance notice for flights into these airports (early morning and Saturday/Monday arrivals may be easier to slot.) Some providers will fly into mountain airports only during daylight hours. Other popular destinations like Florida and the Caribbean may suffer air traffic control delays. The bottom line: work with your provider to cover all your bases in scheduling flights to give yourself the best chance of averting hassles.

Avoid peak travel days.

Many of your designated “peak travel days” occur during the holiday season. On these days, access to aircraft is more restricted, your provider can delay your flight by several hours, and upgrade and other concessions are not guaranteed. Whenever possible, schedule flights on non-peak days. You’re much more likely to avoid a charter and to fly on your preferred schedule.

Take advantage of guaranteed upgrades.

If you’ve negotiated well, your contract may include a guaranteed upgrade to a larger aircraft. This can be most helpful when you want to fly your whole family together to a vacation spot. You also may need an upgrade to accommodate all your luggage, particularly for ski and golf vacations. Again, request the upgrade well in advance and avoid peak travel days.

Consider simultaneous use.

If you’re flying family members in from various locations, take advantage of benefits in your contract to use two aircraft on the same day. This capability usually is granted to owners of larger shares on larger aircraft, but sometimes can be negotiated on smaller shares.

Say no to charter.

During busy periods, providers rely more than usual on subcontracted charter aircraft. If you’re averse to flying charter, let your provider know up front and insist that a note to that effect be included with your request. That way, when fleet aircraft are stretched thin, they’ll be more likely to send one to you and pass the charter on to the next guy.

James Butler is an attorney and the chief executive officer of Shaircraft Solutions LLC, based in Bethesda, Md. Shaircraft advises individuals and businesses with respect to the full range of private air travel investments, including fractional ownership, jet card programs, air taxi services and charter, and also specializes in fractional share valuation disputes.

FAQ about Aircraft Washing Entrepreneurs First Starting Out

If you are one of those who consider a new career in aviation in this economic crisis, then you may want to consider the fact that these days that sector does not need a lot of hiring. The FAA, of course, lacks air traffic controllers and always could you start a small service business business washing aircraft. If being self-employed is what you want, this can be a good option.


Having been in the aircraft cleaning business some 27-years, I know all the questions start-up entrepreneurs ask about airplane washing. For instance; “How much business is there for detailing/polishing with the economy still so soft?”


Yes, good point, indeed demand has weakened significantly during the current recession and yes, general aviation has taken a hard hit. Worse many politicians and even our President are out attacking corporate jet use. This has cost at least 10,000 manufacturing jobs in the aviation sector and slowed the growth of general aviation to a negative growth rate.


If you are thinking about washing planes you must also consider the competition, so another frequently asked question is; “Who is your competition and how are your products and services superior to theirs?”


Most of our competition is people like you, some airports have folks that have been doing business for years, and they have a significant foothold. And there is a lot of politics at local airports. For instance in NJ there is a lot of payola, it’s quite disgusting, but that’s how they do it, so you have to play if you want that business.


So, let’s say you start your business and you want to increase sales, well, you might ask another common question; “How often do you recommend the aircraft be detailed?”


We don’t and it depends on the paint, where they park it; in or out doors and the region of the country. If an aircraft needs it, our teams slip a notice in the bill at the end of the month.


Please consider all these questions before you start your plane detailing business and think about what question you might have. Just like flying at night VFR, don’t start into something until you can see what is out there. Think on this.


Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

2010: China’s Industrial Take-off Or Lock Jogging

1, door locks become a leader in

With the people’s living standards improved, the improvement of housing conditions, decided to lock the door will inevitably become the market leader. At present, China’s market to lock the main mechanical lock, mechanical locks are mainly spherical door locks, handle locks and mortise locks. The mortise lock than any other lock in the anti-theft performance, the scope of application and so superior, it is more viable. However, we must note that demand for urban and rural household-level locks, be treated differently.

2, vehicle lock to become cutting-edge

With the continuous expansion of China’s automobile industry, car locks development prospects. The Ministry of Commerce announced that China’s vehicle production in 2004 among the world’s fourth, breaking the 5 million, reaching 5.0705 million, an increase of 14.11 percent over the previous year. Which accounts for about 47% of cars, passenger cars account for about 26%, trucks account for about 27%. Automobile production increased, showing good prospects for automobile lock market, especially in the high-end smart car lock anti-theft lock the market has great potential.

3, furniture, office locks become a new favorite

With the home, office and commercial space to improve the conditions of the increase, making furniture, office locks the market is growing. At present, all kinds of Drawer, wardrobe locks, luggage locks, cabinet locks, stationery, cabinet locks, Cam locks, and even moving lock, bathroom lock, safe locks and other furniture, office locks high demand. These locks also with real estate, furniture, property management and other industries closely related to the patterns more and more quality requirements are increasingly high.

4, high-grade lock the direction

With the constant deepening of China’s opening-up, high-grade construction developed rapidly, high-grade lock the market prospects are bright. Lock lock industry of China’s high-tech investment is increasing year by year, the market demand for high-end locks increasing year by year. Especially developed countries, the demand for high-grade lock is extremely strong. My locks are strong competitors in the industry to seize the opportunity, timely access to high-grade lock the market. Wenzhou Qiangqiang Group through a joint approach will lock industry more than 20 companies combine, integrate resources, quickly lock the high-end market, a place to stand, so that the system locks power in South Korea and other enterprises have to find door locks should be Sub a cup of “soup.”

Other domestic lock-making enterprises also have developed, such as IC card electronic door locks, electronic locks, encryption-type magnetic door locks, Rooming house intercom security system, the valve lock. Some companies are developing fingerprint lock. Because of the high-end locks with high technological content, more prominent human-oriented, personalized features, so a relatively high profit products. Coupled with faster lock new generation of products, high-end locks in the lock will gradually become the mainstream.

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