Bio-Jet Fuel: Fly Through the Skies with a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Aviation fuel, the fuel that powers airplanes through the sky, is a special type of petroleum-based fuel. But just as we see many different pollution-related issues through the use of gasoline for vehicles, aviation fuel also emits a lot of pollution. In an attempt to remedy this situation, Boeing and a team of experts are working to develop a new kind of fuel for airplanes. Hard at work, they are hoping to develop biofuels that are capable of fueling airplanes! dug a little deeper to learn more about how and why.

Between 2006 and 2009, experts conducted laboratory, ground and flight tests with a variety of test fuels. The results revealed that biofuels perform as well or better than the conventional, petroleum-based aviation fuel. The new fuel, Bio-SPK (short for Biologically Derived Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene) is a wonderful alternative because it doesn’t require the engines in existing airplanes to be replaced because Bio-SPK is compatible with the current engines. Bio-SPK fuel is also great because it is more energy efficient than petroleum-based fuel, meaning that it has a greater energy output in comparison to the same volume of regular fuel.

The team developing this fuel is still working on refining the process. They are experimenting with different blends of biofuel sources, such as jatropha, algae and camelina. Jatropha, a family of plants native to Central America, has been used to make biodiesel fuel in the Philippines and Brazil. Camelina is a crop with high oil content, which has been used to produce vegetable oil. Algae, which many of us are familiar with, is a great source of energy because it yields a high amount of oil annually.

Working to refine and develop this school is a wonderful step forward. The fact that the airline industry is joining the green movement is a sign that environmentalists are going to see some real change soon. This biofuel will provide a more energy-efficient fuel with lower emissions. It will also help to make fuel costs more stable, which will enhance the quality of service throughout the airline industry.

Boeing’s website describes their efforts as such: “Boeing is helping guide the industry toward supporting the development and commercialization of a new generation of sustainable, plant-based fuel sources that offer a lower lifecycle carbon footprint and don’t compete with food and land resources. These advanced-generation sustainable biofuels afford significant environmental benefits when considered on a lifecycle basis.” applauds their efforts and hopes that other companies will follow their lead and continue to research, develop and refine alternative fuels for all means of travel. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

Impressive Property of Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is best known as a typhoon in the oil industry and the owner of Chelsea Football Club. An estimated fortune of $ 11.2 billion makes the Russian billionaire the 50th richest person in the world and the fourth richest person in Russia. In 2009, he maintained his position at second on the Sunday Times Rich List. 


Recently, Roman Abramovich has added the £56-million luxurious residence in the Caribbean to his house portfolio that amazed all people in the world. Besides, his private estate includes two houses in the United States, three villas in France, seven properties in Britain and other four luxury houses in Russia. 


What is more, Mr. Abramovich also owns ultramodern yacht Eclipse and an Airbus 380, which are only two among his costly collection of private jets, helicopters and yachts. Apart from those assets, the oligarch has 22 bank accounts and seven cars, mostly a mixture of high-end Mercedes and BMWs. Six companies are on his impressive list of properties, too. 

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and his long-term girlfriend Daria Zhukova bought the villa La Leopolda at the price of $ 500 million.

This villa was originally built by King Leopold of Belgium as a present for the mistress.


Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich also owns nine departments in a prime London block by Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The estate is appraised to be worth up to £150 million.


Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich continues buying up property by purchasing the the island of St Bart’s in the Caribbean at the price of 90 million dollars which previously belonged to Jeet Singh, co-founder of Art Technology Group.

The 70-acre estate in Gouverneur Bay was designed as a Balinese village. The house consists of Lizard Lounge – a main living room, edroom bungalows, catering kitchen for large parties and an entertainment complex.

The owner of Chelsea football club is reportedly to have bought another enormous estate in Colorado. The $ 35 million estate covers an area of 13,000 square feet of space and nearly 200 acres of land.

The house features 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, multiple fireplaces and offers stunning views.

The Russian billionaire has asked the architect of London\’s revamped Royal Opera Houses to design a £250m palace of culture on a St Petersburg island.

Another luxury house of Russian billionaire is the Chateau de la Croe located down the road from La Leopolda in Cap d\’Antibes, in the South of France.

The 300-acre estate is located in Fyning Hill. The house consists of an equestrian centre, a clay-pigeon shooting site, a trout lake, gardens and a 50ft outdoor swimming pool


In the picture is the £12million Tuscan-style home located in Hollywood Hills.


The newly built mansion covers about 9,700 square feet and includes a pool, wine cellar, cinema and a billiards room.


The latest baby in Abramovich’s growing art collection is the Eclipse – the largest gigayach on Earth.

The biggest private yacht owns a missile defense system onboard, a miniature submarine, a luxury spa and two helipads.


Russian oil billionaire has ordered a double-decker Airbus A380 – the world\’s biggest airliner at 300 million dollars as his private jet. The A380 is 73 metres in length and capable of carrying 840 passengers.

Not only owing Chelsea Football Club, the tycoon Roman Abramovich shows off his phenomenal wealth when luring striker Fernando Torres at the £50 million transfer with Liverpool.



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2010 The Strengthening Year For African Aviation Sector

Where there were many new arrivals and increased flight frequencies to many African destinations, the grounding of Ghana International earlier this year, created a huge gap for those seeking flights to Accra. The heart of Safari, Sun and Surf Africa remained glowing throughout the year and an increase in flights to the continent in July and December came as quite a surprise.

Country wise analysis of flights to and from South Africa is as follows:

1. South Africa:

This travel capital of the world remained in lime light throughout the first and second quarter of the year due to FIFA 2010 soccer world cup organized in its capital cities Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. Not only flights to South Africa increased but also more five star accommodations opened to welcome world cup fans.

The crowd continued coming to South Africa, even after World cup final and the historic victory of Spain. The new stadiums and renovations including a city train in South Africa are new tourist attraction opened in 2010. Overall, flights to South Africa topped.

2. Nigeria:

After dissolution of Nigerian national Flagship carrier, only recently a private airline Arik Airways has started offering cheap flights to Lagos and direct flights to Abuja. Unlike the liquidated flagship carrier, Arik proved to be the new face of Nigeria. The airline succeeded and made its place in the market in matter of months. Its rapid growth, high standard and unmatchable performance acquired it a place among the top airlines in African Continent and also among the fastest growing airlines of the whole wide world. Arik Airways has revived tourism in Nigeria. The countrys recently added attraction Abuja Carnival also proved quite a tourism booster in 2010.

3. Ethiopia:

Ethiopian Airline is also a strong African carrier that not only caters to the demand of direct flights to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, but also provides flights to neighboring landlocked countries. Its flights to Harare and Johannesburg are also popular.

4. Kenya:

Kenyas national carrier Kenya Airways is called the pride of Africa. Its the most successful airline with a remarkable present and a brighter future. Kenya also operates code share flights with Top European airline KLM and offers direct flights to Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya.

5. Zimbabwe:

The countrys top carrier is Air Zimbabwe offering direct flights to Harare, Victoria Falls, Bulawayo and also connecting flights to Johannesburg. Zimbabwe performed an average but the flight prices crawled higher this year in December.

6. Zambia:

Zambias popular for golf courses and an elite safari experience, one of its kinds. Flights to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia are only popular among those who can dare to cross their budget.

7. Ghana:

Ghana suffered immensely as the bankrupted Ghana International Airline did not provide any refunds to date. The country is now provided with direct flights by Virgin Atlantic.

8. Libya:

Air Afriqiyah operating flights via Tripoli to Lagos, Abuja, Dhaka, Johannesburg and many other destinations remained the top choice of budget travelers. Though Libya as a country, did not manage to get more attention from Western tourists.

9. Tanzania:

Dar es Salaam has been well traveled in 2010 however largely by immigrants and settlers and rarely tourists.

10. Egypt:

Egypt saw a rise in flights to Cairo and Flights to Sharm el Sheik as UKs national carrier British Airways now offers great deals on flights to Egypt in all three classes.

The major challenge for Aviation industry in Africa is double taxation. The government needs to assist the industry and the airline operators need to assist themselves as well.

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The Magic Of Flying Toys

Toys are considered to be the best friends that the kids love to spend their time with. They make them create a world of their own and they started developing on their imagination senses and abilities. They talk to them, fondle them and like to spend most of their time with them. It is also sometimes often seen that some specific ones makes the kids generate the idea of doing something big in the future.
What I mean to say is, suppose a child is playing with an army toy truck and then suddenly the kid realizes that he/she will go on to join the army. On the other hand, a kid playing with some flying toys like flying aeroplane and then the thought of becoming a pilot may arise in his/her mind.
Although, they are best used by the kids but, sometimes, it has been observed that certain young adults also show enormous interest on certain types of toys, mainly the remote controlled ones and the flying toys.
Although there are several toys that can be seen available in the market, but the toys that creates the most interest among the young ones are the battery operated ones, the remote controlled ones and the flying plaything.
Let us have a look at the toys that most of the young generation kids love to have in possession:
Computer games, console games, remote controlled cars, remote controlled boats, radio controlled helicopters , radio controlled aeroplanes, railway sets that include tracks, engines, and signals along with decorative designs, building block games, puzzle solving games, etc.
Among the above mentioned list, the most innovative ones are the flying toys that are radio controlled or remote operated. They depict the advent of high technology involving science and mechanics to build up the fascinating and amazing stuff.
Although most of these remote controlled or radio controlled flying toys are battery operated but still you cannot ignore the fact about the high technologies used to build these amazing games for the kids.
Not only do they possess the ability to fly, but also the remotes used to operate them have certain features that help gain and attain certain heights according to operation control by the users.
By now, you may have understood the fact that these are one of the best gifts to give your kids during the Christmas or birthday events. However, you need to know about the fact that quality ones are not cheap in pricing and have a fairly high price tag associate with them.
Although cheaper types are also available in the market, but the quality is not guaranteed. Moreover, the functionality of these toys is also limited to some specific types. But these types of issues will not happen in the case for high quality flying toys and so the pricing automatically gets up. Also, the high quality ones are more durable and will last for a longer period of time.

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Most Fabulous Future Planes

Recently, some famous brands like NASA, Boeing, Airbus and Japan Airlines have announced their incredible future planes that will be released by 2030. In general, these flying concepts tend to be faster, more convenient and use less fuel than current airliners. Particularly, some of them are friendly to the living environment and able to take off or land on different areas.


NASA Solar Flapper, Japan Airlines Concept, NASA\’s “Puffin” Personal Aircraft, the Flying Saucer, Icon A5, Luxury Blimp and MIT Concept Plane are among most fabulous future planes this article expects to introduce.


NASA Solar Flapper

The NASA Solar Flapper uses solar power and is able to combine energy production, energy storage, airfoil as well as propulsion


Japan Airlines Concept

The plane designed by industrial designer Luigi Colani is a concept for Japan Airlines


NASA\’s “Puffin” Personal Aircraft

The personal aircraft design aims at reaching speeds of over 150mph with a range of around 50 miles. Besides, it will be hover-capable, electric-powered and super-quiet


The Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer designed by the CleanEra project is an environmentally friendly plane that releases 50 percent less carbon dioxide per passenger-mile than current airliners


Icon A5

The $ 140,000 Icon A5 is able to take off and land on water or dry land. Besides, it can fit comfortably into a large garage if its 32-foot wings are folded


Luxury Blimp

Luxury Blimp, also known as “flying yacht”, can reach a top speed of 120 knots and take off or land on vertically


MIT Concept Plane


The MIT Concept Plane designed by an engineer team at MIT can be released as soon as 2030



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How To Become a Powerful MMA Fighter ? 3 Steps

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and you’re not the only one thinking about joining it. We’re not talking about going out and buying an MMA T-shirt and pretending you’re a fighter, we’re talking about getting in the cage. Here are some tips that can get you started right.

Sign Up For a Club.

Do some searching in your area to find the most successful MMA training club you can, and sign up for them. Try working with some of the best fighters as soon as possible.

Going from one gym to the next is just wasting time. Find out from people you know which gym is the best, and get in there.

Attend an Event.

If you can go to live MMA wherever it is you’ll find it to be a very valuable learning experience. If it is an amateur event in your area, you’ll see what the competition looks like for your locality and give you an idea of how you will fit in the mix.

If you can go watch to big shows live too, that is an amazing experience. Watching the UFC live is like no other.


There should be an event in your area coming up in the near future, and you should make it your goal to get on that card. Some clubs will require you train for longer before you actually fight, but the sooner you sign up, the harder you will train and make yourself a better fighter.

So many would-be fighters are actually too gutless to actually sign up for a fight, and they’re the ones that you hear about how tough they are all the time, usually from them, but they always have an excuse to not actually fight.

These tips can give you a good idea of how to start out on the right foot in MMA. Of course these are just the beginning, a MMA training program will give you the guidance you need before entering the club to get you working with the best fighters as soon as possible. was created as a resource for the most affordable and successful MMA training programs available. You can download their now free exclusive ebook: “4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Destroyer in the cage”. was created as a resource for the most affordable and successful MMA training programs available. You can download their now free exclusive ebook: “4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Destroyer in the cage”.

With a Flight Simulator It is possible to Learn how to Fly Your Own Plane

With a Flight Simulator you’ll be able to Learn how to Fly your individual Plane

In the event you desire to fly a Boeing 747, cargo plane, navy plane, helicopter, or, pick from hundreds of other various models of aircraft, it is uncomplicated to put together planning on a flight simulator. The software is now so innovative that soon after awhile you are going to merely imagine you happen to be inside the vast open sky experiencing the genuine thing as the graphics are actually so sensible as are other everyday living like ordeals such as changeable climate, terrain and cockpits as well as the controls.

This really is all accomplished by downloadable software.

The software was initially introduced for training reasons for pilots in instruction colleges for business good reasons. It then observed its way onto the web for people to also train or quickly perform video game titles. It really is invaluable for education within just the aviation trade and can be used in military establishments for instruction reasons because it’s the next closest issue to flying the real matter. Flight simulators present advanced training for take offs and landings and when the COMPUTER SYSTEM pilot doesn’t get it appropriate, just such as the legitimate matter, he crashes.

If that you are thinking about air combat you couldn’t have a much better experience than using a flight simulator – because at the very least in the conclude you are able to walk away, but, because the scenery, terrain and changeable situations are so true you’ll possess a great deal of entertaining and that has a multiuse console you are able to problem your pals as well.

So you may take on for the air fearlessly and stay to battle a different time of day. You may knowledge legitimate encounters like night flying and landing using the aid of runway light beneath you and also you’ll have to regulate your velocity and rudder just like the authentic matter.

Flight simulators are gaining in technology each of the time and most supply addons as they’re created. So, if you want a fantastic, satisfactory expertise go and obtain the software package currently.

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Military Fascinated

I have always been fascinated by the military; I even signed up for the Air Force, back in college but unfortunately I was unable to join at that time. From all the armed forces I always wanted to be a part of the USAF, as the military airplane such as the Apaches and Falcons fascinated me. I would never picture myself as a pilot, but being a part of the military was just my dream.

It has been a few years since my college days and my love to the armed forces is as strong as the day when I was sitting with my recruiter at the college campus talking about the boot camp. As I never made it to the USAF I voluntarily signed up as the USAF Reserve. I go to the base twice a month and help out with things. I was also assigned for the boot camp and for the 5 weeks while there,  I was able to learn so many new things, such as camo netting.

The first camo netting was made especially for the military; the idea was, as the name suggest, hide things and even the people from the eyes of an enemy. The camo was used while on the combat missions and during our training we used the “military camo” – which is in green and brown , to wrap our faces in it and guns. The fabric is soft and waterproof so we could crawl in the mud with it and then simply wash it with water.

I will stay as the USAF Reserve for the next 2 years and then I am going to volunteer at the base in case they need someone there, and as you might guess the USAF is such a busy place, they always need someone and I will be happy to be that person for them.

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With A Flight Simulator You Can Learn To Fly Your Own Plane

With a Flight Simulator you can Learn to Fly your own Plane

If you want to fly a Boeing 747, cargo plane, military plane, helicopter, or, choose from hundreds of other different models of aircraft, its easy to get going on a flight simulator. The software is now so advanced that after awhile you will simply believe you are in the wide open sky experiencing the real thing as the graphics are now so realistic as are other life like experiences such as changeable weather, terrain and cockpits and the controls.
This is all achieved by downloadable software.

The software was originally introduced for training purposes for pilots in training schools for commercial reasons. It then found its way onto the internet for users to also train or simply play games. Its invaluable for training within the aviation industry and is also used in military institutions for training purposes as its the next closest thing to flying the real thing. Flight simulators offer advanced training for take offs and landings and if the PC pilot doesnt get it right, just like the real thing, he crashes.
If you are interested in air combat you couldnt have a better experience than on a flight simulator because at least at the end you can walk away, but, because the scenery, terrain and changeable conditions are so real youll have a lot of fun and with a multiuse console you can challenge your friends too.

So you can take to the air fearlessly and live to fight another day. Youll experience real experiences like night flying and landing with the aid of runway light beneath you and youll have to adjust your speed and rudder just like the real thing.
Flight simulators are gaining in technology all the time and most offer addons as they are developed. So, if you want a great, satisfactory experience go and download the software today.

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Military Gear

Probably the main reason why this thing happens is because military clothing is really comfortable, no matter what difficult tasks you need to solve. Under these circumstances, dont look surprised if you see people wearing Belleville Boots and assorted clothing. These outfits have many advantages for all people, not just for the soldiers.
One important advantage of these clothes is represented by the high quality and the strength of the fabrics they are made from. Military gear, as well as the combat boots, is designed to fit the needs of the soldiers found on the mission. They must be prepared for the roughest conditions and their clothes and boots need to help them in these situations. It is hard enough as a soldier that you need to walk through humid jungles, or marshes, or through the desert, without you feeling uneasy because of the uncomfortable shoes and clothes. When you are soldier, you need to stay focused every second and uncomfortable gear can make you lose your life and your squads.
At first, military gear was available only for people who worked in the army, but in time, they understood that letting these clothes to be bought by civilians as well, represents a great method of profit for them. There are military men who send back home their new clothes for example and, if the family decides, they can sell the outfit to local stores. This is the reason why, you can find these items in local stores or online, in shops specialized on these military items, which are pretty successful, because more and more people are interested in buying combat boots or other specific clothes.
If you perform a thorough research on the Internet, you will discover that there are lots of items that you can purchase, not just for men or women, but for young and children as well. If you are a woman and you want to look kind of chic wearing military gear, then you can buy some which can have feminine touches as well. If you like pink, then you can find tactical group uniforms on the Internet, colored in this color. But you can also find the regular military gear in gray or navy blue color.
There are parents who have children really passionate about becoming a soldier and if you find it suitable, then you can buy a special military gear for him. Of course, no matter who you buy soldiers clothes for, you must not forget about a pair of Belleville Boots to match the rest of the outfit. And if celebrities look chic and trendy dressed in military gear and combat boots, why wouldnt you? As you can see, many are interested in purchasing these clothes, but if you are not one of them, at least you can admit that people who wear them are pretty good looking.

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