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Air news for new aircrafts being manufacutered, airlines opening new rounds are all in the October 2010 article.

Aerial Surveillance Economy Package

The TECNA PT2000T four-seater was first flown in 2007 and is powered by two 100 shp Rot ax piston engines. Recently, the first PT2000T for a UK customer was delivered.

Last October, Airborne Technologies Gmbh and Tacna s.r.I announced the rollout of a multi-mission variant that has a maximum payload capability of 385 kg. It is claimed that this innovative solution for high-end airborne surveillance provides a new spectrum of possibilities for a much wider range of end-users than ever before.

Airborne Technologies is an Australian private limited company based at Wiener Neustadt Airport. It owns and operates a fleet of multi-mission aircraft/data processing systems for remote sensing applications and delivers fully certificated special service platforms.

Currently there is a growing global demand for surveillance but at a time when many budgets are constrained .The Tecnam MMA (Muti-mission aircraft) is offered as an effective and affordable entry into the world of airborne special entry into the world of airborne special services for government, intra-government and private organizations.

In July, the maximum take off weight (MTOW) was increased. This brings more flexibility to the aircraft operator and the sensor platform, with a flight endurance of more than five hours. In addition, the overhaul time for the multi-fuel Rotax engines was extended, from 1500 hours to 2000 hours.

Recently, a methane gas sensor was fitted for the first time on a fixed wing aircraft. Airborne Technologies completed the integration of the ALMA G2 (Airborne Laser Methane Assessment Gen 2) gas leak detection sensor into their fleet of multi-mission aircraft. The sensor, previously proven on helicopter applications, was installed and fully European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certificated on a fixed wing aircraft for providing pipeline surveillance in an efficient, economical, safe and accurate way. All detections are geo-referenced and recorded with a digital video camera.

Typically, the aircraft carries a retractable L-3 MX10 or FLIR Ultra force 350 electro-optic turret, together with HF comms, SATCOM and provision for belly mounted survey cameras.

Air Arabia Selects Thales

Arabia Arabia, based in Sharjah (UAE), has selected Thales to supply a large avionics package including flight management systems (FMS), and traffic, terrain and transponder collision avoidance system (T3CAS) for its 44 new A320 aircraft.

The new aircraft will be delivered with Release 1A, anew software version for the Topflight FMS certified on the Airbus A320 Family.

It brings new approach capabilities such as required navigation performance with authorization required capacity (RNP AR down to RNP 0.1) or GNSS landing system (GLS) along with unique functionality on the A320 and A330/340 families like FMS landing system.

Existing features like the multi-revision temporary flight plan with undo function and an enhanced intuitive display system remains unique to Thales on those aircraft families.

African Airlines News

New Destinations

Kenya Airways will open up seven new Southern African and international routes by year-end.

Luanda becomes the carrier’s 50th destination with feasibility studies being conducted on services to Nampula, Jeddah, Rome and Ouagadougou. The carrier has also added a single former KLM Boeing 737-300 narrow body and Boeing 767-300ER wide body to its fleet.

Twin Jet Lease

Wimbi Dira has released a single MD-83 from Spanish carrier Swift Air for passenger services.

Angolan “80”

ServisAir has added a former Alitalia operated MD82 to its fleet of aircrafts.

Gabon Airbus

Gabon Airlines has taken delivery of an Airbus A340-300 for its long haul international operations.

Arabia Egypt.

Air Arabia Egypt has taken delivery of the first of several Airbus A320 aircraft and started scheduled services to the Middle East, European and North Africa.

New Name

Air Nigeria is the new operating name for Virgin Nigeria. The company had rebranded itself as Nigerian Eagle for a while but did not have the rights to use this name prompting a name change.

Final Farewell

South African airways have announced that it would finally retire its remaining two Boeing 747-400s from the fleet during the course of this month. A third aircraft was also recently returned to its owners.

Fleet Renewal

SA Express is planning to renew its fleet with further details as to aircraft types and delivery dates likely to be made known early next year.

The fleet will include more 70-90 seat aircraft and will fit in with the carrier’s strategy of developing new routes including Dakar and Kigali. Meanwhile, the carrier recently added a third CRJ700 to its fleet to increase capacity.

Accelerated Delivery

In order to meet increased demand, EgyptAir has taken delivery of an Airbus A330-300 and will also take delivery of four Boeing 737-800s and two B777-300ERs by the end of the year.

The carrier is also looking at placing an order for either the Airbus A350 or Boeing 787 for delivery as from 2014.

Whisper Jets Delivered

Africa Airline Investments has taken delivery of its fifth and last BAe-1446, a series 300, from an order placed with BAE Systems earlier this year.

Start-Up Carrier

Cronos Airlines is a newly established passenger, airline based in Equatorial Guinea. The company recently replaced its leases Embraer Brasilia turboprop with a BAE146-200 leased from Africa Airline Investments.

Chad BBJ

The Chad Government has brought a pre-owned Boeing Business Jet for its Presidential VIP flight.

Zimbabwean Fokker

Air Zimbabwe is leasing a single Fokker F28-400 from South Africa’s AirQUARIUS Aviation.

Ugandan CRJ

Air Uganda has taken delivery of an additional Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet.

Tunis Air Twinjet

Tunis Air is leasing an MD-83 narrow body jet from Spanish carrier SwifAir.

IRS Fokker

IRS Airlines continues its fleet expansion with the delivery of an additional Fokker 100.

Maputo Schedules

Low cost carrier, 1time, has started scheduled services to the Mozambican Capital Maputo. With the additional route to Maputo, it will now operate 11 routes and undertake in excess of 1300 flights in a month.

Nile Air Airborne

New Egyptian start-up passenger airline, Nile Air, has finally started operations, initially flying services on behalf of Libyan Arab airlines.

CAA Fokker 50

Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation (CAA) has taken delivery of an additional Fokker 50 turboprop as part of a fleet renewal program me.

ITAB Lease

ITAB has leased a SAB 340A to bolster its airline fleet capacity.

Daily Services

Qantas is now operating daily scheduled services between Syney and Johannesburg.


Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 

This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Aircraft, Airlines & African Airlines Round Up In Air Transport. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / /www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/flight-news.html


Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 

This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on Flight News On Aircraft, Airlines & African Airlines Round Up In Air Transport. The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http:// / /www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php/flight-news.html








Victims of the Ethiopian Crash – Any Hope for Survive?

After the accident of Ethiopian Airlines flight yesterday, rescue workers today have started their finding. However, no survivors were found after the crash.

The Boeing 737-800 carried 8 crews and 82 passengers and went down in flames after taking off from Beirut amid lightning and thunderstorms on Monday. Twenty-five bodies have been recovered from the Mediterranean Sea after the crash. The left ones have not been found and were feared dead.

The cause of the accident is now still under investigation as searchers have been trying to find the plane’s black box and data recorder.

The United States and other countries have sent rescue teams and equipment to find the passengers on the plane. Many hours after the accident, parts and remains of the plane were floating on the sea. Rescuers found a baby sandal, passenger seats, suitcases, and other items washing ashore.

Witnesses of the crash said that they saw the plane broke up into three pieces when it headed into the sea.

25 bodies found after the crashed were taken to the Government Hospital and covered with wool blankets. Wife of a French ambassador, Mrs. Marla Pietton, was also killed in the crash.

The airline said that 54 out of 90 passengers were Lebanese and 23 were Ethiopians.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri also joined in the tour to find victims of the crash by helicopter. The minister announced Monday the mourning day to remember about the dead. He told reporters that the exact cause for the plane crash will only be identified after rescue teams found the flight black box.

Ethiopian Airlines is known as one of the best airliners in Africa number of passengers. It was found in 1946 and it is one of the safest airlines in the world with only three accidents in its long history.

The crash plane on Monday was the first one since 1996 in which 125 out of 175 passengers found dead.


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Optimum Growth in the Private Jet Charter

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Airborne Satcom Technology For Aircrafts

Communication technology has advanced in leaps and bounds through the years and it is nowhere more evident than in the rapid strides made in the field of satellite communication. It was once a technology that was so prohibitively expensive to be adopted that its use was severely limited. Now satellite communication or SATCOM has taken flight into the realm of airborne SATCOM that finds extensive use in both commercial and military aircrafts.

Airborne SATCOM equipment typically consists of a satellite data collection and storage unit, an antenna equipped with a maneuverable beam, and an amplifier of extremely high capacity. Usually, such an installation can support a data link channel along with multiple voice channels. Various manufacturers are also toying with the idea to upgrade the technology so that it can integrate with Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites that flaunt high-data transfer rates. The new technology also promises to save on the fuel consumed by increasing the efficiency of the unit. These developments, in turn, will considerably increase the time-on-station. These new upgrades will prove extremely beneficial to military aircrafts, but commercial airliners too can take advantage of these.

The advances made in the arena of airborne SATCOM technology also augur well for the fliers. They will be able to receive faster and more reliable satellite TV signals and access to airborne internet services. This will add to the convenience of business travelers and enable commercial airliners to add to their stock of in-flight entertainment options.

This new technology holds other lures for the aircraft industry as well. It is cost-effective in a way that it can be implemented on a large scale; the unit demands no complex installation steps; and the various components of the system like the antenna are extremely lightweight. Manufacturers also promise prompt and efficient after-sales support.

The advances in airborne SATCOM technology have been gobbled up by the aircraft industry. At present, research and development work is in full swing to wring in more improvements in the existing technology, like in flight broadband Internet access at lower still costs and addition of more customer-friendly features. The aircraft industry is eagerly awaiting the upgrades.

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Wardrobe Maintenance

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe full of clothes and felt you have nothing to wear? If your answer is yes, your are not alone. It simply says that it’s time to streamline your wardrobe. As women we all have gone through it at some point of time. We generally do two things. We either wear the same items often or end up shopping for more clothes. Either way, we find ourselves in a fix not knowing what to put on. In order to always have something to wear, you need to rework your closet and your buying habits. Here are few simple guidelines that can help you with just that.

Clean your closet:

Firstly clean your closet. Your job is to evaluate. Toss of anything that is outdated, that doesn’t fit/flatter you or you haven’t worn in a year. Having clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear or use can cause clutter and make you feel all the more frustrated. You can either pass the clothes to your relatives or donate them to the charity. You can also sell your items online in sites such as ebay. Make sure you update your wardrobe every season by eliminating the items you don’t wear and adding essential pieces that fit to your changing needs.

Make a list:

Consider your lifestyle and make a list of items you need to add to your closet. Assure that you have sufficient clothing that will carry you through all the events in your daily schedule. Look if you have something to wear for every one of these events. If you do not, list them down and shop for those items.

Never buy in an impulse:

Always make sure you plan your budget accordingly, so that your don’t buy in an impulse. Buying pieces in an impulse, can end up remaining in your closet for long. You might be spending on something you hardly wear. Also, just because an item is trendy or just because it looks good on someone else, it doesn’t mean that it can be the best choice for you. You may look great in a classic piece that suits than a trendy piece that can look frumpy on you. Never buy clothes that you hope to lose weight and fit into. Focus on items that you fit into now.

Go for classic pieces:

Buy classic pieces in materials that you can wear for at least 3 seasons. Question yourself if you can pair the item with at least 3 pieces you already own or how long will you be able to wear it before it’s gone out of style. See of you can dress it up or down. However, if you want to be your fashionable best, its advisable that you also have few stylish pieces that go with the present trends. You can buy few inexpensive pieces so that you discard it later, if the item is a fad or if you are not too particular about using it.

Incorporate it with accessories.

You can add color and style to your wardrobe with some real good accessories. Play with jewelry, bags and shoes to spice up your look. Including trendy accessories into your wardrobe is an inexpensive way to look chic and stylist without having to spend a lot.

Have a systematic shopping plan:

Instead of buying all of your clothes at a stretch, it’s better to have a systematic shopping plan. Add two or three items a month. This way you will stop shopping in an impulse. Have 4 or 5 basic colors as the foundation of your wardrobe and coordinate it with other items in your wardrobe. For instance, a top must go with your jeans, trouser and skirt. Purchase more solids that printed stuff, because printed items tend to get outdated easily. The end result- your wardrobe will have some better choices and you end up saving money.

Keep in mind, the goal is to build a wardrobe of things you adore, look or feel great in, and just can’t wait to wear.

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Bird Flight Cages

What are bird flight cages? Any bird owner knows the joy of having a bird, but just like other pets, they need to exercise. Flight cages are large bird cages that allow your favorite pet to fly around, and exercise their wings, without letting them roam around the house. This protects your bird, or birds and keeps them from getting to cooped up. Being able to regularly fly around has many different advantages as well as benefits for your birds.

Bird flight cages allow regular flight for your birds. This is important to their muscles and heart, as well as their skeleton. Flight cages keep your bird healthy, strong and happy. A bird that is kept in a small cage gets atrophied, making their body brittle and susceptible to injury, even if you handle them delicately. Flight is also a strong component when it comes to breeding, so if you want more, then buying a flight cage is a must.

Bird flight cages don’t have to break the bank. Many different flight cages cost under $ 1,000, many that are less than 500. A lot depends on the bird, the space you have, and your budget. For an example there is the Small Corner Aviary. This bird flight cage is 61″x30″x31″ with an flying height of 53.” It has 1/2″ bars spacing, which is ideal for even smaller species. There are vertical as well as horizontal bars all around. There is a slide out plastic and metal cleaning tray, as well as two perches. This model also features two feeding stations, a large from door, and five casters for easy movement around the room. This cage has a non-toxic powder coated finish. The interior space is large enough to attach a variety of different accessories, from bird houses, extra perches, and even wood branches. This model is ideal for finches, canaries, parakeets, and many other small to medium sized birds. It is priced at just $ 210.99.

For another example of bird flight cages there is the Medium Pitched Roof Aviary. This flight cage is 24″ square and 64″ high, with a interior space of 60″. It has 1/2″ spacing. It has many of the same features of the previous model, but instead of one door there are just two large doors. It also has four feeding stations, and four easy to roll caster type wheels. This is an ideal cage for smaller birds, and costs $ 240.

For large birds such as Cockatoos and Macaws there are a number of different flight bird cages as well. One example of flight cages for these birds is the Opening Victorian Top Macaw Cage, 40″x32″. This is also 75″ high with an interior space of 62″. The bar spacing on this cage is one inch. This product features bird proof feeder and front door locks. The top opens up to a play area, and there is a draw bridge style door in the top front of the unit. In addition, there are also three other feeder door, and a breeder door. This model has two perches and three feeder cups that are made from stainless steel. It also has an easy to clean slider tray and grill. This cage weight in at 179 pounds and costs $ 595.

We have the widest variety of bird flight cages to fit your birds style and personality.

Flights to Toronto

Toronto is a fastidious holiday trip destination next to the Niagara Falls. It is not just a global city; it is also the financial capital of Canada. Actually, it is considered as one of the world’s top economic hub.

Winter is still a popular time to find those cheap flights because skiing is very popular in Canada, and as well as the vast mountain ranges to practise your skills on there are also winter festivals for you to get the best of both worlds. In September, the Toronto Film Festival which is brilliantly hosted and worth visiting if you are near Toronto in September.

With so much to do in Canada, start searching for your cheap flights to Toronto now and you may will pleasantly surprised with the prices.

For traveling to Toronto, there are two major airports – Pearson International Airport and Toronto City Centre Airport. The former is much more accessible and active than the latter. Pearson International Airport consists of two terminals catering to flights from all over the world. Once you are out of the airport, there are several ways for you to head downtown. The airport runs a bus service that stops at some of the hotels downtown. You can also use the public bus service. Tickets are available at the airpor t. There are also express bus services that take you to Yorkdale and York Mills subway stations.

Through the arrival of visitors, cheap flights to Toronto have turn out to be more accessible throughout the internet. There are numerous airlines that are servicing the Toronto Pearson International Airport. This includes Cathay Pacific, Northwest Airlines, Emirates, Korean Air, Air Canada, Etihad Airways and American Airlines. You can also check with United, Delta, US Airways, Continental Airlines and WestJet as well as British Airways, Air France and Turkish Airlines, additional flight agreements incorporate All Nippon Airways, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, Jet Airways and more.

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How A Private Jet Costs You?

Because of the wonderful experience getting from jet aircrafts as well as the expensive price of private jet, everybody has desired to have a private jet which has variable prices depending on size, model number and facilities.


Actually, purchasing a private jet is good for personal use. It saves your lots of precious time. Some jet owners give their private plane on rental. Many celebrities use this vehicle to make grand entry at big events like red carpet. Owners are totally responsible for licensing, regular registration fees, initial buying price, and hanger and airport fees. those who wants to buy this jet planes, have to pay for regulations, pilot for hire, flight logging data, fuel costs and maintenance etc. hence, before buying any jet aircrafts, considered all these expenses first. These days having private airplane is a symbol of luxurious lifestyle.


In many countries, auctions are held for jet planes. Some customers buy used jet from private jets for sale. There are different types of aircraft such as light jet, medium jet and heavy jet. This gives a great chance to travel with family and friends. Jet is the best example of advanced technology and latest style. The range of jet includes Learjet, Hawker 800 and so on. These can accommodate up to six to eight passengers comfortably. According to personal plane aircraft fractional ownership, a single co-investor is eligible for sharing airplane. With the help of these aircraft, passenger can reach at home within a day.


To make your journey safe and memorable, always hire jet charter services. It support for work, reduce hassle, and most importantly low restriction rate. Jet allows high level of privacy and top level of security. Using these private jets, anyone can avoid flight delays. Jet has well equipped facilities like unpack laptop computers and other personal items.


Gilda Handler is an Aviation journalist with clients that include magazines, newspapers, corporations and Web sites. He covered the aviation industry for more than 4 years and wrote for publications. He enjoys reading, writing, socializing, meeting people, and traveling. Read his review on an online listing that contains database of repossessed used private jets for sale & used helicopters for sale in USA.

Angle Error Is Less Sensitive To The Body Diagonal Displacement Measurement Method – Hc Net Machine

In recent years, is ASME B5.54 or ISO230-6 standard definition of the displacement body diagonal measurement method provides a fast machine room for error testing methods, Boeing and many other companies have been a good application. Because these measurements relatively simple and fast, so measuring costs and downtime are greatly reduced. However, the body diagonal displacement errors and 21 errors between rigid and did not express very clearly. In addition, the importance of the angle error was incorrectly inflated. In order to understand the relationship with the perspective and the importance of the error, it is necessary to export the 21 rigid body errors and measured the relationship between the diagonal displacement error.

Relationship matrix derived 21 rigid body errors include the following errors: linear displacement, vertical straightness, horizontal straightness, roll angle, pitch angle, yaw angle and the verticality of the three axes is 21 rigid body errors. Traditional laser interferometer to measure the straightness and the vertical error requires expensive time, so that developed for rapid detection of the body diagonal displacement method, which ASMEB5.54 or ISO 230-6 standard in detail Note.

Body diagonal displacement errors Body diagonal displacement of a laser interferometer to measure the volume positioning accuracy. Laser head on the machine table, and on the spindle of the mirror is reflected along the diagonal direction of the laser beam machine. 4 body diagonal measurement direction is ag, bh, ce and df.

Laser beam along the body diagonal, while some incremental mirror Zeyi move along the body diagonal. Start at the origin, along the diagonal each time increment to reach a new location, the three-axis displacement error on the measurement out. Body diagonal is positive axis (p) or negative axis (n) defined.

Last four body diagonal with the first four body diagonal in the same corner, but the direction is the opposite. To this end, only four body diagonal directions the forward and reverse movement (both ways); in X, Y, and Z-axis measurement after every move while only 4 settings. Accuracy of each position along the body diagonal depends on all three axis positioning accuracy and the geometric error of machine tools.

Theoretical results that the four body diagonal displacement error for all nine point two straight errors and the error is sensitive. Body diagonal displacement errors in the equation error term may be positive or negative, or they may cancel each other out. As the error terms from the statistical point of view, in all locations, and all four body diagonal probability of error can be offset is theoretically possible but actually not the case. As most of the angle errors were offset, leaving only two angle errors, and therefore concluded that body diagonal displacement errors, including three displacement errors, six straightness errors and three vertical error, the angle error is insensitive to. Which is conducive to rapid measurement of volumetric positioning accuracy.

Set of data because only 4 and 9 set error, the error sources of information so identified is not enough. This led to action by the United States of light and has patented, developed step by step diagonal measurement, or measurement technique called laser vector.

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Outdated, Yet Popular As The Love Of Dedicated Antique Aircraft Users

People have a habit of collecting things which reminds them for on or the other reason for the time they have spend with their loved ones. Collecting coins, stamp papers, photos, etc are hobbies of people and are very passionate of finding the things which are related to their hobbies. In same way, collecting the Antique things and to store them is been loved by many people. The Antique Aircraft Association Incorporation (AAA), is one of the worlds largest association where number of Antique crafts are stored. It was found in 1953 in August by Robert I. Taylor. His main idea behind forming these Associations was to preserve the historical and amazing Antique Aircraft for sale.

The Antique Aircraft Association Incorporation got recognized by people, when the ads were published in the Magazine. The Antique Aircraft Association Incorporation is located in Antique Airfield in Blakesburg. Due to the placement of such Ads in the magazine, it was highlighted and hence people were more attracted towards Antique Aircraft for sale. It consists of more than 7000 members in US and across all over the world. The lines of the Taylor got much appreciated when he said that, the importance for the Antique Aircraft for sale was not known by people. But when I started the Association there were number of other companies too who started collecting the Antique Aircraft for sale.

He was more acknowledging as, he appreciated the introduction of the other organization. According to him his main idea was to get to know the people the importance of the Antique Aircraft for sale. The AAA was successful in introducing the various models of the Antique Aircraft which got more appreciated across the country. His interest was more in to the War Aircraft, as they were very unique and amazing invented. Later Ken Cook became the vice president of the AAA and the association was renamed to American Airman Magazine. The few parts of the Leblond Aircraft engines were sold to AAA and hence in the year 1970 it became the Non Profit Corporation in Iowa.

Today there are many organizations who deal with the selling of Antique Aircraft for sale. Internet over the periods has become one of the amazing medium in buying and selling the Aircraft online. You will come across many sites which deal with the selling of Antique Aircraft for sale. Many Dealers are been associated with such site which will help you in guiding all the related information on Antique Aircraft for sale.

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